Chapter 172 - I’ve Never Been In A Relationship, But I Want To Try It With You

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This little girl, what nonsense is she spouting!

Jiang Xun saw through Mufeng’s thoughts, but he didn’t feel guilty at all. He calmly fastened his seatbelt and didn’t forget to remind Jiang Xun, “Fasten your seatbelt.”

Jiang Xun obediently fastened her seatbelt.

Mufeng brought her to eat first.

With Mufeng around, Jiang Xun never worried that she didn’t have enough food to eat.

After filming for the whole day, and with most of the scenes being fighting scenes, her energy consumption was indeed huge.

The key point was that Deng Xu did not know Jiang Xun’s appetite, so the bento boxes were ordered according to the number of people.

Other than those actors who had already become famous and earned a lot of money, who had their own chefs to take care of their meals, or who ordered their own suitable meals? The rest still followed the production crew’s bento boxes.

Jiang Xun only ate one bento box. If she ate too much, there would be none left for anyone else.

As a result, she didn’t even have a full lunch.

However, Jiang Xun thought that it was indeed her own mistake for not thinking it through properly.

She could just wait until tomorrow when she used her break time to order more lunch takeout.

For now, Jiang Xun had a good meal.

Mufeng asked her about the filming so far. Jiang Xun said that everything was going smoothly and Deng Xu was very satisfied with her performance.

As she was eating, Jiang Xun received a Wechat message from Deng Xu.

It was from everyone in the production team.

The production team had limited resources. They only had the kind of metal plates that were found in restaurants. They were placed on the table one by one in a long circle.

Everyone in the production team was lining up to eat.

Deng Xu: [Please thank Mr. Qin on my behalf.]

Jiang Xun: [Did Qin Mufeng order all these?]

When Deng Xu saw Jiang Xun’s reply, he thought to himself that the relationship between the two of them was indeed not ordinary.

In all of China, there were not many people who dared to directly call Mufeng by his name.

Deng Xu: [That’s right. Everyone’s nerves have been tense all day. It’s been hard on all of you. This meal is a good opportunity to relax. Please thank him on my behalf.]

“Did you order a buffet for the production team?” Jiang Xun asked Mufeng.

Mufeng had already eaten his fill and was accompanying Jiang Xun to eat. “I’m here for a visit. Of course I can’t do it empty-handed. Otherwise, it’ll be too embarrassing for you.”

Mufeng simply hoped that Deng Xu would take care of Jiang Xun more.

It was her first time filming, so it was inevitable that she would have some questions.

He hoped that Deng Xu would be patient and explain things to her.

However, from what Jiang Xun had just said about today’s progress, Deng Xu had indeed treated her well.

“The director asked me to thank you on his behalf,” Jiang Xun said.

Mufeng thought that Deng Xu had done well in the entertainment industry and was indeed a good person.

He did not thank him directly. Instead, he asked Jiang Xun to thank him on his behalf, showing that Jiang Xun could represent him.

He even subtly let Jiang Xun know what he had done for her.

Deng Xu was an interesting person.

“He should just thank you.” Mufeng smiled. “I ordered the meal for them because of you.”

Jiang Xun might as well be speechless. Her face was burning as she said with a sullen face, “Anyway, I’ve delivered the message.”

After the meal, Mufeng sent Jiang Xun back to the crew and passed by the hotel where she was staying.

He brought the snacks prepared for Jiang Xun from the car and then drove Jiang Xun back to the crew.

When they arrived at the set, it was 8:15 pm.

Deng Xu had told Jiang Xun that because they took some time to eat the buffet at night, they had delayed the start of work by half an hour so that Jiang Xun didn’t have to come back so early.

“Go on back. I won’t be going with you.” Mufeng stood beside the car.

“Are you going to Shencheng now?” Jiang Xun asked.

“Yes.” Mufeng nodded. “I’ll drive to meet up with the driver first, then we’ll set off for Shencheng.”

Jiang Xun thought that it would be midnight when they reached Shencheng.

“Okay.” Jiang Xun sniffed. The night breeze in Hengdian was humid. She didn’t know if it was because of this, but it made her eyes and nasal cavity a little moist. “Then I’ll leave first.”

Jiang Xun turned around and left.

After walking for some distance, she couldn’t help but stop and look back at him.

She saw that Mufeng was still standing by the car. He was wearing a black coat and had his hands in the pockets of the coat. He was hidden in the night and just looked at her motionlessly.

He didn’t say a word. If she didn’t turn around, she wouldn’t even know that he was looking at her like that.

Jiang Xun’s heart seemed to have been struck by something and she suddenly ran back.

Mufeng looked in confusion at Jiang Xun who was standing in front of him.

“Qin Mufeng.” Jiang Xun raised her head. Her fair face seemed to be suffused with faint light under the moonlight.

She looked into Mufeng’s eyes. Her face was reflected in his black pupils and she was focused on nothing else.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before, and I don’t know how to do it.” It was rare for Jiang Xun to be nervous, and her heavy breathing was all over the place.

In her previous life, she only thought about how to live. She didn’t have the mood or qualifications to talk about these romantic affairs.

In this life, she was still working hard to live, but she wanted to try more ways to live.

“But I want to try it with you.” As Jiang Xun was speaking, she saw that Mufeng’s eyes seemed to glow with starlight.

When she finished speaking, Mufeng’s eyes became exceptionally bright.

His eyes revealed an almost childish joy and excitement.

“You said it.” Mufeng stared at Jiang Xun tightly, as if he was afraid that she would suddenly run away.

“Of course.” Jiang Xun nodded. “I’m a person who keeps her word!”

Once she said something, she would never go back on her word!

Mufeng suddenly picked Jiang Xun up.

Jiang Xun felt the scenery around her turn.

In the next second, she was held against the car window by Mufeng and her feet were kept off the ground.

Jiang Xun’s hands subconsciously held onto Mufeng’s shoulders.

When her hands touched his shoulders, Mufeng’s body stiffened and he lowered his head to grab her lips.

The air in Hengdian was humid and cold, but at this moment, Jiang Xun felt extremely hot.

Her body was burning like a flame, wanting to burn her and Mufeng together.

Her ears were buzzing, and they were so hot that they seemed to be burning red and were almost transparent.

Mufeng let go of her lips, but his gaze was still burning.

There seemed to be flames burning in his dark eyes.

Just by being stared at like that, her toes couldn’t help but curl up, and her entire body was burning.

“I’m afraid I can’t leave.” Mufeng’s hoarse voice couldn’t hide the agitation that couldn’t be suppressed.

“I still have to film a night scene!” It was the first time in her two lives that she had been kissed. Jiang Xun was so flustered that she was like an innocent bird that had lost its direction and was ramming around. She landed on the ground from Mufeng’s arms and sent him off randomly. “Hurry up and go to Shencheng!”

After saying that, she didn’t even dare to look at Mufeng and ran to the set.

After being blown by the cold wind, Jiang Xun turned back and saw that Mufeng was still standing there and looking at her.

Jiang Xun’s nose was red and even a little stiff from the cold wind, and she waved at Mufeng and said, “Be careful on your way.”

“Okay.” Mufeng was speechless.

After seeing Jiang Xun enter the group, he stood in the cold for a while.

The heat in his body faded away with the invasion of the damp and cold air. Mufeng let out a breath and suddenly smiled.

It felt somewhat surreal.