Chapter 306 - Green Forest and the Pugilistic World (1)

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This move of throwing stones on the ground and raising his hand to “hold up the sky” earned him a lot of praise. The people watching the show were deeply impressed.

Zhou Jing put down the boulder with a bang. Without blushing or panting, he cupped his fists and smiled.

“Sorry for embarrassing myself! If you think I’ve managed to entertain you, I hope you can reward me. Thank you, my fellow villagers!”

After saying that, he went forward to approach the crowd to receive the reward. Unfortunately, he did not have anything like a gong or a hat, so he could only borrow a piece of cloth as a pocket.

Many of the idle men at the side jeered the loudest just now. However, when it was time to pay, they suddenly became as shy as a little girl who had yet to leave her marriage. After searching for a long time, they could not find anything. They stammered and cupped their hands before leaving.

It seemed that no matter which world it was, freeloading was a good folk tradition.

Zhou Jing walked around and only got some loose copper coins. After a while, he finally walked up to the middle-aged scholar and the other two.

Without another word, the middle-aged scholar took out a silver ingot from his bag and placed it in the cloth pouch, causing the copper coins to clatter.

His generosity caused an uproar among the surrounding villagers.

Without waiting for Zhou Jing to reply, the middle-aged man cupped his hands and bowed to Zhou Jing,

“Brother, I’m very happy to see your good skills. I want to invite you to drink and get to know you. I hope you can give me the honor of meeting you.”

Zhou Jing had long noticed the three of them. Previously, when the burly man almost lifted the huge rock, he knew that these three people probably had some background. He had long had the intention of knowing them, and the other party’s invitation was exactly what he wanted.

He followed suit and cupped his hands in return, “No problem, no problem. I dare not refuse your invitation.”

As a young man who had grown up in the interstellar era, he did not deliberately speak in a refined manner. Instead, it was the effect of the “language analysis” function. The words that he spoke would be translated on their own, trying his best to match the sentence patterns and context of the current plane.

Zhou Jing accepted the reward and followed the three of them into a restaurant by the road.

Although this tavern was just a small village restaurant, it also had a second floor.

The group went upstairs and asked for a private room before taking their seats.

“What would the four of you like? Although we’re a village restaurant, the chef’s skills are outstanding. Every time there’s a banquet in the Wu Village, we’ll invite the master of the restaurant to help out!”

The waiter was all smiles as he glanced at Zhou Jing from time to time.

He had seen Zhou Jing performing in the shop just now and knew that this big man was extraordinarily brave. Moreover, he had seen the middle-aged scholar being generous, so he was quite enthusiastic at this moment.

“Good wine and dishes, feel free to send them all up…” The burly man subconsciously spoke, but he suddenly remembered that the middle-aged scholar had instructed him not to drink too much. He could not help but look over.

The middle-aged scholar directly forgot his previous words. He waved his hand and laughed, “I’m lucky to see a strong man like you today. Let’s drink to our hearts’ content. Let’s drink to our hearts’ content first!”

“Alright! Although this is village wine, the taste is mellow. There are no customers who don’t praise it. Please wait a moment, I’ll get the wine now.”

The waiter left the room and soon returned with plates. After a while, a table of dishes was laid out.

“Brother, please.”

The middle-aged scholar picked up a bowl of wine and gestured.

“Please.” Zhou Jing picked up the wine bowl and clinked glasses with the three of them before drinking it in one gulp.

The wine gurgled into his mouth and flowed down his throat to his stomach. His entire body felt warm.

The brewing skills of this era were not high, and the percentage of alcohol in the drink was limited. Zhou Jing estimated that his resistance was probably not a problem.

After drinking a bowl of wine, they started the introductions.

The middle-aged scholar cupped his hands and introduced himself.

“This one here is Li Chun, and I have a nickname, Breeze Fan. I’m not talented, and I’m the second-in-command of Red Cloud Mountain. There were too many people just now, so I didn’t introduce myself. I’m currently wanted by the government. I have other difficulties, so I hope you won’t blame me, Brother.”

“So it’s Brother Li Chun.”

Zhou Jing cupped his hands, but his heart skipped a beat.

From the sound of it, this person was from the Green Forest… What a coincidence. The fourth apostle had the life goal of [Gathering the Mountains]. He was just racking his brains on how to get to know a “professional”, but he did not expect to encounter one as soon as he entered.

The information of the main world was more than a hundred years different from the current era. He only knew a little about geography and history at most, but he knew nothing about the current situation of the Green Forest Path… He did not know how powerful the Red Cloud Mountain was or what weight Li Chun’s name carried.

Li Chun then pointed at the burly man and woman beside him and introduced them.

“These two are also my brothers from the mountain. This is the ‘Divine Mace’ Lu Yunzhao. His dual truncheons can split rocks, and 30 to 50 people can’t touch them. He’s a famous man in the Green Forest Path and sits on the third seat in the village. This is his biological sister, the ‘Embroidery Blade’ Lu Xinniang. She practices the Silk Twining Blade Technique well, and her skills are not bad. She’s the sixth leader of our Red Cloud Mountain.”

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“Lu siblings, please.”

Zhou Jing cupped his fists at the two of them again, and the siblings hurriedly returned the greeting.

He paused and pondered for a moment before saying seriously,

“This one here is called Chen Feng. I’ve lived in the wilderness for a long time and haven’t heard of the world. I only left the mountain recently. I’m ignorant and haven’t heard of the three of you, so I’ll punish myself.”

With that, he raised his head and finished another bowl of wine.

A notification popped up on the interface. He did not deliberately look at it.

Li Chun and the other two were a little surprised.

When they saw Zhou Jing’s performance just now, they thought that he was a martial artist who was used to traveling the world. They did not expect this burly man to be a country bumpkin.

If he were to face a Daoist, as long as he opened his mouth and invited the other party to come up to the mountain and gather, the other party would know what the situation was. However, facing such a “Green Forest Noob” in front of him, it was not suitable to use the way of socializing and hidden meanings to talk to him.