Chapter 310 - I Don’t Mind Developing A

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Chapter 310: I Don’t Mind Developing A Relationship With Her

“When this show airs, it will definitely become popular. Jiang Xun won’t let go of the good opportunity to hype herself up,” Caoye said. “I have carefully studied Jiang Xun’s operation since her debut. She has maximized her popularity every step of the way. Every time she participates in a variety show or performs in a TV drama, she can make her popularity higher than others. During the same period of variety shows, her popularity was always higher than other guests. If you watch ‘Storm in The Heavenly Capital’ and ‘Hell on Earth,’ her popularity is even higher than the male and female leads.”

“During ‘Storm in The Heavenly Capital,’ she was exposed as having a problem with her background and was trending on the top searches for five consecutive days. During ‘Hell on Earth,’ she also revealed that she and Su Youlan fought for the same role and won.” Caoye laughed. “Only the netizens believed that it was just an insider tip from a marketing account. The timing was so coincidental. Jiang Xun must have leaked it to her marketing account.”

“Although she was scolded badly, the whole Internet was talking about her. Can you ask how many people don’t know her now?” Caoye sighed. “I really want to know who her marketing team is. Every step is so clever. Not to mention being an influencer, even the serious idols and actors are not as good at marketing as her. Her series of actions created perfect marketing.”

“That’s why I wanted you to form a ship with her,” Caoye said. “I have my eyes on the team behind Jiang Xun. As long as you are tied to Jiang Xun, we will definitely be able to join her when she does her own marketing.”

Caoye had shamelessly made it clear that they wanted to take advantage of Jiang Xun’s popularity.

It was a very rare opportunity that Miyao got to film this drama.

This was a good thing that no one else could compete for.

However, Miyao was never able to become a celebrity, so he didn’t have too much popularity.

Everyone wanted to change their careers and act in award-winning dramas.

Miyao wanted to become a celebrity instead. He wanted to act as the male lead of an idol drama with high pay and receive all kinds of high-priced commercial resources.

After all, he was only able to act as a supporting actor in a drama like “Path of Life” because of the low pay.

His scenes were much less than Zhang Jian’s.

In terms of popularity, Miyao was indeed much lower than Jiang Xun.

“Brother Guan, I agree,” Miyao said.

Caoye wanted to continue to persuade him, but when he suddenly heard Miyao’s words, he did not react for a moment.

He was stunned for a second before asking, “What did you say?”

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“I said that I agree to form a ship with Jiang Xun. You can go talk to Jiang Xun over there,” Miyao said.

“Okay!” Caoye was naturally happy that Miyao agreed, but he couldn’t help but ask curiously, “You were very opposed to forming a ship with Jiang Xun before, and you didn’t like her influencer background. Why did you suddenly change your mind today?”

Miyao was never opposed to the idea. He only minded who the other person was.

He wanted to find a higher-end person to be in a ship with.

He found it embarrassing to be shipped with an influencer.

But even if the other party was on the higher-end, they wouldn’t look up to him.

They were in their own ship.

“I didn’t know her before, so I didn’t know much,” Miyao said. “Seeing her today, I think she’s pretty good.”

Caoye laughed. They had only met once and didn’t say much, but they already knew that she was pretty good. He had been with Miyao for so long. How could he not know him?

“Just say it. You saw that she was good-looking in person, right?”

Miyao did not pretend anymore and admitted, “She is indeed good-looking. When I was doing business with her, I saw her face and was in a good mood!”

“Also…” Miyao had a better idea. “I don’t mind developing a relationship with her.”

Although he didn’t know Jiang Xun’s personality, she was so beautiful. So what if her personality was a little bad?

He just wanted to sleep with her, not to get married.

If he found out that she had a bad personality, he could break up with her after he got her. It would be a simple thing.

Caoye didn’t mind his thoughts.

He could dismantle her after he had sex with her. It was a routine operation.

No matter how Miyao and Jiang Xun developed, as long as their fans didn’t know about it, there wouldn’t be a problem.

“Okay, I’ll go and discuss it with Jiang Xun.”

Caoye didn’t directly talk to Jiang Xun about this matter. Instead, he contacted Yicheng first.

When Yicheng heard this, he didn’t even need to tell Jiang Xun and directly rejected him. “I’m sorry, our artist doesn’t hype any ships.”

When Caoye heard this, he sneered in his heart.

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Yicheng was pretending to be aloof now?

And his artiste didn’t hype any ships.

He said it as if Jiang Xun wasn’t the one who had pulled Mufeng and hype that ship.

“Mr. Wang, this matter is beneficial to both our parties. Don’t reject it so quickly,” Caoye said with a smile. “Jiang Xun and CEO Qin’s ship is over now. There’s not a sound about it on the Internet. Besides, it’s too risky to pull CEO Qin to hype their ship. Why don’t the two of us come to an agreement and open our business for mutual benefit?”

Yicheng cursed in his heart, “Don’t you know how to walk on your own?”

“No, the previous ship with CEO Qin was just a joke by the netizens. Jiang Xun has never attracted the attention of the Fengjiang ship. She has always tried her best to keep a low profile and has never used this to discuss resources. Jiang Xun’s current resources were all obtained by her own strength. She took one step at a time and walked steadily. Now, she doesn’t think about matters like shipping.” Wang Yicheng still refused. “Mr. Guan, why don’t you think about someone else? In short, our plan doesn’t include any shipping, and it doesn’t conform to the plan we gave Jiang Xun anyway.”

Through Jiang Xun, Shanpin saw a possibility for influencers to enter the entertainment industry.

A management company had just been set up, with Yicheng as the president.

They wanted to create a cultural and entertainment industry chain.

Shanpin was in charge of cultivating influencers. Qualified Influencers were recommended to Yicheng’s management company and packaged to be pushed into the entertainment industry.

This was only the first step for now. When this line matured, Shanpin wanted to directly set up a star-making factory.

Now that Yicheng was the president of the agency, he could focus all his attention on bringing Jiang Xun along.

At the same time, he had also become Shanpin Media’s shareholder. Now, he had some say in Shanpin Media.

Jiang Xun’s promotion in Shanpin Media did not fall behind because of Yicheng’s transfer.

Yicheng knew very well that it was thanks to Jiang Xun that he had achieved a meteoric rise in his career.

This included the fact that he was able to become Shanpin’s shareholder, which was thanks to Mufeng and Jiang Xun.

Caoye wanted to say more, but Yicheng ended the call on the pretext that he still had work to do.

“What’s wrong?” Miyao was surprised to see Caoye’s expression. “How could the other party disagree?”

Caoye sneered. “They want to walk on their own now, saying that their artists don’t hype any ships.”

Jiang Xun was Caoye’s best candidate.

Caoye also felt that Jiang Xun just entered the entertainment industry, and the foundation was not solid.