Chapter 173 - Starting To Miss Her Even Before Leaving

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The little girl actually agreed to his request.

Mufeng sat in the driver’s seat and leaned against the back of the seat. He raised his left hand to cover his eyes.

His exposed lips drew a beautiful arc, and his smile gradually became as warm as a blooming flower.

He didn’t think too much when he came here to visit Jiang Xun. He only came because he wanted to see her.

He came because he wanted to treat her well.

He had prepared for a long and difficult time, so he definitely wanted Jiang Xun to see his sincerity.

He wanted her to know that he wasn’t just saying that, and he didn’t mean it as a joke.

He was seriously pursuing her and treating her seriously.

He didn’t expect Jiang Xun to actually agree.

But thinking about it, it made sense. This was Jiang Xun’s personality.

She would never drag things out.

She wouldn’t drag the other party down because of shyness or other emotions.

She was such a straightforward and magnanimous person. She couldn’t do something like hanging on to the other party even though she knew the other party’s intentions.

In fact, Mufeng knew very well in his heart that he had confessed to Jiang Xun previously and stated that he was pursuing her.

However, Jiang Xun didn’t reject his pursuit and was already giving him a chance.

Otherwise, with Jiang Xun’s personality, if she didn’t like him at all, she wouldn’t even give him a chance to pursue her.

For example, when she participated in the program “Unfulfilled Lovers,” Jiang Xun didn’t give any of the three male guests a chance because she didn’t like any of them.

But now, this young lady was his girlfriend.

Mufeng moved his palm away from his eyes and placed his fingertips on his lips.

His thin and hot lips still carried the warmth and fragrance of Jiang Xun. It was sweet and alluring.

Mufeng felt his lips were unprecedentedly dry and couldn’t help but lick them.

He sighed. It would be great if he didn’t have to go to Shencheng today.

He started to miss Jiang Xun even before he left Hengcheng.

Mufeng let out a breath and looked at the time. It was already 20:38. He had to go.

He gathered his emotions and drove to meet up with the driver. After that, he left the driving to the driver. Mufeng sat in the back seat and leaned his head against the back of the chair. He closed his eyes and missed Jiang Xun.

Jiang Xun ran all the way back to the set. After being blown by the humid cold wind in Hengcheng for a while, the heat on her body finally subsided and she became more comfortable.

Her night scene was a raid on the home of the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Works. The male lead happened to be visiting the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Works and bumped into her. During the fight with the male lead, she successfully killed the Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Works and escaped with her injuries.

The fight scene was very big, so it was a little more complicated to shoot. The shooting did not end until 12 o’clock.

Jiang Xun went back to the hotel with the crew’s car.

Zhengqiao wanted to send her back, since they were both staying in the same hotel.

But in the end, when actors and actresses drove back to the hotel in the middle of the night, it was easy for people to film them and start scandals. Even if the two of them could not be any more innocent, it would be hard to explain if they were filmed.

The same went for Deng Xu.

On the way back to the hotel, Jiang Xun looked up the distance from Hengcheng to Shencheng by car.

After checking, she found out that Hengcheng was actually 12 to 13 hours away from Shencheng by car.

Mufeng had to sit in the car all night and could only reach Shencheng tomorrow morning.

She opened Mufeng’s Wechat and was hesitating whether to send him a message.

It was too late now and she was worried that Mufeng had already fallen asleep in the car.

It was already uncomfortable to sleep in the car and it would not be easy for him to fall back to sleep if he was woken up.

However, just as she opened her Wechat, she received a message from Mufeng. [Are you done filming? If you are too tired, don’t reply. We will talk about it tomorrow.]

Jiang Xun exhaled and replied immediately, [I just finished filming and am on my way back to the hotel. I was about to tell you when I received your message. Are you still awake?]

Mufeng’s smile widened when he saw Jiang Xun’s reply.

The little girl had improved quite a lot.

In the past, he would always ask a question and she would always reply with a cold and arrogant tone, just like how she was.

However, after she became his girlfriend, her attitude changed drastically.

Mufeng replied, [I wanted to make sure that you can sleep after you finish your work.]

Jiang Xun replied, [I just checked the GPS. It’s a 12-to 13-hour drive from Hengcheng to Shencheng. It’s too dangerous to drive all night. Tell the driver to rest for a while. Safety first.]

Mufeng replied, [Alright, I’ve brought two drivers. They’ll switch.]

Jiang Xun heaved a sigh of relief. That’s good.

Jiang Xun replied, [Then you should rest early. Are you going to drive back to the capital as well?]

Mufeng replied, [No, I’m driving to Shencheng just because I get to make a detour to see you. You should have finished filming by the time I get back. I’ll just take the plane back.]

That way, Jiang Xun would be much more at ease.

Jiang Xun urged him to sleep and she also arrived at the hotel.

The filming for the next few days went smoothly for Jiang Xun.

The filming was completed on Tuesday. It was much faster than she had expected.

Jiang Xun returned to the capital one step ahead of Mufeng.

Jixuan rushed over when he received the news.

The sound of moving things from the next room could be heard through the gap between Jixuan’s opening of the door.

“Are you moving next door?” Jixuan asked Jiang Xun when he came in.

“I don’t know.” Jiang Xun didn’t even care if there was anyone living next door. She only vaguely remembered that the apartment next door was more than 200 square meters. “Why are you here? Were you kicked out again?”

Jixuan grinned. “I just came to see you.”

Jixuan was embarrassed to say that he was the only son of the Jiang family and that the career will be handed over to him in the future.

Nianzhen regretted chasing him away that day. Nianzhen was focused on relying on him in the future, so how could she really burn bridges with him?

After he went back, Nianzhen treated him very well and did not mention the name Jiang Xun at all.

She was afraid that if she mentioned it, the two of them would quarrel again.

“What was that…” Jixuan said hesitantly, but he did not see anything else.

“If you have something to say, just say it. What are you mumbling about?”

Jixuan scratched his head. “Are you going home for New Year’s Eve?”

“No, why? Are you quarreling?” Jiang Xun rolled her eyes. “Is it not noisy enough after the ban on fireworks?”

Just as Jixuan was about to speak, the doorbell rang.

“Who is it?” Jixuan was a little confused.

“Why don’t you open the door and see?” Jiang Xun kicked him angrily. “What are you standing there for? Do you want me to open the door myself? You don’t even have the awareness to be a follower. You’re far worse than the school bully trio.”

Jixuan thought as he opened the door that one day, he would have to see just how conscious the school bully trio was. Every time Jiang Xun to compare him to them, he couldn’t compare to them.

Jixuan opened the door and saw the person at the door. He was so shocked that his mouth was wide open. “Dad? You… how did you know about this place?”

Chengye pushed him aside and entered.

Jiang Xun heard the sound and came out. When she saw Chengye, she looked at him with disdain. “How did you know about this place?”

“I didn’t tell him!” Jixuan was afraid that Jiang Xun would misunderstand. He quickly waved his hand and insisted that he had nothing to do with this matter.

“I saw that he has been acting mysteriously recently, so I followed him here to take a look.” Chengye glanced at Jixuan. “That day, he quarreled with his mother, but he didn’t stay in a hotel. I asked around, but he didn’t stay at his friends’ houses either, so he could only have come to your place.”