Chapter 176 - Jiang Xun Crumpled The Shirt By His Waist

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Jixuan pursed his lips, and with a look of reluctance, he said, “You live here by yourself, and you don’t even know to buy fruits. I really don’t understand. You eat so much, and you buy all kinds of snacks and junk food at home. Why don’t you buy some fruits for yourself?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Xun answered with confidence, “Fruits can’t be kept for long. Snacks can be kept for a year, but can fruits? If the apocalypse happens, the most useful things are those that can be kept for a long time. Fruits are heavy and take up space, and they are easy to spoil.”

Jixuan speechlessly wiped his face. Was this sister thinking about the apocalypse?

“Isn’t the apocalypse not here yet? You can eat some first.” Jixuan took a deep breath. Finally, he had fallen and followed Jiang Xun’s theory of the apocalypse. “I don’t know whether the apocalypse will come or not. When will it come? Before that, can you eat the fruits quickly?”

“That makes sense!”Jiang Xun heard it. Wasn’t this the same theory as hers all along?

She had been so busy eating that she had forgotten to eat more fruit.

It was Jixuan who reminded her.

Jiang Xun gave Jixuan a look of praise.

Jixuan was so happy that his eyebrows flew up.

Mufeng looked at Jixuan’s happy face, which said, “I’ve been praised by Jiang Xun.”

“Okay, go to school now,” Jiang Xun urged. “If you don’t go now, you’ll be late.”

Jixuan took a look at the time and had no choice but to get up and leave.

When he reached the door, his eyes filled with reluctance lingered on Jiang Xun and Mufeng’s faces.

He didn’t even have the time to ask Jiang Xun and Mufeng about any gossip.

Jixuan realized that ever since he called Mufeng “brother-in-law,” Mufeng’s attitude toward him had become much more amiable.

This made Jixuan feel less pressured. He was no longer afraid when he faced Mufeng.

Seeing Jixuan dragging his feet, Mufeng began to annoy this half-brother-in-law to death. He did not hide his disgust as his gaze landed on Jixuan’s face.

Jixuan: “…”

Mufeng was really quick to turn hostile!

Jixuan carried his school bag and ran off.

Jiang Xun closed the door and just as she turned around, she was pressed against the door by Mufeng.

His forehead gently touched Jiang Xun’s forehead, and his breath burned her lips. His voice was low and hoarse. “I miss you anyway.”

It didn’t matter if the little girl didn’t admit it.

It was fine as long as he admitted it.

Jiang Xun’s lips trembled from the heat of his breath, but his lips didn’t come down for a long time.

Jiang Xun grabbed his shirt with both hands and crumpled the shirt by his waist. Finally, she urged him impatiently, “Do you want to kiss or not?”

Could a man be more straightforward?

Mufeng’s gaze suddenly darkened, and his lips fell on hers passionately and violently.

He was worried that he would press her down and kiss her as soon as he came back.

In the end, he had underestimated the young lady’s forthright personality.

This young lady’s one sentence had made him feel no pressure at all.

Mufeng could not hide his joy as he let out a hoarse chuckle from his throat.

Jiang Xun’s hands on his waist held onto his shoulders to support herself. He had taken away more than half of her breath, and she was now trying her best to absorb the oxygen in the air.

Her face was blushing as if she was drunk. Her originally clear black eyes were covered in fog and were misty.

Mufeng couldn’t help but look at her eyes again.

From the corner of her eyes and eyebrows to her slightly trembling eyelashes, not a single part of her eyes fell.

Jiang Xun thought, no wonder people who were in love were always willing to stick together, kiss, and hug, regardless of whether it was in her previous life or this life.

So it felt this good.

She even understood the mentality of those star-chasing young ladies and those handsome idols that they liked.

Wasn’t there a beauty ceiling right in front of her eyes?

Jiang Xun even had the feeling that kissing him was a win-win situation.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at Mufeng’s eyelashes that were also trembling.

Jiang Xun suspected that he was also nervous.

For some unknown reason, Jiang Xun also planted a kiss on Mufeng’s eyes.

Mufeng took a deep and tense breath. His dark eyes were still burning as he attacked her lips again.

Jiang Xun’s clothes were in a mess, and her long hair was penetrated by Mufeng’s long fingers. It was so messy that it made one’s thoughts waver.

Mufeng put her down. When Jiang Xun’s knees softened and she was about to sit down, he held her in time.

Jiang Xun buried her face in his chest and sniffed the cedar fragrance on his body. It seemed to be more compatible with the biting cold winter.

Mufeng pecked her red ears and sniffed the fragrance on her neck that was becoming sweeter and sweeter as her body temperature rose.

He pressed his palm against her waist and whispered in her ear in a hoarse voice, “Look carefully. I didn’t wear my belt today.”

Jiang Xun’s mind went blank for a few seconds before she understood what he meant.

“Hooligan!” Jiang Xun’s face was red, and her voice was still muffled as she buried her face in his arms.

Her cheeks which was pressed against his chest trembled, and Mufeng’s low and hoarse laughter came from the top of her head. “I’m with my girlfriend, so why am I a hooligan?”

In the past, how would he dare to do this with Jiang Xun?

But it was different now.

Jiang Xun was his girlfriend.

Mufeng sighed and said, “I can’t hug you anymore. If I hug you any longer, something bad will happen.”

Even though he said that, Mufeng still kissed Jiang Xun’s lips reluctantly before letting go of her. He then ran off to calm down.

After Jiang Xun calmed down a little, she went to prepare breakfast.

Mufeng had already had breakfast on the plane, but he still accompanied Jiang Xun to have some more.

After breakfast, the two of them went out together.

Mufeng was going to the company while Jiang Xun was preparing to run to Beijing University.

Mufeng wanted to send her off, but Jiang Xun insisted on not letting him.

Mufeng thought for a moment and asked, “Do you not want your classmates to see you with me?”

“What are you thinking about?” Jiang Xun rolled her eyes. “I’m doing it to exercise. Those few rounds of morning runs aren’t enough. Usually, unless I’m too late, I insist on using my two legs as a means of transportation.”

Mufeng had a strange expression. “So every time I saw you running in the past, it wasn’t that you had no money to take a taxi?”

“Of course not.” Jiang Xun nodded. “I’m doing it to strengthen my body.”

Mufeng pinched the corner of his eyes. It made sense. With Jiang Xun’s temper, if Chengye dared to mistreat her, his family would be destroyed.

Mufeng chuckled. As long as she wasn’t bullied.

The two of them went out together.

Jiang Xun saw that he was still dragging his luggage and thought that he wanted to put it in the car first.

Unexpectedly, Mufeng didn’t take the elevator when he went out. Instead, he walked straight to the opposite side and used his fingerprint to open the password lock.

Jiang Xun: “…”

“Is this your house?” Jiang Xun asked in her mind. She had seen the world in two lifetimes.

In her previous life, she had killed countless zombies and even survived the largest wave of zombies in history.

In this life, she had experienced rebirth and had a system in her mind.

However, she was still speechless.