Chapter 1463 He Is Like A Dead Person

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“The reason is simple.” Hualing spoke and paused for a second before she continued, “It’s because I don’t want to help you.”

“You don’t want to help me? Why? Didn’t you say you would always be there for me and help me?” Dali still found it hard to believe what he was hearing.

Three days ago, she said she would always be there for him because she liked him and he was her ideal man.

She even said she would continue their special relationship after Cao Song bought the Kindred Hearts Orphanage.

“Huh? You believe it?! What a fool! Of course, I was lying to you when I said that.” Hualing gave an honest answer. “To be honest, I always feel disgusted whenever I’m with you. I would not have talked to you if it were not for young master Cao’s plan.”

She then continued, “Do you know how I feel when I have sex with you? I feel disgusted! Luckily, young Master Cao said I can put an end to all these lies or else I will surely die of disgust.”

“Did you also lie when you said I was your ideal man?” Dali felt like his world shattered into pieces when she told the truth.

She was the reason why he could stay strong when Jie and the others kicked him out of the Kindred Hearts Orphanage.

Previously, he thought he could start a new life with her, but he knew it was impossible now because she said she was disgusted whenever she was with him.

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? You are fat, ugly and poor. There is no way you are my ideal man. How could you believe it so easily like that? I’m amazed by your stupidity.” She kept speaking ill of him because she no longer needed to pretend to like him.

Dali fell to his knees. “So, all of it is a lie? Everything is lie?”

He suddenly felt like someone had thrown him into an abyss. First, Jie and the others kicked him out of the Kindred Hearts Orphanage.

Second, none of his friends wanted to help him. And last, Cao Song and Hualing did not want to help him too. She even said cruel things to him.

“Don’t ever call or meet me again from now on!” after saying that, Hualing walked away.

Of course, she knew what he felt, but she did not care about it. She was already kind enough not to pay someone to beat or kill him because he always disgusted her.

She always wanted to puke whenever she remembered the time when they had sex because he was the ugliest man she had ever met or slept with.

That was why she did not want to meet him anymore because, with this, she could forget what they had done.

Hualing took her smartphone out of her bag and called Cao Song because she wanted to forget what she had done with Dali.

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“What’s wrong, Hualing?” Cao Song asked after picking up the phone.

“Dali came to your company to meet me.” She responded, “I feel disgusted because of him. Can we spend some time together, young master Cao?”

“Dali?” actually, he had guessed that Dali would look for her because Dali had asked him for help earlier. “Sure. Go to my villa and wait for me there. I will go there after finishing my work. I will also give you something to make you happy later.”

“Really?” Huling’s eyes shone brightly.

“Yes.” Cao Song also felt sorry for her, so he decided to make her happy. “Now go to my villa and wait for me there.”

“Thank you, young master Cao. I will go to your villa now.” she smiled from ear to ear because she would get a gift from Cao Song later. “Young master Cao, I will satisfy you later. I will make today one of the best days of your life.”

“Then I’m looking forward to it.” After saying that, he hung up the phone.

After putting her smartphone into her bag, Hualing glanced at Dali for a second before finally going to Cao Song’s villa.

Like before, Dali was still on his knees. His gaze was blank, as if he no longer had the will to continue living.

He could only blame himself for falling into Cao Song’s trap. He should have refused to cooperate with Cao Song in the first place because Cao Song was a bad person.

‘If only I could turn back time…’

He rose to his feet and walked aimlessly.

Like before, his gaze was empty. Even though he was still alive, but he was already dead inside him.

Dali bumped into a red-haired man when he was walking because he did not pay attention to his surroundings.

The red-haired man stopped his footsteps and turned around. He was furious because Dali did not apologize to him.

He stood before Dali and grabbed his collar. “Hey, are you mute? You should apologize after bumping into someone, you bastard! Is your mouth only for decoration?”

Dali looked at the red-haired man with his dead eyes. He did not apologize and only stared at him.

The red-haired man was unhappy and immediately punched Dali in the face.

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Dali fell to the ground after the red-haired man hit his face.

“Remember to apology the next time you bump into someone, asshole.” After saying that, the red-haired man left.

Dali rose to his feet and walked again. He did not feel any pain when the red-haired man hit his face because the physical pain was nothing compared to what he was feeling.

As he was walking aimlessly, two young people suddenly appeared before him. They wore long coats with blue ice lotus symbols on the chest and back.

These two young people were none other than Xiao Tian’s underlings, the members of the Blue Ice Lotus gang.

Previously, Xiao Tian ordered them to drag Dali to their base because he now believed Dali was the one who paid Jun and Dehui.

Now that Jie had kicked Dali out of Kindred Hearts Orphanage, Xiao Tian wanted to take revenge on him.

“Hey, look at him! He is like a dead person now. Haha.” The yellow-haired woman spoke abruptly.

“Yes. His eyes are like dead fish eyes.” The brown-haired woman added.

The duo laughed in satisfaction when they saw Dali’s expression because he deserved it.

He had tried to kill their leader, so they were happy when something bad had happened to him.

Even though he could hear their words, he ignored them and kept walking. He was not angry at them because his heart had already died now.

When he was in front of them, the brown-haired woman grabbed his right shoulder and stopped him. “Hey, where are you going? Our leader wants to meet you, so you have to follow us.”

Like before, Dali ignored them. For this reason, Xiao Tian’s underlings decided to beat him.

Dali did not scream even once when he was beaten up by Xiao Tian’s underlings.

“He is like a human without a soul.” The brown-haired woman uttered.

“Do you mean like empty shell? Forget about it! Let’s take him to our base now.” the yellow-haired woman spoke.

“Alright.” the brown-haired woman replied.

And they brought Dali to the Blue Ice Lotus gang headquarters to meet Xiao Tian.