Chapter 178 - How Did You Know It Was Me

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“It’s not up to you and me to decide.” Pingtai laughed. “Hurry up and ready the data. I’ll show it to the boss and then we can decide whether to invite Jiang Xun or not.”

“Okay!” The assistant quickly went to work on it.

After finishing, Pingtai ran out of the office with the data in his arms.

When he went out, he almost tripped and fell out of the room.

That afternoon, Jiang Xun received a call from Wang Yicheng after class.

In order to avoid contacting Jiang Xun when she was in class, Yicheng had a copy of Jiang Xun’s class schedule in his hands.

“Jiang Jiang, aiyo! Tell me about your ability to sell goods.” Yicheng now felt that it was a pity that their products were all virtual social platforms, so the effect of selling goods was not as good as the real thing.

“You saw it?” Jiang Xun thought that Yicheng was here to criticize her, so she explained, “The fans asked me to show my running shoes. I thought that since I didn’t have any relevant product promotions, it wouldn’t have any conflict to take a photo of it for the fans to see. As for selling goods, I didn’t think it mattered. I only shared it because I felt that the goods were indeed good. “Since the goods are good, it’s worth buying, right?”

“No, no, I’m not here to criticize you,” Yicheng explained with a smile. “It’s Tupao who contacted me and wants you to be their spokesperson. “They asked about Yi Lan’s offer, so they also offered five million a year. “But I told them that Yi Lan was the first to ask you to be the spokesperson, and they also took a certain amount of risk, so I agreed to their price of five million.”

“Now, on Tupao side, it’s because they’ve already received the benefits that you brought to them. I know your ability to sell goods, so five million yuan is a little low,” Yicheng said. “I gave them a price of seven million yuan, and they agreed.”

Jiang Xun thought for a moment and said, “Actually, I think five million yuan is fine.”

“The quality of the Tupao shoes is there, but the price is less than three hundred yuan at the most. Although I don’t know the specific figure that they can earn after deducting the cost, I can imagine that they won’t earn much,” Jiang Xun said. “Combined with the sales of their flagship store, they are already very sincere with five million yuan. To be honest, the sales of the Tupao shoes are not even as good as Yi Lan’s.”

“I can accept the five million yuan offer,” Jiang Xun said. “They have persisted for so many years with the same quality and original intention. I’m willing to do my best to support them.”

Yicheng was silent for a moment. “Alright, I’ll reply to them.”

“Sorry, Brother Wang. Because of my willfulness, I’ll have to trouble you to tell them again.”

“How is this willfulness? It’s because I didn’t consider the situation on the other side when I made the offer.” Yicheng touched his forehead in embarrassment. “You’re right. We should support such a conscientious enterprise.”

At this moment, the system couldn’t help but say cheekily, “Host, since you’re willing to do your best to support Tupao, why don’t you just save their endorsement fees?”

Jiang Xun: “Hehe! You’re here to provoke me again?”

The system: “…”

Jiang Xun: “I gave them a low-cost endorsement because I admire their brand philosophy, their unchanging original intentions over the years, and my goodwill towards middle-and lower-income families. “And as the spokesperson, I am carrying out my duty and responsibility as the spokesperson. It’s only right for me to receive a reward. This is the result of my hard work.”

The system was silent.

Jiang Xun said, “You’re a system. You think of provoking me every day, but your awareness is too low. I don’t have much in common with you anymore.”

Why didn’t it learn from its mistakes!

Every time, it would be rendered speechless by the host. It even wanted to win back every single time, yet it kept losing again and again.

Jiang Xun: “You’ve realized your mistake?”

The system: “How did you know it was me?!”

Jiang Xun: “I didn’t look for anyone else to earn merit points. Only you, the cheap one, have been lectured by me. So other than you, who else can give me merit points?”

System: “…”

Jiang Xun: “It’s not bad that you can recognize your own mistakes. By following me, your awareness will also improve. If you guys have a model system selection, you’ll definitely have the ability to compete.”

System: “That’s enough!”

Yicheng called Tupao’s boss, Tu Yiming.

It was Yiming who had personally contacted him about the endorsement deal.

Normally, the boss didn’t need to contact the agent.

But Jiang Xun’s agent was the general manager of Shanpin.

His position was right there. It was inappropriate to let a department manager contact him.

When Yiming contacted Yicheng, he complained that Jiang Xun didn’t have a high position, but her agent’s position was ridiculously high.

He was not even the general manager of an ordinary company, but the general manager of Shanpin, one of the largest media platforms.

“President Wang,” Yiming was very polite. “What did Jiang Xun say?”

Yicheng smiled and said, “President Tu, I was too narrow-minded. Just now, I told Jiang Xun about the endorsement. Jiang Xun said that she is willing to endorse for you at a price of five million.”

Yiming was both surprised and happy. “This is of course good news for me, but can I ask why Jiang Xun would…”

“Jiang Xun said that you are a rare company with a conscience. You have always insisted on your quality and your original intentions. She is willing to do her best for your precious intentions.”

Yiming was stunned and did not speak for a long time.

“I…” Yiming was a little choked. He secretly laughed at himself for being useless. Why were his eyes still wet? “Thank you.”

“Thank her for seeing and cherishing my intentions.” Yiming wiped his eyes, “To tell you the truth, I have been mocked by my peers as a businessman for so many years. I know what they say about me being stupid behind my back. “They laugh at me for being so stubborn and doing ridiculous things even though I could make a lot of money. “But I just… I just want more people to wear comfortable shoes.”

Yicheng let out a deep breath. “Your words prove that Jiang Xun’s decision was right.”

Yiming wiped his face and became excited again. “I’ll get someone to prepare the contract and send it to you guys to see if there’s no problem. We’ll sign the contract as soon as possible.”

Jiang Xun and Tupao were doing well.

Tupao was preparing to announce the date and ask the factory to increase production.

Fans who had bought the Tupao shoes because of Jiang Xun’s recommendation had already received the goods one after another.

[Jiang Xun is right. The shoes are really comfortable and they’re very friendly to the knees when running.]

[Jiang Xun only recommended them because they’re really nice to wear.]

[Now she is being paid to do promotions. Such sincere recommendations are really rare.]