Chapter 414 - Flaming Birds, The Fire Crow’s Grave

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Chapter 414: Flaming Birds, The Fire Crow’s Grave

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Numerous fist prints burst out from Ye Feng’s body, instantly exploding a few apes.

However, after exploding these monkeys, Ye Feng did not stop. Instead, he continued to run deeper into the canyon. At the corner of the canyon, there was actually a group of Flaming Birds.

The Flaming Birds were completely red, like balls of burning flames, exuding a scorching temperature. Moreover, they had a pair of wings. When they flapped their wings, they could soar into the sky!

Ye Feng’s gaze focused, and his figure suddenly accelerated!

He knew how terrifying the Flaming Birds were. Even if an A grade expert encountered them, they would have to retreat!

However, just as Ye Feng was rapidly approaching the Flaming Bird’s nest, a sharp cry was suddenly transmitted over!

This cry was exceptionally ear-piercing and made one’s eardrums ache. Immediately after, Ye Feng felt a tickling sensation coming from under his feet!

He lowered his head to look and saw tiny ants crawling up densely under his feet.

These ants were not big, but there were too many of them. In an instant, they had occupied Ye Feng’s right leg!

The ants were biting crazily, gnawing at his skin, drilling into his tendons, and gnawing at his internal organs!

He did not expect that there were so many strange poisonous insects lurking under the cliff!

Moreover, he was being targeted by these ants!

Ye Feng did not dare to pause any longer. He hurriedly released his [Eternal Devour] ability and absorbed the essence of these ants!

However, at this moment, Ye Feng’s body suddenly trembled!

The [Slime Shield] on his body instantly cracked, and an intense ache swept through his entire body!

“Oh no! I’ve been hit!”

Ye Feng was greatly shocked!

These ants contained a lethal poison. Once it entered the human body, it would rapidly spread throughout the entire body!

Ye Feng hurriedly circulated his strength to suppress the poison, but the effect was negligible.

Not only that, but what was more serious was that the spiritual energy in his body was in disorder, causing his meridians to be complicated. In an instant, his spiritual energy was in chaos!

Ye Feng staggered back more than ten steps before he managed to stabilize his body.

At this moment, he did not have any good ideas.

However, he was not afraid of the fire element. After all, he had the protection of the water element in his body. Naturally, the fire element could not do anything to him.

As for the ant poison, it would only affect him for a short while at most.

The Slime poison in his body was not a joke.

‘The path I took before was actually to pave the way for the future!’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart. He had already recovered 70-80% of his physical strength.

“All of you, get lost!”

Following an angry shout, Ye Feng’s body suddenly erupted with the power of the Dragon Seed. Facing the dangerous situation before him, he could not care about anything else.

Even if the two black-robed men saw it just now, he was not afraid.

At most, he would fight!

Right now, Ye Feng’s goal was very clear. That was to find the entrance to Sky City. After all, the Holy Spirit Jade Pendant in his pocket was very likely the key to open the spatial door.

But before that, the Tomb of the Holy Spirit that suddenly opened this time, he did not want to miss it!

Although there were countless risks.

There would also be countless forces secretly watching him like a tiger watching its prey. However, Ye Feng was after all the first person to discover it, and it happened to be in the Black Mountain Range.

If Ye Feng did not seize this opportunity, it would be very difficult for him to encounter such an opportunity next time!

He was also very clear about this point.

Therefore, along the way, he did not dare to delay, afraid that a third party would appear!

If a third party appeared, he would immediately give up on searching for the treasure within.

Compared to the Tomb of the Holy Spirit’s treasure, Ye Feng’s first task was still to enter Sky City.

Ye Feng collected his thoughts and looked around. The poison from the ants had been completely destroyed by him. Now, he only had one thing to do.

That was to enter the Tomb of the Holy Spirit as soon as possible!

Thinking of this, he raised his head and looked at the sky.

The clouds in the sky were extremely thick and pitch-black. It was as if the end of the world had arrived!

Ye Feng took a deep breath and stepped on the ground. He shot straight into the clouds and disappeared from the sight of the many symbiotes in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, three symbiotes were standing on the top of a short peak in the distance.

“Second Brother, do you think that kid can enter that area?” ayoung man asked a burly man.

The burly man grinned and said, “Big Brother, have you forgotten? We have already sent people to guard that area.”

As he spoke, he pointed to a dry branch at the side. At this moment, there were three branches lying there, and each branch had a rope hanging on it.

And on one of the branches hung a man in green. It was the guy whose arms had been cut off by Ye Feng.

This man in green’s face was full of resentment. At this moment, he looked at Ye Feng’s back, and his eyes flickered with viciousness and cunningness.

“Humph! Ye Feng, when you come out, I’ll definitely kill you!”

The young man cursed fiercely, then closed his eyes to rest and waited patiently.

On the other side, Ye Feng had already arrived at the entrance of the Tomb of the Holy Spirit!

This place was a huge rock that was at least a thousand feet tall, and its surface was filled with mottled traces.

Ye Feng looked at it carefully for a long time before he recognized the words on this stone tablet from the words on it.

“I am the Fire Crow. Outside the Tomb of the Holy Spirit, only my bloodline can enter. You must remember, if it is not my relatives, friends, or descendants, do not enter!”

“This stone tablet should be a restriction. Only through this restriction can you enter the Tomb of the Holy Spirit.”

Ye Feng frowned slightly.

When he was cultivating in the training hall, he had used the Fire Crow’s blood to refine his bloodline and did not find anything special.

He shook his head and continued to approach the restriction.

The moment he approached the restriction, the entire restriction seemed to have been triggered and a red light suddenly shot out!

Immediately after, Ye Feng felt a majestic and powerful force attack and directly flipped him onto the ground. Immediately after, he heard waves of strange cries by his ears.

These were ferocious and terrifying creatures, densely packed in all directions!

All of them had bat wings, and their bodies were covered with sharp thorns. Their ugly faces looked especially terrifying.

Ye Feng only felt a chill run down his spine. He quickly activated the [Slime Armor] and wrapped himself up like a chrysalis. Then, he was surprised to find that the bats actually bypassed him and went straight for the restriction!

He was inexplicably shocked.

However, the next moment, something that shocked him happened.