Chapter 309 - Someone Wants To Be Shipped With Jiang Xu

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Chapter 309: Someone Wants To Be Shipped With Jiang Xun

Yi Lan and Tuoba’s new models, which hadn’t been released yet, would be given to Jiang Xun to try first.

If Jiang Xun tried them out and they weren’t so good she wouldn’t recommend her fans to buy them, and she wouldn’t wear them in public.

In the past, Yicheng only thought that since it was a gift from the brand, and Jiang Xun didn’t want to waste it, she’d just wear them.

But now that he thought about it, he realized that every item that Jiang Xun’s fans bought because of Jiang Xun was only shown on camera because Jiang Xun felt that they were not bad.

If she felt that it was not good, she would never let her fans see it and let them blindly follow the trend and buy.

Jiang Xun agreed to be the spokesperson, and Yicheng would negotiate for the rest.

Jiang Xun had just hung up when Mufeng’s call came in.

When Jiang Xun picked up the call, she heard Mufeng heave a sigh of relief. “It’s finally connected.”

“There’s a new endorsement offer just now. Brother Wang called to ask me,” Jiang Xun explained.

Mufeng had received news of a sandstorm here. He had seen the news and learned that it was very serious, so he wanted to contact Jiang Xun.

In the end, he found that Jiang Xun was doing a livestream in the hotel room.

Mufeng was not in a hurry and did not interrupt her during the livestream.

He put his phone aside and kept watching Jiang Xun’s livestream. He turned the volume down to the minimum and worked while watching.

Once the livestream ended, he immediately contacted Jiang Xun.

Who knew that Jiang Xun was actually on the phone.

Mufeng was still thinking about it. He did not know who was faster than him.

Now that he knew, it was actually Yicheng.

Mufeng watched Jiang Xun’s livestream and knew that she was fine, so he was no longer worried.

Jiang Xun received messages from Jixuan, the school bully trio, Bingbing, and her roommates one after another.

She reported her safety one by one.

The sandstorm lasted for a total of three days.

‘???? ????s? ???????s ?? No(v) e lBin ????.’,

It only subsided at night, but the next morning, the air was still filled with some earth color.

After leaving the hotel for a few minutes, their palms were covered with a thin layer of dust.

It was not obvious to the naked eye, but they could feel the smooth feeling of the dust on their palms.

Youlan sat in the car and checked her skin in the mirror. “It’s so annoying. Why did the crew pick this place to film? I feel like my face is covered in dust. I can’t wash it clean.”

Jiang Xun had been wearing a mask the whole time.

During the apocalypse, the air smelled bad. The air was filled with the rotten smell of zombies.

The rotten smell was harmful to the body.

Therefore, they all wore special masks when they went out on missions.

As a result, since Jiang Xun couldn’t buy the special masks from the apocalypse, she kept a lot of masks. Every time, she would bring some with her in case she needed them.

Jiang Xun knew the importance of protecting her mouth, nose, and lungs.

This time, it was just right to use them. She even gave some to Xin’an, Boliang, Yuxi, Haolun, Screenwriter Yu, and Zhang Jian.

Youlan used a scarf to cover her mouth and nose as she got out of the car. She saw Jiang Xun wearing a mask.

Jiang Xun’s face was small, and the mask was large enough to cover most of her face.

She saw that Jiang Xun was well protected by the mask, and she looked very safe and comfortable. There was no danger of her inhaling dust.

Not only was Jiang Xun wearing it, even Xin’an was wearing it comfortably.

Youlan and Xiaoxiao were extremely envious as they watched.

Youlan then complained to Xiaoxiao with a cold face, “Why didn’t you prepare masks?”

Xiaoxiao thought to herself that she didn’t know that they would encounter such a thing, but she didn’t dare to really say that to Youlan. She could only apologize, “I wasn’t well-prepared. I’ll go to the pharmacy to buy them now.”

“Jiang Jiang!” At this moment, Yuxi also walked over with a mask on. “Thank you for the mask. It really saved my life!”

Not only could it protect her mouth and nose from breathing in the dust, but it also blocked the dirt from touching her face.

“It’s nothing. I still have extras. If you need some, you can come get them from me,” said Jiang Xun.

“You’ve already given me quite a lot.” Yuxi shook her head. “I’ve asked my assistant to go to the pharmacy to buy some.”

It wasn’t just Yuxi. Haolun and the others who had gotten Jiang Xun’s face masks had also asked their assistants to go to the pharmacy to buy some more.

After all, Jiang Xun didn’t have an infinite supply of face masks either.

Haolun even asked his assistant to buy them in boxes for all the staff members of the production team.

They had to solve the urgent problem first before ordering more online and wait for the goods.

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

So everyone had it, but she didn’t have it.

Xiaoxiao hurried to the pharmacy to buy it, but she was still one step too late.

There were two pharmacies in the county town, but they had all been wiped out by Haolun’s assistant. Now, they didn’t have any stock at all.

Xiaoxiao came back with a face full of bad luck and hesitantly told Youlan about this matter.

“Don’t tell me the entire production team has masks, but I don’t have any?” Youlan said with a dark face.

“Why don’t I ask Director Guo’s assistant for some?” Xiaoxiao said, “Director Guo bought a lot of them. I’ll ask for some first. I also just placed an order online.”

“Then go quickly!” Youlan was in a bad mood.

It didn’t go well for her early this morning. What bad luck!

Xiaoxiao quickly went to ask for some.

Director Guo had asked his assistant to buy them for everyone in the crew.

After hearing that Youlan had not bought it, Director Guo’s assistant gave Xiaoxiao two packs of masks with ten pieces each.

The weather continued like this for two days.

The next night, it rained heavily the whole night.

The rain dampened the air, and the dust in the air was finally reduced by a lot.

Huo Miyao, who played Xuyan’s boyfriend, entered the set.

His agent brought him to meet the director and the other actors and greeted them politely.

Miyao’s eyes lit up when he saw Jiang Xun.

He had never seen Jiang Xun in person before.

He would occasionally see a few videos of Jiang Xun on the Internet, but he did not have a deep impression of her.

Moreover, he had always felt that Jiang Xun’s influencer background could not be separated from the beauty filter.

She would definitely not look as good in person as she did in the videos.

He had seen too many influencers like her. They were all very ordinary in real life, and every time he saw them, he would be very disappointed.

When he returned to the RV and got ready, there were no outsiders in the car. Guan Caoye said again, “Miyao, what are your thoughts about what I told you earlier about you and Jiang Xun being a couple?”

“I really picked Jiang Xun out of a lot of candidates,” Caoye advised. “Don’t argue with her. Jiang Xun is a hot topic, and she’s very popular. She can stir up a topic from time to time, and every topic will be trending on the top searches.”

“And she obviously has the constitution of a hot ship.” Caoye tried his best to persuade him. “How hot was her ship with Qin Mufeng?! However, due to the incident with Lu Xiuse, her fans probably stopped talking because they were afraid of causing trouble for her. It is rare to see people talking about the Fengjinag ship on Weibo. Even if there are, there are only a few people.”

“I think she must be anxious to find a new ship to stir up the popularity again,” Caoye said. “She’s beautiful. You won’t lose out if you form a ship with her. In addition, the two of you are acting as a couple in this drama. This drama has received so much attention. She was able to snatch the role of Lin Xuyan from Su Youlan. Ever since she joined the cast, her popularity has not stopped.”