Chapter 308 - Green Forest and the Pugilistic World (3)

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Chapter 308: Green Forest and the Pugilistic World (3)

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Although the life objective of the fourth apostle was to gather in the mountains and rebel, these bandits were not good people either.

Of course, in this chaotic world, it was not difficult to accept the idea of someone strong putting themselves above the law. One might go so far as to term him a “hero” who dared to stand up against the corrupted government officials.

Zhou Jing planned to observe for a while more. He still wanted to ponder over the personality and goal of apostle #004, thus he was unwilling to rush up the mountain to join Li Chun.

However, he did not insist. He grabbed Li Chun’s arm and said with sincerity,

“However, since Brother treats me so well, I’ll naturally go to Red Cloud Mountain to meet Brother in the future. At that time, I hope Brother won’t think that I’m going to take advantage of you and chase me down the mountain.”

Li Chun was originally a little disappointed that the invitation did not succeed, but when he heard this, he immediately perked up and laughed.

“Hahaha, what are you talking about, Brother Chen Feng? We welcome you to our place to rest your weary self!”

Zhou Jing also chuckled and pulled Li Chun back to his seat.

His plan was to not join the gang for the time being, but he could still visit such a Green Forest Stronghold.

After all, he would most likely step into this industry in the future. He could first listen to the experience of the industry insiders, analyze the pain points of the industry, and learn advanced industry tactics.

Thud thud thud…

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Everyone stopped talking and looked in the direction of the voice. They saw the waiter opening the door with an embarrassed smile. Outside the door stood an old man in green. His clothes were clean and exquisite, clearly different from the villagers in rough clothes.

The old man in green looked around and fixed his gaze on Zhou Jing. His eyes lit up as he hurriedly took a few steps forward and cupped his hands.

“Dare I ask, is this the hero who performed previously?”

Zhou Jing glanced at him and nodded, “That’s me. Who are you? Why are you looking for me?”

“I’m the steward of the Wu family. When my second young master heard that there was a good man in the village who did something astonishing like throwing a boulder from the ground and raising his hand to hold the sky, he was very tempted. He sent me to find him and invite him into the residence. How should I address you?”

“Chen Feng.” Zhou Jing nodded. After a pause, he asked, “What does your Second Young Master want me to do?”

The steward of the Wu family smiled and said, “My second young master has been interested in weapons and techniques since he was young. He has practiced good martial arts and likes to befriend experts the most. This time, he sent me here to invite you to be the instructor of the Wu family. He will not mistreat you.”

Hearing this, Li Chun and the other two quietened down and looked at Zhou Jing.

Zhou Jing touched his chin in surprise.

Unexpectedly, just by throwing a stone, two jobs came knocking on his door in a day.

One wanted him to be a bandit, and the other wanted him to be a guard… Heh, truly opposite ends.

He thought for a moment and asked, “What’s your second young master’s name? What weapon is he using?”

“My Second Young Master’s name is Wu Zhen. He learned from many famous masters and is proficient in all 18 weapons.”

Manager Wu was not embarrassed at all, immediately boasting out loudly of his young master’s achievements.

Zhou Jing nodded and waved his hand, “I understand. When I’m free, I’ll go to the Wu family’s residence to visit. We’ll talk then.”

However, the Wu family’s butler did not bid farewell. He said awkwardly, “Sir, my second young master wants me to look for you immediately… I wonder if you can come to the residence so that we can hold a banquet to entertain you.”

Zhou Jing widened his eyes and slammed the table, causing the dishes to bounce up. He pretended to be angry and shouted,

“I’m chatting with a friend. Your Second Young Master is looking for me, and so this Grandpa has to abandon his friend and go see him immediately? Bullsh*t!!”

He was not really angry, but he remembered that according to his apostle’s personality, this Brother #004 violent temper, he would not abandon his new friend to meet the local rich.

With this slap, his talent, [Fiendish Aura], was directly activated. His entire body emitted a ferocious Qi!

Steward Wu felt as if a ferocious tiger was charging at him, and he was so frightened that his heart almost stopped. He subconsciously retreated, making loud footsteps on the floor as he backpedaled out of the room.

The waiter’s legs went limp and he fell to the ground.

Not only him, but even Li Chun and the other two were shocked. A chill ran down their spines, and they immediately sobered up.

The three of them could not help but look at each other, their hearts beating wildly.

“Brother Chen has such a heavy murderous aura…”

“This aura is really rare. It’s like meeting a tiger on the road.”

Li Chun and the other two could not help but think this way.

The steward of the Wu family was sweating profusely as he hurriedly apologized, “Aiyo, I misspoke. Please eat first. I’ll go back and wait for the young hero to come.”

With that, he did not dare to stay in front of Zhou Jing anymore.

After Zhou Jing finished cursing, he casually picked up the wine bowl. Seeing that the three people beside him were in a daze and did not speak, he smiled and said, “Don’t let your spirits be swept away. Let’s drink!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Let’s drink.”

The three of them came back to their senses and hurriedly picked up their wine bowls to clink with Zhou Jing.

Although Li Chun and the other two were famous figures in the Green Forest, in front of Zhou Jing, they inexplicably felt that they were inferior. They did not dare to be as casual as before and were actually a little reserved after his uproar.

On the other side, Manager Wu rushed back to the Wu family residence in the center of the village to report the news.

There was a training ground in the backyard of the Wu Village. In the open space, a bare-chested young man was wielding a staff.

This young man had a strong physique, and his staff swept out with a whistling sound.

Seeing the manager arrive, the young man stopped what he was doing and casually placed the staff on the ground. He raised his chin and asked,

“Have you found the man who asked you to look for?”

This person was the second young master of the Wu Village, Wu Zhen.

The manager nodded and briefly explained the situation. He said helplessly, “It’s just that that man is drinking with someone and doesn’t want to follow me. He told us to wait.”

Wu Zhen frowned, seemingly impatient.

“A show-off from the martial world has quite a temper… Forget it, if he’s really capable, it’s fine to endure a little.”

After muttering a few words, Wu Zhen waved his hand and was about to chase the manager away, not wanting to disrupt his training further.

However, at this moment, he suddenly thought of something and stopped the manager.

“By the way, where did the Third Brother go? Why didn’t I see him today? Did you watch over him in the manor?”

The manager thought for a moment and remembered,

“Third Young Master brought some servants and went out early. It seems that Master instructed him to collect debts. When he passed away, Master often released debts to a few farmers and set up a loan agreement for them to use the land deed as collateral. Now that they can’t pay their debts, it’s time to collect the fields. Also, Master rented a few fields to the hired farmers at a low price a few years ago and asked them to hand over a sufficient amount of grain production. If they can’t complete it, they have to compensate. In recent years, the harvest hasn’t been good. Even if they can’t reach the amount, we have to get the required amount back.”

Wu Zhen was used to this. He nodded and asked, “Is my father still at home?”

“Master went out to look for a mistress. He’s not around.”

“Alright, go ahead. Call me when that showman comes.”

Hearing this, Wu Zhen waved his hand and got the manager to leave. He then took the staff up and continued to practice as if he had endless energy.