Chapter 309 - Testing Out; Generosity (1)

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Chapter 309: Testing Out; Generosity (1)

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In the private room, Zhou Jing, Li Chun, and the other two ate and drank, chatting. Although they were disturbed midway, they did not spoil the fun. Soon, the table became lively again.

Li Chun’s face was drunk, but his eyes were still clear. He invited, “Brother, we’re about to go to the state capital to do something. Since you don’t have anywhere to go, why don’t you travel with us for the time being? We can take care of each other on the way.”

“Alright.” Zhou Jing nodded and did not refuse.

Although he did not agree to go up the mountain and settle down, it was not a bad thing for him to temporarily accompany these three people as companions. He had to walk around and travel with these three people to better learn how to interact within the Green Forest.

Li Chun did not expect Zhou Jing to agree so readily and was a little surprised. He thought for a moment and said, “The villa lord wants to hire you as a teacher. Since he sent someone to invite you, it’s better for you to go and respond. It’s all courtesy.”

Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows and deliberately snorted. He said unhappily, “I’ve never had a good impression of such rich people. Such rich people only know how to tyrannize and bully the commoners.”

When Lu Yunzhao heard this, he was a little unconvinced. He said, “That’s not necessarily the case. The Wu family’s Old Master here is kind and doesn’t bully the people.”

Zhou Jing glanced at him and asked, “Then where did this money from being kind come from? It’s just exploiting farmers, plundering the fat of the people, and sucking the blood of the poor to fatten up his family. No matter how kind he is, he’s just being generous to others. It’s not worth one’s pity even if he died.”

Having received compulsory education in the main world, he naturally did not like this kind of feudal landlord.

The landlord class occupied the land and made the people work for them to harvest the remaining value of the farmers. Unless an external force broke this cycle, the landlord who occupied the farmland would always be the landlord. The poor farmers had no choice but to work for them for generations.

Land annexation and class exploitation had been the same since ancient times.

It might be wrong to kill all the so-called landlords in the feudal era, but the world would definitely be a better place if one out of every two were gone.

“Brother, well said!”

Li Chun’s eyes lit up, and he could not help but look at him in a different light.

He originally thought that Chen Feng was just a rough man who relied on his martial courage. He did not expect him to have such insight.

What was even more commendable was that this Chen Feng claimed to be a person from the wilderness who rarely entered the world, but he had a rebellious heart. He was born to be a powerhouse in the Green Forest!

For such a good seedling, if he did not go up the mountain with them to be “watered” and “grown”, the Green Forest would regret it forever!

Lu Yunzhao shook his head, not thinking about it much.

His Lu family came from a rich family to begin with. It was just that they were framed by others, so he brought his sister up the mountain to settle down. Although they were now people of the Green Forest, the concept they had developed since they were young would not change easily. At this moment, they felt that Zhou Jing’s words were too extreme.

At this moment, Zhou Jing took a sip of wine and stood up, “But Brother Li Chun is right. I’ll go and reject that Second Young Master. I’ll be back soon.”

“Brother, go ahead. We’ll wait here.” Li Chun cupped his hands.

Without another word, Zhou Jing wiped his mouth, picked up his branch-cum-stick, and walked downstairs with his head held high, heading straight for the Wu family’s manor in the center of the village.

The three of them watched Zhou Jing walk away from the window upstairs before looking away.

Li Chun chuckled, “This Brother Chen Feng is quite impatient.”

“Indeed.” Lu Yunzhao nodded. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “It’s just that I think he seems to be a cynic. We can’t show off when we go to the state capital. If we travel with him, I’m afraid there will be waves.”

Li Chun was surprised and said in surprise, “Brother Lu, you’re usually straightforward and don’t care about trifles. Why are you being unreasonable now? Could it be that you don’t like Brother Chen Feng?”

“Master, what are you talking about? You really think too little of me. Brother Chen Feng is outstanding and straightforward. I naturally admire him, but…”

Lu Yunzhao shook his head. He could not explain that this was his intuition as a martial artist. He had a feeling that if he followed Zhou Jing, the road would not be peaceful. His eyelids kept twitching.

Lu Xinniang, on the other hand, snorted and said, “That Chen Feng is such a magnanimous and heroic man. He only argued with you once, but Big Brother is being petty this time.”

“Yes, yes, I was wrong.”

Lu Yunzhao smiled helplessly. He doted on his sister the most, so he could only follow the flow of the conversation and punish himself by not mentioning this matter again.

On the other side, Zhou Jing was walking with his stick merrily. His footsteps were light and he was in a good mood.

“Oh my grandpa… Pfft, my luck is really good. I just transmigrated in and I can already meet a professional. Now, at least I have some company for my journey.”

Zhou Jing chuckled to himself.

Speaking of which, when he first traveled, he had also encountered someone like Barong. He did not know if he had any hidden attributes like luck. If there was, he was quite sure now that his attributes were not low.

Thinking back to his performance just now, he gave himself an 85. Although there were some flaws, the personality characteristics of apostle #004 was reflected a lot.

Zhou Jing glanced at the synchronization rate. It had already increased from the initial 10% to 13.6%.

It had only been half a day since he entered, but this efficiency was already not bad. After all, the difficulty of apostle #004’s acting was considered medium in difficulty, so his improvement speed was not as fast as the first three apostles.

Zhou Jing came all the way to the entrance of the Wu Manor and told the gatekeeper his intentions. Soon, the Wu family’s butler rushed out to welcome him.

“Young hero, follow me. Second Young Master has been waiting for a long time.”

Steward Wu had been shouted at by Zhou Jing previously, so he was afraid of him and did not dare to put on airs. He smiled apologetically and led the way.

Zhou Jing followed him into the courtyard and through the corridor.

The manor was quite large, and the main road was paved with stone slabs. The houses were all made of green bricks and black tiles, completely different from the dilapidated straw houses in the village.