Chapter 426 - Failed To Advance. Bloodline Transformation

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Chapter 426: Failed To Advance. Bloodline Transformation

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He took a deep breath and focused his attention on the magic elements. Then, he controlled his spiritual power to slowly approach the magic elements.

The magic elements seemed to sense danger and began to tremble.

But soon, they calmed down.

“Hehe… looks like you’re quite cooperative. Since that’s the case, then obediently let me suck you dry…”

Seeing that the magical elements did not resist, Ye Feng immediately revealed a trace of joy.

But in the next second, this trace of a smile froze and was replaced by a face full of shock.

The light blue water element crystal suddenly exploded and turned into a boiling heat wave, crazily surging into his consciousness.

In a split second, his head almost exploded, as if a volcano was erupting.

This sudden change gave Ye Feng a fright. He hurriedly circulated his spiritual power to resist.

But there was nothing he could do. This water elemental crystal was too powerful. It was surging like volcanic lava. Even a spiritual power master like Ye Feng could not withstand such a terrifying impact.

He felt that his will had been completely destroyed. His entire spiritual world had sunk into darkness…

When Ye Feng woke up again, he was completely stunned.

He looked around blankly, his eyes filled with confusion and doubt.

He clearly remembered that when he tried to absorb the magical elements, he was overwhelmed by the magical elements. His entire head felt as if it had exploded in pain.

But what about reality?

Ye Feng raised his arm and found that it was covered with fine scales, flickering with a cold light.

This kind of situation, why did it look like a Dragon?

“Did I turn into a creature?” he muttered to himself.

“I didn’t expect to fail my first promotion… Even if it seems like a 100% chance of promotion, it’s still a failure, what on earth is going on…” Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled. Everything was clearly planned.

Moreover, he had never failed a promotion before. He did not expect that he would actually fail once now.

This really made Ye Feng somewhat puzzled.

“No, I have to try again!” Ye Feng made up his mind. The backlash from his failed promotion was still quite small for him at this stage.

After all, his physical strength was no longer as strong as before. He could still easily withstand a little backlash.

Ye Feng heaved a sigh of relief and took out the last few Spirit Fruits and swallowed them all.

This advancement was incomparably important. To him, it was the most important step toward reaching A+ grade.

One had to know that currently, the definition of a super expert was above A+ grade. If Ye Feng could successfully advance to A+ grade, then he would become the youngest super expert of mankind!

Such a status was incomparable!

Even in the entire Cloud Mist Academy, there was almost no symbiote like Ye Feng who had advanced to an A+ grade at such a young age!

Ye Feng was the only one!

This was also the strongest point of Ye Feng!

Not to mention the Cloud Mist Academy, in the entire Earth, Ye Feng was the youngest symbiote who had attained A+ grade!

After thinking about it, Ye Feng’s body once again emitted waves of halos. This was a sign that only after the purity of the spiritual energy had reached a certain level would it emit halos.

Around Ye Feng, endless magical elements gathered toward Ye Feng. His eyes were slightly closed, and his entire consciousness was immersed in the inner part of his spiritual world.

He wanted to use his own spiritual energy to wrap around that ball of magical elements, allowing it to fuse into his body, and from there, they would be perfectly compatible.

The moment the magical elements came into contact with Ye Feng’s spiritual energy, it shook violently and began to struggle violently. At the same time, it released an even denser heat, burning Ye Feng’s spiritual energy to the point of almost collapsing.

However, Ye Feng still gritted his teeth and persevered, constantly compressing the magical elements in an attempt to let it fuse into his body.

This process was extremely difficult. Even though Ye Feng was a super expert of the spirit attribute, he still nearly collapsed.

Fortunately, he still managed to survive this hurdle in the end.

The moment the magic elements entered his body, Ye Feng immediately felt all the bones in his body begin to make sounds.

This was the sound of explosions coming from his bloodline, as if there were small snakes swimming around his body.

Ye Feng looked at his legs in surprise. Under the wiggling of his muscles, blood lines gradually appeared and covered the surface of his skin like fish scales.

“This is a bloodline transformation?”

Ye Feng was stunned. Although his bloodline had long been modified and even had some special attributes, he had never heard of a transformation before.

What was the situation now?

The blood on the surface of his body grew more and more, even condensing into a thin membrane state. This scene made him somewhat uncomfortable, but he could clearly feel that a powerful and unparalleled power was being born.

This was a wonderful feeling.

It was as if in an instant, he had become a tall and mighty god.

“Is this the strength of an A+?”

Ye Feng’s heart was extremely agitated. He clenched his fist and felt the power in his body. He discovered that his strength had increased by two times.

Not only that, he could feel that his field of vision had become even wider. The entire world was like a painting scroll.

In this painting scroll, there were all kinds of energy.

Ye Feng’s spiritual power also expanded along with this painting scroll, covering half of the sky, and it was still expanding…

“This painting scroll… is constructed by spiritual power?”

Ye Feng stared at this painting scroll formed by spiritual power with his eyes wide open, feeling incredulous.

He did not expect that there were actually other things besides this painting.

What were these things?

Could it be other spiritual life forms?

No matter what, as long as he could control this painting, Ye Feng believed that his strength would definitely soar.

He took a deep breath and calmed his agitated emotions. Then, he slowly mobilized his spiritual power, causing the painting to become larger and larger. Finally, it enveloped Ye Feng’s entire body.

Ye Feng felt an endless stream of heat boiling in his body. This was the circulation of his blood and muscles, making his body rapidly expand.

He quickly sat cross-legged, silently recited the [Starfire Meditation] mental cultivation method, and began to cultivate.

Waves of heat surged into his limbs and bones, making his entire body feel extremely comfortable. Threads of spiritual power continuously surged out, wrapping around the soul crystal core and beginning to temper it.

This process was extremely painful. Ye Feng’s brows were tightly furrowed into a ‘川’ shape. However, very quickly, his eyes opened and revealed a joyful light. “It succeeded?”