Chapter 411 - 11th Floor, Star Fragments

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Chapter 411: 11th Floor, Star Fragments

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“Those are all Star Fragments? Could it be that the 11th floor of the Tower of Babel is actually a planet?”

Ye Feng was bewildered. He could clearly see that there were more than a hundred Star Fragments on the ground!

“These Star Fragments should be left behind by the buried super experts! I wonder who the person who killed them is!”

Ye Feng was shocked and also curious.

While he was observing his surroundings, suddenly, the Star Fragments in the stone room slowly floated over and revolved around Ye Feng.

When all the Star Fragments flew over, Ye Feng only felt his head buzz and his entire person was stunned.

In the next moment, blurry images appeared in his mind.

It was a vast land, and on the vast land, there were many thick and ferocious giant snakes coiled around. They hissed and hissed, cold and evil.

At this moment, a roar came from afar. A tall wild boar, carrying the wind and rain that filled the sky, rushed over!

The wild boar was about a hundred feet tall. Its body was as thick as a bucket, and its entire body was covered with a thick grayish-brown mane.

It stomped on a stone tablet with its hooves and crashed into a huge tree. The towering ancient tree cracked and broke.

The wild boar raised its head and let out a long roar, venting the depression in its heart.

However, in the next moment, it seemed to have sensed some danger and was suddenly startled.

The low roar spread throughout the wilderness. Soon after, a dense pack of wild wolves rushed over from all directions. Their eyes were scarlet and bloodthirsty. Each of them flapped their wings and pounced toward the wild boar.

The wild boar roared repeatedly. Its body emitted raging flames that burned all the wild wolves. Then, it leaped up and fiercely bit off the wild wolf’s head!

At this moment, an even larger black panther emerged from the grass. This black panther’s size was several times larger than the wild boar. Its sharp fangs were suffused with a cold glint. It bit down on the wild boar’s neck, and fresh blood sprayed out!

The wild boar crashed down, smashing the black panther to death!

As the ferocious wild beasts were slaughtered by the wild boar one after another, groups of wild wolves were finally attracted. There were more than a dozen of them.

They pounced on the wild boar crazily, but this wild boar’s strength was absolutely terrifying. It was not afraid of these wild wolves at all!

Miserable howls continued to ring out. One by one, the wild wolves were torn into minced meat by the wild boar. The remaining wild wolves were scared out of their wits when they saw this and retreated in panic.

The wild boar did not chase after them. It licked its lips and looked at the stone door at the side, its face flushed with excitement.

Without any hesitation, the wild boar charged into the stone door again.

On the other side, Ye Feng had just stepped into the stone door when he felt an extreme coldness assaulting his entire body!

The stone door was filled with an endless chill. That chill pierced straight into the bone marrow. Even an A+ rank expert would instantly freeze and even turn into ice shards.

‘This chill is too cold. Even my dragon body can’t withstand it for too long! I have to end this quickly!’ Ye Feng thought quickly. When he arrived at the center of the stone door, he was shocked to find a withered corpse lying on the ground in the center of the stone door.

And on the palm of the corpse was a golden pearl!

“Divine Pearl! There’s actually a Divine Pearl here!!!”

Ye Feng was inexplicably excited. His guess was not unreasonable. There was indeed a treasure buried here.

“This kind of thing that only exists in myths can actually be found here. It’s really rare!”

Ye Feng laughed loudly. He quickly walked to the corpse, and just as he approached the corpse, a golden light suddenly lit up between the corpse’s brows.

An extremely powerful and terrifying aura instantly enveloped over!

That feeling was extremely terrifying!

It was as if a savage beast had descended, and it was filled with destructive fluctuations!

A tiger’s roar resounded throughout the entire stone room. A fierce tiger covered in snow white stood there. This tiger was six to seven meters long, and the muscles all over its body bulged like a rubber ball.

On its forehead, there was a golden flower petal with patterns. It was emitting a dazzling light, making the entire stone chamber light up.

“What a rich aura. This guy has completed its metamorphosis and reached beyond a level!”

It must be known that the cultivation of creatures was extremely difficult, especially the requirements for bloodline levels were extremely harsh.

If it wasn’t for some fortuitous encounter, even a creature with extremely high talent wouldn’t be able to reach beyond A grade in the end.

For an ordinary tiger, it was as difficult as ascending to a class, not to mention this tiger in front of him. It had long shed its mortal body and advanced to a fierce beast. Its strength was comparable to the mid-stage beyond A grade.

“However… your flesh and blood contain a pure aura. Eating your flesh and blood should be beneficial to me!”

Ye Feng narrowed his eyes, revealing a burning desire and greed!

This tiger’s flesh and blood contained a boundless demonic power. Eating it would definitely be a great tonic!

The tiger let out a roar and stomped its feet on the ground. Its figure suddenly dashed out and slapped toward Ye Feng’s head with its claws.

The tiger’s sharp claws tore through the air, emitting an ear-piercing sound. Ye Feng’s expression was indifferent. The tip of his feet tapped lightly, and his body was graceful and nimble, instantly dodging the tiger’s sharp claws’ attack.

The two collided, and Ye Feng was sent flying by the rebound force. He flew back three to four meters before he could stabilize his body!

“Heh! This beast is really powerful. Just by relying on its strength, it almost flipped me over!” Ye Feng rubbed his chest, feeling pain.

Although he had cultivated many secret manuals, and the toughness of his body was stronger than steel, it was still not enough to face a ferocious beast like the tiger!

Ye Feng took a deep breath and the spiritual energy in his body surged. In an instant, the temperature of the entire stone room dropped drastically.

Balls of white mist rose from the surface of his body. In the blink of an eye, Ye Feng had turned into an ice sculpture!

Ye Feng raised both of his arms. His fists were covered in frost and a cold air filled the air!

Ye Feng took a step forward and with a monstrous power, he ruthlessly hit the tiger’s head.

A muffled explosion sounded, and the tiger let out a mournful cry as it was sent flying by Ye Feng’s punch.

Taking advantage of your illness to take your life. Ye Feng’s figure was like a ghost as he once again forced his way forward. He lashed out with a whip kick, ruthlessly kicking the tiger’s abdomen.

Blood spurted out, and the tiger let out a mournful cry as it fell to the ground.

Ye Feng coldly snorted, and his figure flashed, instantly closing in on the tiger. His right leg was raised high as he ruthlessly chopped down!

This foot of Ye Feng directly cut off the tiger’s waist!