Chapter 410 - Power Upgrade, Unlocking the Eternal Devour Sequence

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Chapter 410: Power Upgrade, Unlocking the Eternal Devour Sequence

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With every stream of air passing through his body, Ye Feng could feel the spiritual energy in his body growing crazily, like a balloon that could never be filled!

After an unknown period of time, the spiritual energy in Ye Feng’s body had more than doubled!

And the whirlpool around Ye Feng was also gradually disappearing!

Finally, Ye Feng opened his eyes, and a brilliant golden light flashed out, as if it was corporeal!

Inside, a dragon-shaped shadow was faintly discernible, and rays of golden light were emitting from the Dragon Scales, giving Ye Feng a feeling of a lofty mountain looking up at him, sacred and inviolable!

“What exactly is this golden dragon?”

Ye Feng’s eyes widened slightly, and his face was filled with shock as he muttered to himself.

“This, could it be true? Not only does it contain an incomparably large amount of spiritual energy, it also contains a terrifying power!”

Ye Feng’s eyes flickered. He thought to himself, ‘No wonder those people who keep chasing after me are risking their lives to prevent me from stepping into the top level of the Tower of Babel! The power contained in this is indeed impossible to estimate. If I can refine all the power contained in this, my strength will definitely soar by another level!’

The more Ye Feng thought about it, the more excited he became. His body’s strength had recovered quite a bit, and there was still one last level left. As long as he passed through it smoothly, he would be able to head to Sky City!

His feet landed on the ground, and Ye Feng’s legs seemed to have life, becoming flexible and powerful!

“My body seems to be many times harder than before!”

Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised and then punched out!

At this moment, Ye Feng’s fist actually emitted an explosive sound!

Is this… a new form of power?!

If this was the case, then his control of power would be even deeper, and this way, he would be more at ease in the subsequent battles!

Ye Feng was extremely surprised. He looked at his hands and saw a faint golden glow appearing on the surface of his palms. It was as if they were made of steel, and there were even faint traces of coldness between his fingers!

Especially the veins on the back of his hands and wrists. They were like knotted old tree roots, filled with explosive power!

Moreover, Ye Feng could feel that his muscles and bones seemed to have been cleansed by some kind of power. They were extremely compact!

“Is this the power that I possess after evolving? How terrifying!”

Ye Feng was extremely excited. He felt that his entire body was filled with power, and he wished that he could find an enemy to have a good fight with!

“However, how did my strength suddenly increase by so much?”

Ye Feng frowned. He clearly remembered that before he fainted, he had yet to reach the stage of evolution!

“Perhaps it’s the system’s help. After all, I have obtained the power to evolve!”

“That’s right! It’s indeed many times stronger!” Ye Feng grinned. Then, he stood beside the lake and suddenly stomped his foot!

The entire lake’s surface stirred up huge waves, as if a bomb had exploded. Circles of ripples spread out, affecting a radius of 500 meters!

At this moment, Ye Feng’s speed was extremely fast, arriving at the shore in the blink of an eye!

Ye Feng leaped up and his body flew up. In the blink of an eye, he was over 20 meters away!

His footsteps were light, but every time he landed on the ground, there would be a violent tremor, causing the surface of the lake to stir up huge waves that filled the sky!

“Haha… This is simply too awesome! This is what a battle is like!”

Ye Feng was extremely carefree. He could only feel the blood in his body boiling endlessly, especially his own strength, as if it was endless!

“Oh right! Just now, I obtained some sort of [Eternal Devour] sequence?”

Thinking up to this point, Ye Feng hurriedly clicked on the information pane in his mind. Instantly, there was a series of introductions regarding the [Eternal Devour] sequence that entered Ye Feng’s mind.

[Eternal Devour]: The host has the power of devouring. It can devour all kinds of items, energy, energy, and other substances, and convert them into its own energy.

[Evolution Basics]: Eternal Devour. It can evolve by devouring energy.

[Cultivation Path]: Cultivates the power of evolution, condensing it into a soul that belongs to oneself, and then perfecting one’s own will, spiritual intelligence, and spiritual consciousness.

“This [Eternal Devour] is quite overbearing, but… this should only be a support function. It can be considered a support skill!”

Although Ye Feng was extremely amazed, he quickly regained his calm.

Then, he still summoned his attribute panel.