Chapter 303 - Wu Village (1)

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There was no one around in the forest, so Zhou Jing started to practice the basic tempering method.

Although he did not know if there were any supernatural beings in the current world, he did not need to try his luck to find them. The training methods of the martial artists in the main world could be used as his main focus.

Zhou Jing controlled the body of his apostle to start training. Soon, he received an update regarding his training information. The martial artist system did not conflict much with the current plane.

The Astral Points on his body were abundant, so he directly activated the Accelerated Learning for his [Basic Tempering Technique] and [Mid-Level Spear Technique].

In addition, the interface showed that he had triggered the [Newcomer] achievement. This was a repetitive achievement that he could obtain every time he entered a new Astral Realm.

The reward was 100 Astral Points and a skill version of “Rapid Language Analysis”. He was no stranger to the two and stored them in the warehouse.

After doing all this, Zhou Jing slowly walked out of the forest.

According to the information of the main world, the location he had designated should be a stable place. There was a village nearby, so he planned to start with this to investigate the changes in this world.

“The last time the main world intersected with this astral world, this was still a chaotic world. Later on, a fierce man descended from the sky and completed the unification, establishing the Great Xia Dynasty.?

At the end of the exchange period, this dynasty had just been established and was flourishing. Now that there’s a second confluence, I wonder how many years have passed here? What kind of scene will the dynasty show now…”

Zhou Jing thought as he advanced along the dirt road.

After walking for about an hour, an earthen wall surrounded by hundreds of green trees jumped into view. Smoke floated out from it. It was a village.

There were several dirt roads extending out from the village. Occasionally, they would see donkey carts and peddlers coming and going. There was no lack of people.

Outside the manor was a large field. Many emaciated farmers were bare-chested, busy farming in the fields.

There was a stone tablet by the side of the road with the words “Wu Village” engraved on it.

Zhou Jing did not know the language of this world, but in the information given by the Explorer course, the location was annotated in the main world’s common language with the language of the plane. He had done his homework previously, and at this moment, he happened to recognize these three words and confirmed that it was the village he had set himself up to land.

“It looks quite prosperous. Let’s go in and take a look.”

His eyebrows rose as he walked towards the village.

The closer they got to the village, the more villagers and passersby there were. More people noticed Zhou Jing and could not help but look at him in surprise.

Even the farmers working in the nearby fields stopped what they were doing. They straightened their backs and sized up Zhou Jing, who was striding forward from afar, not daring to approach.

It was not that Zhou Jing’s actions were out of line, but his appearance was different. Such a burly and brave man was rare, and he was even taller than ordinary people.

His messy hair was like a lion’s mane, and he had thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was masculine and powerful, and when he looked around, he looked like a tiger. He was dressed in yellow and brown, and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows.

His forearms were muscular, and the bones of his fan-like large hands were well-defined. There was a black belt around his waist, and his legs were wrapped in muscles and splattered with mud. He looked extremely travel-worn.

On his shoulder was a curved branch that looked like a stick. He walked like a dragon or a tiger, and everyone retreated. He was like a ferocious beast coming down the mountain or a tiger coming out of the forest!

Although it was eye-catching, no one stopped him on the way. Zhou Jing walked into the village and looked around. He realized that this village was not small, but the layout was obvious at a glance.

In the middle of the village was a large manor surrounded by high walls. It looked like the residence of a local lord and occupied a large area. There were simple straw houses scattered around, most likely the farmers’ residence.

In addition, there were many inns, taverns, teahouses, and other shops in the village for the passers-by to rest. This Wu Village might be located at a fork in the road, so there were many outsiders in the village, and their business was not bad.

“According to the information, when the Great Xia Dynasty was first established, its population was already in the tens of millions. If nothing goes wrong, it should have already exceeded 100 million. The population is much more than in the Mutant World, and its territory is dozens or hundreds of times larger than the Terra Empire.?

The civilization of the Mutant World is primitive, but the Great Xia Dynasty in the Plane D19 is already a more mature farming civilization. This Wu Village, be it in size or number of households, is dozens of times larger than Frostwood Village. It’s almost a small county town…”

Zhou Jing secretly made a comparison.

He looked around and saw a teahouse at the entrance of the village. He immediately strode over.

Ever since Zhou Jing entered the village, the teahouse owner had long noticed him and was a little afraid. At this moment, when he realized that Zhou Jing was approaching, he hurriedly came forward and smiled.

“Sir, do you want a bowl of tea?”

Zhou Jing had just arrived and had never learned the language here, so he naturally did not understand it. However, he was already prepared, so he immediately used the “Rapid Language Analysis” reward from his [Newcomer] achievement.

[Discovered an unknown language. Used [Rapid Language Analysis (Skill Edition)]

[You have received the skill [Great Xia Dynasty Official Language] (Name can be customized)]

[Current Mastery Level: Lv2 – (Proficient)]

Zhou Jing did not sit down. He stood outside the teahouse with his stick on his shoulder. Without hiding anything, he directly asked,

“Sir, I’ve lived in the forest for a long time and don’t know much about the world. I came out of the mountain today because I have something to ask. What dynasty is it now? Is it still the Great Xia?”

The teahouse owner was shocked and almost wanted to come up to cover Zhou Jing’s mouth. However, after sizing up the difference in their figures, he still followed his heart and said with fear, “Aiyo, please be careful with your words. This is naturally the world of the Imperial Court. Who else would it be…”

Seeing the bitter expression the old tea owner was making, Zhou Jing could roughly understand the current situation.