Chapter 439 - Were The Saint Invincible and Immortal?

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Jiang Ming was actually quite surprised. He didn’t expect Dongfang Chenxi to have such a provocative side of her. She had always given him the impression of a person who was sweet and innocent in the past, a carefree and kind-hearted little lady. She was totally different today.

However, Jiang Ming understood her. Her father was entrapped, whereas she almost fell into the enemy’s hand herself. If it wasn’t for him, her fate would have been extremely miserable. Such great changes was probably what made her become a little bit more mature.

Jiang Ming felt sorry for her instead.

“Chenxi! What do you even know? I’m doing it all for both of your own good.” White Emperor’s face was extremely solemn.

An expert, who had been standing right beside the White Emperor, had been frowning. He suddenly asked, “Dongfang Chenxi, where is Chang Yang?”

“Who are you?” Dongfang Chenxi felt an extremely dangerous aura and hurriedly embraced Jiang Ming’s arm.

“I’m Hong Liu of the Five Elemental Sacred Land.” Hong Liu revealed his identity and asked yet again, “Tell me, where is Chang Yang?”

“Where is Chang Yang?” Tens of thousands of thunderclouds could be seen forming on top of another Quasi-Sage’s head, ready to strike them with a devastating blow at any time.

This person was also from the Five Elemental Sacred Land.

It was apparent that the White Emperor colluded with these two to besiege the Verdant Emperor.

Dongfang Chenxi looked at Jiang Ming.

“What are you afraid of? I’m not afraid even if the Dao Monarch is here.” Jiang Ming smiled, “You call all the shots here today. Even the King of Heavens falls second.”

Dongfang Chenxi’s eyes squinted into crescent moons from happiness. When she looked over the White Emperor and the likes, her face was filled with hatred as she remarked, “That bastard Chang Yang is already dead. He has been completely annihilated, with his soul scattered. Not even a slight scum is left of him.”

“Chang Yang was killed?” Hong Liu’s brow furrowed even more. He couldn’t believe that Chang Yang was murdered. After all, he had a Quasi-Sage Weapon with him and was even equipped with various life-saving treasures. Coupled with the fact that he was accompanied by the Elder Hei Ze, how could he be killed when dealing with just a mere Dongfang Chenxi?

However, Dongfang Chenxi was in fact right in front of him. The man right next to her made his heart tremble. Hence, he thought it might have been true.

If Chang Yang was really killed, then the place would fall into chaos.

“Well then, come over here, you!” Hong Liu lifted his hands, solidifying the void and shrouding Dongfang Chenxi within. He was planning on capturing her first and also took the opportunity to test Jiang Ming’s reaction.

Nevertheless, before his palm even fell on Dongfang Chenxi, the power suddenly collapsed.

“Who exactly are you?” Hong Liu’s expression showed even more vigilance.

The White Emperor and the likes also stared at Jiang Ming. Such a test of strength already made them understand how strong Jiang Ming was.

“Chenxi, why don’t we just kill them all?” Jiang Ming started to lose interest in the skirmish and asked.

“Brother, Hong Liu and this other person are both the disciples of the Saint Lords. If we kill them, I’m afraid there will be no turning back.” Dongfang Chenxi replied with hesitation.

“No turning back?” Jiang Ming had a strange smile on his face. “You should ask Ye Qingxian and Luo Heng to see how I do things.”

Dongfang Chenxi thought of what Luo Heng once said, “He killed dozens of experts as strong as the Saint Lords in a battle.”

She immediately contacted Ye Qingxian and the answer she got left her mouth wide open from shock. Ye Qingxian told her that brother Jiang went to her world and directly overturned the entire Heaven Court many years ago.

“Brother is truly almighty!” Dongfang Chenxi was first shocked and then became extremely excited. “Brother, kill them all then.”

“That’s the way to do it!” Jiang Ming smiled.

“Kill us?” Hong Liu’s expression turned even uglier. Even though he doubted that Jiang Ming possessed such capability of killing them, he was still cautious about it and asked, “Fellow Daoist, what is your true identity? I am from the Five Elemental Scared Land, a direct disciple of the Saint Lord, the grandson disciple of the Dao Monarch. Have you thought of the consequences if you go against me? Besides, what we did was just to allow the marriage between Chenxi and Chang Yang, so that we can all be one big family. This is supposed to be a happy event. Why is there a need for us to bear grudges among us?”

“You tried to forcibly kidnap a person and yet you made it sound so dignified.” Jiang Ming smiled and continued, “Well, this is after all a world where the strong are to be respected, so this is nothing much. However, you are all quite unlucky to have provoked an existence that you shouldn’t have. You will have to bear the karma for it. Are Saint Lords immortal? Is Dao Monarch invincible? Haha! I really want to try them. I want to see if a Saint Lord can be completely annihilated in a Great Chiliocosm. Alas, Hong Liu. It’s because of Chang Yang that all you second generation disciples will have to die. Your Saint Lord Masters are going to die too.”

“Such arrogance!” Liu Hong erupted in fury. He was also extremely terrified.

Jiang Ming would either be a lunatic or a fool to dare say such a thing in public. It was obvious that he wasn’t either, which meant the most probable possibility. He was a real genuine peerless expert.

Liu Hong didn’t recognize him and the only possibility was that Jiang Ming came from the Chaos.

‘God damn it! Chang Yang, you bastard! How could you provoke such a terrifying being? I’ve never heard of the Verdant Emperor having such an overbearing background before. No, he went into the Chaos before.’

“Could it be…” Liu Hong still wanted to continue defending himself. However, his whole body suddenly tightened as he felt an extremely terrifying force looming towards him. It instantly suppressed him to the point that it was even difficult for his thoughts to cycle.

He could clearly see himself disintegrating. Yes, he was slowly disintegrating. It could also be said that he was being decimated.

Even the White Emperor and the other Saint Lord disciple had the same ending.

‘Damn it! We’re done by Chang Yang! What a fool!’

Such a thought went through Hong Liu’s mind before his body completely disintegrated. However, his Dao vessels and other treasures all remained intact. Jiang Ming brought them over to Chenxi.

“Brother, these are your trophies!” Dongfang Chenxi shook her head and continued, “You’ve already helped me too much!”

“You little girl. I can easily kill them as such. Do you think these treasures are still useful to me?” Jiang Ming smiled as he lifted his hand and tapped in the air. The whole palace in front was brought into ruins. Immediately afterwards, a middle-aged man could be seen rushing out of it.

This person was none other than the Verdant Emperor, the Great Emperor Dongfang of the Heaven Court.

The moment he saw Chenxi, both his eyes turned red as he rushed over. Upon sensing no danger around, he was a little more relieved. He took a glance at Jiang Ming before quickly asking Dongfang Chenxi, “Chenxi, why are you here? What’s happened? Where is the White Emperor? Could it be that the Heavenly Emperor has intervened? ”

“Father! To think that you’re still bringing up the Heavenly Emperor.” Chenxi let out a sigh of relief before she pouted. “The White Emperor has died and Hong Liu has been killed. Father, this is the Brother Jiang Ming that I told you about. It was I who asked him for help and he came to rescue your trapped daughter. We rushed here immediately afterward and killed off the White Emperor and the likes.”

She continued chattering as she quickly explained all that had happened.

“Jiang Ming?” The Great Emperor Dongfang had a shocked expression on his face. His eyes were full of disbelief. “That friend of yours, Jiang Ming?”

Chenxi nodded her head profusely.

“This… How is this possible?” The Great Emperor Dongfang couldn’t believe it.

Unlike his daughter, he knew too well how difficult it was to cross great chiliocosms. It could be said that it was impossible.

The Chaos was boundless and vast. Who knew how many trillion light years would it take for there to be another chiliocosm in their view. In order for the person to descend into the chiliocosm, he would first have to locate the coordinate of the place, travel through the Chaos and eliminate the various dangers along the way before being able to successfully cross over.

This was under the pretense that the two chiliocosms were adjacent to each other.

He once explored the Chaos himself, but he couldn’t find any adjacent chiliocosms at all. He believed Jiang Ming was definitely not a peerless expert from the adjacent chiliocosm, and wondered how Jiang Ming could descend to this chiliocosm so soon?

Could it be that this was a special feature of the legacy of the Supreme Order? The Great Emperor Dongfang was pretty assured that he got the right answer. After all, the fact that it allowed her daughter to enter that place naturally means that it would allow others who received the same inheritance to come over to this chiliocosm.

“F-Fellow Daoist Jiang. Thank you very much!” The Great Emperor Dongfang sincerely thanked Jiang Ming.

He looked at Jiang Ming with extremely complicated thoughts.