Chapter 419 - Divine Blood, S Grade Realm

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Chapter 419: Divine Blood, S Grade Realm

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No wonder he was able to say so many conditions that he could not refuse!

Ye Feng stared at the old man with a stunned face.

But this three-time resurrection opportunity was too precious!

Ye Feng put it away almost without hesitation.

“Alright, now I’ll give you two choices. First, you continue to stay in the Black Mountain Range and continue to do what you should do! But you must keep your promise to destroy the Tomb of the Holy Spirit and destroy everything inside!”

The old man looked at Ye Feng indifferently and spoke.

Ye Feng was silent for a moment and nodded.

Destroying the Tomb of the Holy Spirit was quite easy for him, but he had to pay attention to the external forces.

But as long as he completed it before the other forces intervened, this mission would become very simple and easy.

“I need you to do something for me!” The old man stared into Ye Feng’s eyes and said word by word, “Help me find a body and use it to resurrect!”

“Find a body?” Ye Feng was stunned.

“Yes! My body has been destroyed and only a remnant soul is left. It has been more than a thousand years and I can’t maintain my human form for a long time now. So I hope to find a corpse so that I can be reincarnated and use the body of another to reappear in the world!” The old man explained indifferently, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you take risks. I will give you a great opportunity.”

“Great opportunity?” Ye Feng raised his eyebrows. “What kind of opportunity?”

The old man revealed a sinister smile. “Have you heard of Divine Blood?”

Ye Feng’s pupils instantly constricted.

Divine Blood was rumored to be the essence blood left behind by the fallen gods. It contained terrifying power!

If a symbiote cultivator swallowed the Divine Blood, they would have an unparalleled cultivation speed and could even step into the ranks of gods!

More importantly… It could strengthen all the attributes of the body!

It was said that a drop of Divine Blood could destroy an entire world…

“If I remember correctly, such a treasure has never appeared even on Earth, right?” Ye Feng asked in a serious tone.

How could Ye Feng not know about Divine Blood, such a heaven-defying treasure?

The elder sneered. “Of course. Do you think the Divine Blood is so easy to obtain? Do you know how powerful gods are?”

“Those so-called gods are no longer in the mortal realm!”

“Each of them has an immortal lifespan. They are truly the ultimate powerhouses of the world! Even for me, to get a drop of Divine Blood, I would have to pay a painful price. Moreover, I reckon that such a treasure has long been snatched away by those d*mn S grade super powerhouses.”

Ye Feng’s entire body trembled.

S grade super expert!

No wonder he felt that this old man was extraordinary. Just by casually mentioning the word ‘S grade super expert’, he was able to guess what level he was at!

That was an existence that mortals were unable to contend against!

“However, you might not know the difference between gods and extraordinary life forms!” The old man said with a gloomy expression. “Although extraordinary life forms are powerful, they similarly fear gods!”

“The power of gods is above that of ordinary life forms. They control all the rules and order!”

“Gods are truly eternal existences. They are gods who control all the rules and order in the world.”

“And extraordinary life forms are just slightly stronger mortals. No matter how powerful they are, they are only mortals.”

Although he was shocked, Ye Feng still had some doubts. “Since Divine Blood is so powerful, why don’t you directly absorb it?”

The old man shook his head. “Even I don’t dare to touch Divine Blood! The terror of Divine Blood is far beyond your imagination. Even my physical body can’t withstand the destructive power within!”

Ye Feng sucked in a breath of cold air. The old man’s words made him feel somewhat incredulous!

“Alright… I got it. I’ll first complete your first request. As for the second request, I’ll see what the situation is like!” Ye Feng said indifferently.

“What second request depends on the situation?!” The old man’s tone started to become displeased.

“Uh… I still have other things to do, so I can only agree to your first request. As for the rest, wait until I’m done with it before we talk!”

Ye Feng shrugged his shoulders.

He knew how powerful gods were. Even if he had three chances to be resurrected, he might not be the old man’s match.

The old man snorted. Apparently, he was quite displeased with this answer. “Get lost!”

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Feng seemed to have suffered a great impact on his mind.

Suddenly, Ye Feng opened his eyes again and found himself at the entrance of the Tomb of the Holy Spirit!

“Since I’ve agreed to destroy this place, then let’s hurry up and do it…” Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

After all, this place was not peaceful. If he had not happened to appear in the vicinity, as the first person to come here, if he did not have these opportunities, he might have been embroiled in an extremely vicious battle.

“The Tomb of the Holy Spirit is not small. If we just use the power to destroy it, we won’t be able to catch up in time,” Ye Feng said, “I can release the little Slimes and surround the Tomb of the Holy Spirit. Then I can release the power of the Dragon Seed and detonate everything nearby!”

This method was the shortest method Ye Feng could think of.

Thinking of it, Ye Feng immediately activated the [Slime Power] in his body. With the continuous improvement of his evolution, Ye Feng could now release a total of 500 Slimes.

In other words, Ye Feng was able to surround the entire Tomb of the Holy Spirit within a few minutes.

During this period, he could freely use all kinds of attacks and destroy all kinds of buildings in the Tomb of the Holy Spirit as much as possible, as well as all valuable things.

Moreover, the Slime subsidiary bodies could also release lethal poison!

With a thought from Ye Feng, the 500 Slimes rapidly flew in all directions, densely packed together, blocking out the sunlight.

The sky became completely pitch black.

Ye Feng stood in the void and looked down at the tomb under his feet. Then, he waved his arm forward.

With a thought from Ye Feng, the 500 Slimes instantly appeared and quickly flew in all directions. Soon, the entire Tomb of the Holy Spirit was covered by the Slimes.

The roars of the Slime subsidiary bodies filled the space of the entire tomb. They were like locusts that crazily pounced on and bit at the rocks and soil one after another.

The dense sounds of cracking could be heard endlessly.

In just five to six minutes, the entire Tomb of the Holy Spirit was completely destroyed!

“As expected, destroying is much easier than protecting!” The corners of Ye Feng’s mouth curled up slightly, and a satisfied expression appeared on his face. “I can leave now, but before I leave…”

Ye Feng’s gaze fell on the depths of the Tomb of the Holy Spirit.