Chapter 425 - Influence Spread, And A New Round of Evolution Began

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Chapter 425: Influence Spread, And A New Round of Evolution Began

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Two different kinds of powers circulated within his body, causing him to sweat profusely. It was as if he had been reborn, and his strength had increased greatly!

At this moment, in the depths of the distant forest.

A beautiful figure stood beside a withered parasol tree, gazing into the distant valley.

Her eyes flickered with a faint green light, looking bewitching and strange.

“That kid can actually comprehend new skills in battle?!”

Her voice was as cold as ice.

“It looks like that guy just happened to pass by here. It shouldn’t matter that the Tomb of the Holy Spirit was destroyed,” the man beside her said respectfully.

It was as if the woman in front of him was his master.

After all, one would only speak so respectfully to their master.

“Have you collected all the movements in the surroundings?” the woman asked coldly again.

“I’ve checked them all. Other than the various forces searching the area, there are no other suspicious targets who destroyed the Tomb of the Holy Spirit…” the man said and showed the woman a list.

The woman nodded. She then said, “Very good. I’m very interested in that kid. Follow him in the dark. If he’s useful, think of a way to get him to join our organization. If he resists, just kill him. I don’t want anyone to be a hindrance to us.”

After saying that, her figure flashed and disappeared from where she was.

This kind of spatial teleportation was indeed very top-notch.

Hearing that, the man responded and followed his figure, also disappearing from where he was.

Ye Feng, who was far away, had just finished devouring the Dragon Turtle’s corpse.

“I’ve accumulated another large wave of power. The only thing that matters now is to quickly find a place to level up and break through!” Ye Feng muttered.

After all, the Black Mountain Range had basically become the target of all the major factions.

The super creatures here were as common as rice in the outside world. If Ye Feng did not speed up his promotion, he was afraid that his strength was far from enough to support him to find the entrance to Sky City!

Now, he was very clear that he was only at the last level of the Tower of Babel, and not the final hurdle.

It would be a pity if he died here!

The entrance to Sky City was close at hand, Ye Feng would not give this opportunity to others.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng looked around, leaving some small Slimes in place to continue to consume the body of the Dragon Turtle, then jumped away from here.

With the addition of evolution, Ye Feng’s movement speed can basically reach the top speed of all mankind.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the forest hundreds of kilometers away from the Dragon Turtle’s corpse.

He randomly found a cave and released some small Slimes outside.

Through his perception, he found that the surroundings were relatively quiet. Compared to the previous place, it was a very suitable place for him to cultivate and advance.

Moreover, with the guards of the small Slimes, he could basically leave this place quickly before the enemy found him.

After making preparations, Ye Feng sat down cross-legged.

The blood in his body surged like a great river.

Between the circulation of the various energies, waves of terrifying aura were emitted, causing Ye Feng’s physical strength and the [Slime Power] to have a violent reaction.

“If this continues, can I really transform the magic elements into warrior elements?”

Although Ye Feng’s understanding of magical elements was very shallow, he could vaguely sense that magical elements were a kind of special material energy. It was born according to a person’s spiritual power or will.

This was an illusory thing, but its real function was extremely powerful. Even ordinary people could cast powerful magic spells.

The route that Ye Feng chose now was the magic route, but this evolution could give him a new route to choose.

That was the warrior route.

After all, in his battles, what he used the most skillfully was still the pure warrior power.

“My spiritual power is already comparable to an A+ grade powerhouse. If I can really convert magic elements into warrior elements…”

Ye Feng thought of his situation and immediately revealed an expectant look.

He urgently needed to improve his combat ability.

This was because he had a vague feeling that once his magic elements transformed into warrior elements, it would definitely bring him a great surprise.

As he thought, Ye Feng closed his eyes.

His mind was like lightning as it revolved non-stop, deducing the mage’s spell structure pattern.

This time, he was completely confident, because not only did he have the large amount of spiritual energy that he had absorbed previously as a backstop, but he also had the newly obtained Dragon Soul Pearl.

These were all treasures.

If he could successfully break through to A+ grade, then he could use the Flame Epiphany Technique given by the Fire Crow, as well as the three extremely precious Revival Pills!

These were extremely precious items!

In the entire Earth, there wasn’t a second cultivation resource of this rank!

After that, he condensed his spirit and slowly wrapped it around the magical elements.

After Ye Feng’s spiritual energy touched the magic elements, it seemed to have touched some kind of barrier.

But obviously, this step had to be crossed.

Ye Feng was slightly stunned, and then a surprised expression appeared on his face because the magic elements touched a gray area.

That was… an elemental crystal?

‘What’s going on? Could it be that this is the core of the magic elements? Only by absorbing enough magic elements can I break this shackle and condense a magic element crystal?’ Ye Feng muttered in his heart.

Then, he immediately mobilized all of his mental energy and charged toward the gray area covered by the magic elements.

A faint sound spread in all directions.

Ye Feng felt a majestic spiritual pressure descend from the sky and crash heavily onto his own spiritual energy.

This was the resistance of the magical elements to spiritual attacks.

Ye Feng suddenly opened his eyes, and a sharp light shot out from his eyes.

The next second, he opened his mouth and exhaled a mouthful of turbid air.

The spiritual attack had finally broken through the protection of the magical elements!

“That was close. I was almost stunned by the spiritual attack.”

“Fortunately, I have the spiritual attribute of the Eye of the Netherworld. Otherwise, the spiritual attack just now would have been troublesome.”

Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief and continued to observe the situation of the magic elements.

At the core of the magic elements, there was actually a light blue crystal.

“Water-type crystal?”

Ye Feng raised his eyebrows.

Water element was a natural healing power. In Ye Feng’s impression, the water element crystal contained a huge amount of vitality and could quickly recover the damaged bodily functions of humans.

“Haha… I understand!”

Ye Feng laughed loudly.

Since his spiritual power could break through the obstruction of the magical element, then he could directly devour and absorb the pure energy of the water element crystal!

Thinking of this, Ye Feng immediately took action.