Chapter 299 - Sorcery Conversion; New Apostle (1)

Astral Apostle Uniform Armor 2022/9/13 16:53:40

“Haha, I really missed you to death.”

Zhou Jing suppressed the surprise in his heart and pretended to be nonchalant, lest he attracted the attention of his classmates.

Bill’s death timing was really coincidental. He was very curious about how Bill had suddenly died.

Zhou Jing quietly operated the interface and chose to check the Death Playback.

He seemed to be in a daze on the surface, but his attention was focused on the recording of Bill’s death.

After a while, Zhou Jing finished watching the video. His eyes focused again as he clicked his tongue in wonder.

“Good lord, Bill actually sacrificed himself to save someone? How strange. The placement plan I set for him is more conservative. Although I let him follow Roman, there shouldn’t be anything about sacrificing himself for others, right?”

The royal family of Tarn hated Roman and Bill to the core, so it was not surprising that they sent assassins. In terms of purpose alone, it was very strategic to kill Bill, a pharmacist master who had joined the enemy camp.

He had known about the existence of the Royal Demon Hunter Army before the connection was severed in the Mutant World. This was information he had obtained through Jason. Now, it seemed that it had really been built for the royal family… However, after being crippled by Roman, the big boss behind the scenes, the Demon Hunters’ vitality was greatly damaged.

What Zhou Jing did not understand was why Bill was willing to sacrifice himself in the chaos of the night attack.

Although the Astral Apostles would sometimes adapt according to their own personality templates, Bill was a greedy, utilitarian, and pragmatic character template. He did not look like he would sacrifice himself to save others.

Could it be that the intelligence of the Astral Apostle could already make a better judgment of the situation? After all, Bill’s ability had reached a bottleneck and it was difficult for him to continue growing. At the same time, the value of saving Roman was far greater than his own survival.

Could it be that although he could not control the apostles who had their connection broken, his strong desire to kill Bill as soon as possible could vaguely affect the apostles?

Even after thinking for a while, Zhou Jing still did not have any clues. He temporarily put down this doubt.

“Either way, Bill’s sacrifice will be advantageous. The people will remember your contribution!”

He composed himself and looked at the benefits of placing it on the interface.

[Bill (No. 003) Synchronization Rate: 84% (Fourth Stage)]

[Placement Benefits Limit: Astral Point 12,000 / 12,000, information state particle 120 / 120]

“As expected, the benefits have already reached the upper limit. A portion of it must have overflowed.”

Zhou Jing had long expected this.

The rarity of Bill’s template was higher than Jason’s, thus the initial upper limit of the basic placement was 1,500 Astral Points and 15 Information State Particles. After his synchronization rate reached the fourth stage, the upper limit had increased by eight times, reaching 12,000 and 120.

Before he broke the connection, he had used Bill to travel time and time again, accumulating a portion of the current benefits.

Therefore, excluding the amount that he had already obtained, the net benefits of this placement were actually 7,600 Astral Points and 85 Information State Particles.

Previously, he had spent some resources to convert the four blood enhancements over. Now, coupled with the benefits Bill had brought back, his savings had reached 28,000 Astral Points and 239 Information State Particles.

“Bill has been AFK in the Mutant World for several years, so he must have accumulated more resources than this. Unfortunately, he didn’t transform into an Eternal Apostle previously, so his capacity is limited. Otherwise, he could have brought back the overflowing resources.”

Zhou Jing smacked his lips.

However, things were rarely perfect, so he did not feel too regretful.

After all, there was still Jason. He was an Eternal Apostle with unlimited benefits. Naturally, his AFK time would not be less than Bill’s. The resources he accumulated would not be wasted at all. At the very least, he could ensure that he had an endless stream of benefits. The longer he left them in placement mode, the more he would accumulate.

“On the bright side, Bill’s clearance evaluation must be very high…”

Zhou Jing looked at the subsequent information on the interface.

[Apostle Permanence Progress: 276/120]

[Progress Completed!]

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

[Astral Apostle is being permanently materialized… Permanence completed!]

[Bill (No. 003) —Transformed into [Eternal Apostle]!]

“Yo, the Information State Particles have reached 276.”

Zhou Jing’s eyes lit up.

The experience log showed that Bill had been staying in Roman’s secret base all these years and had never left. Therefore, these Information State particles clearly came from the spread of the new potion and the passive impact of defecting from the royal family.

He looked down, and the Eternal Apostle’s settlement page appeared like flowing water:


[Bill (No. 003) has cleared the level.]

[Total survival time: 8 years 4 months]

[Synchronization Rate: 84% (Fourth Stage)]

[Strength: [Elemental Sorcerer] – Gale Spirit (Level 3)]

[Apostle Permanence Standard: 276/120 (Exceptional)]

[Legendary Points: 35 (National Tier)]

[Life Episode Events: [New Mutant Blood Potion Founder] (National), [Defected Empire’s Chief Pharmacist] (National)]

[Clearance Rating: Superior]


[Bill has received 4 redeployment chances.]

[Bill’s Aptitude Enhancement: Knowledge [Blue] → [Dark Blue], Pharmacology [Blue] → [Dark Blue], Natural Amicability [Green] → [Light Blue], Magecraft [White] → [Green] ]

[The main body will receive attribute rewards (depending on the advantages of the Eternal Apostle): Perception +6, Spirit +8, Energy +8]

[Free Conversion Slots for Abilities: [Random] x3, [Specified] x2]

“Heh, my evaluation is indeed higher. The clearing reward is clearly much richer than Jason’s.”

Zhou Jing was delighted.

When Jason first achieved Permanence, he only received two free replacements, but Bill received four.

Moreover, achieving Permanence was a rare opportunity for the Apostle’s aptitude to increase. Bill’s aptitude had clearly increased much more than Jason’s back then. His “Natural Amicability” and “Magecraft” aptitudes had increased by many levels, and he could grow further in the [Elemental Sorcerer] system.