Chapter 177 - An Expert Who Doesn’t Mean What She Says

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“Do you think it’s a coincidence?” Mufeng opened the door and placed his luggage at the entrance. He planned to pack it when he came back at night.

Jiang Xun sneered. “Tell me the truth.”

Mufeng felt wronged. “I just want to live closer to you.”

The corners of Jiang Xun’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up. She didn’t expect Mufeng to live opposite her.

Now that she knew about this, she was very happy.

“Are you going to come and live here in the future?” Jiang Xun couldn’t hide her happiness and asked.

“Yes.” Mufeng backed out and closed the door. He pressed on the fingerprint lock a few times and turned around to ask Jiang Xun, “Which hand do you usually use to open the door?”

Jiang Xun stretched out her left index finger and was grabbed by Mufeng to register her fingerprint on the fingerprint lock.

“Try opening the door.” Mufeng finished setting up the fingerprint lock.

Jiang Xun opened the fingerprint lock once and it was very sensitive with scanning and identify her fingerprint.

The two of them then went to take the elevator.

Mufeng said, “As long as you still live here, I will live here. In the future… If you agree to live with me, we can live here together. We can also live in my previous place. Or wherever you want to live, we can move. It’s up to you.”

“Who wants to live with you!” Jiang Xun pressed the elevator button in a panic. She actually had to press around the big button for a few times before she hit it correctly.

As usual, she was a stubborn little expert who didn’t mean what she said.

If Jiang Xun could turn around at this moment, she would be able to see how spoiled Mufeng’s smile was.

It was as though no matter what she said or did, he would support her endlessly and be infinitely tolerant.

No matter what she said or did, it was cute in his eyes.

Guan Pingtai came to the office as usual.

While waiting for the computer to be turned on, he went to the pantry to get himself a cup of coffee.

Their annual sales volume was just a little bit more than the cost, barely maintaining the company.

Pingtai pressed the button on the coffee machine and sighed as he waited for the coffee to fill the cup.

Because of this, although he was the marketing manager, his assistant was not in charge of making coffee for him.

The boss of Tupao had a heart. He said that he wanted to make most families able to afford to put comfortable and beautiful sports shoes on their children, so he still insisted that the price should not be more than 300 yuan, but the quality should be in line with the price of 600-700 yuan pairs of sports shoes.

When the employees were in trouble, the company was always the first to step in.

It was precisely because of the kindness of their boss that many employees stayed with Tupao.

Unfortunately, many consumers were still superstitious to the well-known foreign brands. They had the same technology and the same function, and even when the first batch of air-cushioned running shoes were produced, they and their boss specially bought two other foreign brands of air-cushioned running shoes to try them on themselves.

It couldn’t be said that how it felt on the feet was exactly the same, but the function of the running test was exactly the same.

As for how it felt on the feet, it had something to do with the shape of the shoes and the shape of the feet.

They were comfortable to wear, but they felt different.

It wasn’t because they were working at Tupao that they thought their brand was good, but the fact was that it was.

Pingtai took the coffee and went back to the office while drinking it.

The computer had been turned on. As usual, he opened the email and read the sales report.

“Manager Guan!” The office door was not closed, so the assistant did not knock. He rushed in excitedly. “Our sales have been booming this morning!”

Pingtai blinked and his mind went blank for a few seconds.

He didn’t react for a moment. After a while, he said, “I didn’t hear what you said just now.”

“Our sales have suddenly exploded!” The assistant took out his phone and opened their flagship store in Chengbao, “Look at this model of shoes. They have been flying off the shelves. All the shoe sizes have been taken. Some of the other styles of shoes have also run out of stock. “Although the sales volume is not as high as this one, it has already reached our half-year sales volume.”

“All of this happened two hours ago.” The assistant pointed at his phone excitedly, his fingers still shaking. “In two hours, it has reached our half-year sales volume, and it is still growing. Because all the shoes of this model have run out of stock, the sales volume of other styles has increased even faster than the previous two hours.”

“It’s not just Chengbao.” The assistant clicked on a red app. “It’s the same situation at the flagship store in Hongjing. Other online shopping platforms, including Yue Ping Hui, Diandian Jie, and so on, are all the same.”

“What’s going on?” Pingtai picked up his phone in shock and searched. It was really like what the assistant said. “Our company didn’t spend a lot of money to place advertisements.”

With the sales situation of their company, what money do they have to spend on advertising.

All these years, they relied on quality and word of mouth to survive.

“I’ve asked the customer service of our flagship store,” the assistant said. “Look, the customer service said that the customers all came from Jiang Xun’s livestream. At 7 o’clock this morning, Jiang Xun was streaming a morning run. Her fans asked her about the running shoes she was wearing, and she showed them to her fans. They were our shoes.”

The assistant pointed at the product page on the phone screen. “This full-size pair of shoes that are out of stock is the pair that Jiang Xun was wearing. Her fans came to buy this model of shoes first before they started buying something else.”

“Jiang Xun?” Pingtai knew about Jiang Xun, mainly because he knew that her ability to bring customers was amazing.

But he had only heard about it.

He didn’t feel anything when Jiang Xun didn’t bring any customers to them. He even doubted the authenticity of the quantity that Jiang Xun brought.

After all, he didn’t know Yi Lan’s internal data.

However, looking at Yi Lan’s general manager and boss, who seemed to be in high spirits recently, he thought that even if it wasn’t as exaggerated as the publicity, it should still be pretty good.

“Yes.” The assistant nodded. “I went to Weibo to look at Jiang Xun’s topic. They’re all posting orders.”

The assistant found Jiang Xun’s topic again and handed the phone to Pingtai.

Pingtai swiped the page.

Damn it. Page by page, all the posts were flooded.

“Summarize all the data to me. I’ll report to the general manager and the boss immediately.” Pingtai’s expression was solemn. “And today’s sales data update too. Pay attention to follow up. It’s hard today. Work overtime and do today’s data summary from 12 am.”

“Okay.” The assistant nodded.

Their company was a salted fish. It didn’t matter if they worked overtime occasionally. It was rare for sales to be so good. The assistant couldn’t help but enjoy it. “Manager, can we ask Jiang Xun to bring the customers? She’s so good at it. Look at how happy Yi Lan is now! I saw Yi Lan’s employee post on her Wechat moments the day before yesterday saying that their year-end bonus would be 60,000 yuan. “If our sales continue to grow, can we get more year-end bonuses?”