Chapter 179 - Tupao, King Of Performance And Price

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Some trolls retorted, [Hehe, how do you know that Jiang Xun didn’t recommend it because she was paid?]

Just because of this sentence, someone directly took seven different pairs of shoes, including Tupao’s, and tested them.

He also posted the test results on Weibo.

[I took my current seven pairs of shoes to test. Five of them are well-known foreign sports brands. They are the brands that people choose to buy the most every day. The other two pairs, one pair for Tupao, and one pair of the recently popular Gushi, which is the same model as Mingshu’s.]

Because Mingshu had just been officially announced as the spokesperson, the Gu Corporation had specially spent money on marketing, looking for major wearers and bloggers to promote it on various social platforms. These days, Mingshu’s posters for the same type of sports shoes were very popular.

[The seven pairs of shoes are different in price, but the common point is that they are all the main type of air-cushioned running shoes, and the functions are the same. The report shows that the pair with the worst effect is Gushi. Gushi claims that their shoes have an air-cushioned design, but in fact, it is just an imitation of an air-cushioned design. To put it bluntly, they are fake air-cushioned shoes. The shock absorption effect is only 40% of the best three pairs (A brand, N brand and Tupao) , but the price is comparable to foreign A and N brands. The most pleasant surprise was Tupao. The other six pairs of shoes are all priced from 700 to 1,000 yuan, while Tupao’s pair is only 299 yuan, yet it achieved the same effect as the top two thousand yuan shoes (A and N brands) .]

The results of the test were reported at the back.

[Hehe, go on, trolls, continue! Jiang Xun recommended good shoes!]

[Not to mention that she didn’t receive any money, even if she did receive money to promote them, they are still good shoes. They are much better than those people who receive money to promote some fake thousand yuan air-cushioned shoes.]

[Gushi’s air-cushioned shoes are actually fake air cushions! She actually dares to ask for 999 yuan!]

[I’m so angry, I’m going to return it and buy a pair of Tupao. A pair 299 yuan real air cushion shoes and a pair of 999 yuan fake air cushion shoes, do you really think the consumer is a fool!]

[Gushi’s pair is actually not that good-looking. It’s all because of Mingshu’s temperament. After I received the goods and tried them on, I regretted it.]

[@YuMingshu, can you be a little more mindful when endorsing? Are you concerned about the quality of the product? You are also endorsing this kind of fake air-cushioned shoes, how many netizens fans have bought it on your recommendation?]

[Since you’ve already accepted the money, can you push for something better? Accepting money to push for trash products is really rotten to the core.]

Gradually, the matter was no longer a matter between fans and haters. Instead, it was the consumers who felt that they had been deceived and were angry.

The group of consumers was too large.

It was not limited to so-and-so’s fans. Everyone had not even paid attention to Jiang Xun’s livestream or even Jiang Xun herself.

There were many consumers who were not Mingshu’s fans. They just saw the bloggers on various major platforms hyping it up crazily, and there were small fan accounts set up which may not look like advertising, but in fact they were receiving money, and tooted their orders.

Realizing now that they were fooled, these consumers that weren’t aligned with any particular celebrity were not afraid that the endorsements and the celebrity might be affected, and they started complaining about Mingshu and the Gu Corporation on Weibo.

Very soon, [Gushi thousand yuan air cushion shoe fake] was trending.

At the same time, another [Tupao, king of performance and price of air cushion shoes] was also trending. It was under the trending search of Gushi.

Netizens clicked on the trending search of Gushi to check it out. When they exited, most of them would click on the trending search below.

The stock price of the Gu Corporation plummeted.

After the consumers who bought Gushi air cushion shoes returned the goods, they went to buy the same model as Jiang Xun from Tupao.

It took two days before the goods of Tupao were restocked, but they were bought off the shelves again today.

The factory could not produce that many shoes even if they worked overtime.

Therefore, the customers went to look at the other shoes and found that some shoes that were around 100 yuan and less than 200 yuan were made well and of good quality. They did not even feel distressed when they bought them. They placed their orders one after another.

Jiang Xun’s pair of running shoes once again led to a huge increase in sales of the other styles.

Gu Qinghui slammed the table hard. “What’s going on?! Why did our stock price fall again?!”

The stock price had fallen again since the last time because of the falling price of the infatuation.

“And can you even look the return rate?” Qinghui threw the report out.

It really gave people a heart attack just by looking at it.

“We spent a lot of money on marketing and spread the publicity all over the Internet, and this is the result? “The sales of the same model of Mingshu’s were not as much as the marketing expenses we invested. Is this the spokesperson that you guys selected after discussing for so long?” Mingshu’s ability to sell goods was simply eye-catching!

After the official announcement of Mingshu as the spokesperson, the sales volume only increased slightly.