Chapter 307 - Green Forest and the Pugilistic World (2)

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Lu Yunzhao did not think too much about it and clicked his tongue in wonder.

“You’re not weak either. To be able to lift that big rock, you’re not a mediocre person.”

Zhou Jing did not deliberately be humble and calmly received the praise. However, he still praised the other party.

At this point, he could not help but spend 30 Astral Points to use detection on the three of them and obtain their attributes.

In the end, he was shocked.

Among them, Lu Yunzhao’s Physical Fitness was the highest, at 15 points. According to the standards of the Mutant World, he had already reached the threshold of the Mutant Blood First Enhancement.

As for Li Chun, who had the lowest Physical Fitness, he also had 10 points.

According to Zhou Jing’s experience, if an ordinary person reached 10 points in Physical Fitness, they would already have a body that had been tempered many times. It was almost impossible to train and improve further. However, looking at Li Chun’s thin appearance, he was clearly not a bandit.

What surprised him the most was that the three people in front of him more or less had an “Energy” attribute.

Among them, Lu Yunzhao was the highest. He had 15 points of energy, while Li Chun, the lowest, had 6 points of energy.

Zhou Jing quickly began to analyze his findings.

“Those who can produce energy are basically all on the side of the supernatural. Either the human nature of this world is different, or the cultivation methods that are circulated in this world are actually all supernatural, just a weakened form. It’s also possible that the energy concentration in this plane is higher, but the development of their system hasn’t caught up… Well, it’s also possible that it’s a low-level martial system like force and internal strength.”

Zhou Jing was a little interested. This meant that there were still supernatural beings in this current astral realm.

Even while he was thinking, Lu Yunzhao did not stop talking,

“Brother Chen, I’m not talking nonsense, but how did you train to become so strong?”

Zhou Jing came back to his senses and nodded, “I was born with it and have never deliberately practiced it.”

Hearing this, Lu Xinniang blinked and could not help but ask curiously, “Brother Chen, your arm strength is a good material for practicing martial arts. I wonder how your martial arts are?”

“I rarely fight with others, so I don’t know myself.”

Lu Xinniang rolled her eyes and said tentatively, “Then why don’t…”

However, before she could finish, Zhou Jing added,

“However, when I lived in the wilderness, I often fought with lions and tigers. There were at least eight or ten tigers and leopards that were torn apart… Sister Lu, what did you want to say just now?”

“… It’s fine.”

Lu Xinniang quickly lowered her head and ate her food.

Zhou Jing then looked at Li Chun and asked curiously, “Brother Li, you’re known as the Breeze Fan, but where is the fan?”

“Ahem, come, let’s eat.”

Li Chun coughed to hide his embarrassment. How could he say that he was so frightened that he broke his fan? He quickly changed the topic and called for everyone to move their chopsticks.

The group toasted each other happily.

During the meal, Zhou Jing asked the three insiders carefully about the inner workings that ordinary people did not know much about.

Li Chun had the intention to befriend him, so he naturally told him everything he knew.

According to him, the current world was dark, and refugees were everywhere. There were many powerful people gathered in the pugilistic world. The government could easily encircle and suppress them, but it was difficult to eradicate them.

In comparison, the southern fields were rich. Although there were also many taxes, most people could still survive. Therefore, the Southern Green Forests were not as radical as the north, and their reputation was not as infamous.

Red Cloud Mountain was a stronghold situated in the southern forest. There were six leaders in the village, and they had two to three thousand subordinates. It was not a big stronghold, but no one underestimated them. It was all because the leaders of the village were powerful, and ordinary people did not dare to touch them.

For example, the third-in-charge, Lu Yunzhao, was a rare expert in the southern forest outlaws. No matter which stronghold he went to, he would be a fierce general. Even his sister, Lu Xinniang, had agile and exquisite saber techniques, as if she was embroidering with needles. Even ordinary village leaders were not her match.

However, although there were bandits in the world, no one risked the world’s condemnation and shouted the slogan of an uprising. Therefore, in the eyes of the court officials, it was just a trivial matter.

In addition to the Green Forest, there were also rumors about the martial world. However, although the martial world was related to the Green Forest, strictly speaking, it was like another circle. Other than the mercenary agencies in the north and south, the martial world did not have much contact with the Green Forest Path.

After three rounds of wine and food, the group’s faces were flushed. Other than Zhou Jing, the other three were already slightly drunk.

Li Chun took another sip of wine and suddenly asked, “Brother Chen Feng, I saw you performing for a living. Do you have anywhere to go? Do you have relatives who want to seek refuge?”

Zhou Jing’s heart skipped a beat as he shook his head, “I don’t have any relatives. I came down the mountain this time because I was tired of staying in the wilderness. I wanted to walk around, but I didn’t have any special place to go.”

Hearing this, Li Chun stopped, put down the wine bowl, and suddenly stood up. He cupped his hands at Zhou Jing and bowed,

“Brother, you’re full of good skills. Wouldn’t it be a pity to stay here and waste your talents? A man is born to eat meat and drink wine. That’s what a good life is like! If you don’t look down on me, why don’t you come to my Red Cloud Mountain and sit on a throne? I’m willing to give the position of the Second Chief to Brother Chen Feng!”

“It’s coming, it’s coming! Is this the legendary kowtow?!”

Zhou Jing found this novel.

Was this the apostle’s upgraded talent, [Overbearing Aura], taking effect?

Zhou Jing hesitated for a moment before stepping forward to help Li Chun up. However, he did not agree immediately,

“Brother Li, I don’t plan to devote myself to the Green Forest yet. I came down the mountain this time because I wanted to see this colorful world. I want to see what this world is like. I hope you can understand.”