Chapter 310 - Testing Out; Generosity (2)

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Chapter 310: Testing Out; Generosity (2)

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In addition to the continuous houses in the courtyard, there were also cowsheds, chicken coops, stables, barns, wheat mills, training fields, and other buildings. The farmers all had their own jobs. Some were scattering materials to feed the chickens, some were threshing the wheat, and some were practicing with staffs. There was also the sound of children reading from some courtyard. It was a lively and busy scene.

Not long after, Zhou Jing followed the manager to the backyard. When he looked up, he saw a bare-chested young man working hard on the empty ground, covered in sweat.

This young man was naked on the top, reflecting the sun. His muscles were well-built, and it seemed that he was usually well fed. His muscles were undulating like water following his movements.

“Second Young Master, this is the hero who threw the stone on the ground, Chen Feng.” The Wu family’s steward went forward to report.

Wu Zhen stopped and turned to look at Zhou Jing. His eyes lit up as he praised, “What a strong hero!”

With that, he immediately came forward and cupped his fists with a smile.

“I’m the second young master of the Wu Village, Wu Zhen. I heard that you’re performing in the village and have extraordinary strength, so I sent someone to invite you. I wanted to get to know you.”

Zhou Jing also cupped his fists in return.

The more he used this etiquette, the more he liked it. Now, he had an unknown urge to cup his fists at anyone he saw.

Wu Zhen sized him up and asked, “May I know where Brother Chen is from and where you’re going?”

“I’m someone from the wilderness, and I don’t have a fixed residence. I just happened to pass by here.”

Zhou Jing repeated the same thing he told the trio earlier. In this era where the household registration system and surveillance standards were backward, it was not difficult to be an illegal resident.

He paused and asked, “You invited me here to hire me as a tutor?”

Wu Zhen rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Let’s not worry about this for now. I’ve liked to dance with my saber and play with my staff since I was young, and I often invite good men to spar. Brother, with your physique, you must be very outstanding in martial arts. I’m happy to see you and want to fight with Brother Chen. I’ll naturally give you a sum of money after this. I hope Brother Chen doesn’t blame me for being rude.”

Wu Zhen did not see Zhou Jing’s performance with his own eyes. It was just that some idlers had come to the village manor previously and specially reported this matter. Only then did he know about the so-called “throwing and catching boulder” incident. However, he was still rather doubtful.

With a curious thought, he called the manager to look for him and specially used the position of instructor to lure him over.

Wu Zhen’s plan was very simple. When this performer arrived, he would invite him to use his skills. If he really had the ability, the man would naturally show it. Then, he would hire him as an instructor on the spot, give him heavy gifts, hold a banquet, and ask him for guidance every day to learn some skills.

If this performer was just so-so and could not compare to him, then there was naturally no need to mention the matter of the instructor. The other party would probably not have the face to agree. He could also teach this person, who did not have any true abilities but still dared to put on airs, a lesson to vent his anger.

Therefore, in his opinion, it was not a loss.

Seeing this, Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows slightly. With a thought, he roughly understood the other party’s plan. He thought for a moment and did not refuse.

“Then let’s fight. I want to experience your ability as well.”

“As expected of such a courageous man.” Wu Zhen casually said some polite words. He went to the weapons rack to take another staff and threw it to Zhou Jing.

However, Zhou Jing did not catch it and let it fall in front of him. He only raised the stick in his hand and spoke out,

“I don’t need your stick. The one in my hand is enough.”

In his hand was only a branch that had been casually broken from the tree. It was bent in several places, and the bark had not even been peeled off. It was more like a walking stick than an actual staff.

On the other hand, the Wu family residence used a high-quality whistle staff. It was straight and thick, and it was completely red-brown in color. It was made of good wood and had been processed before it could be considered a weapon.

Seeing this, Wu Zhen felt that this person had underestimated him and was angry.

“In my early years, I took on four to five instructors, and their abilities were all ordinary. I learned all kinds of flashy but useless skills. Later on, I met a famous master and received some guidance before I really mastered martial arts. Twenty to thirty people surrounding me can’t get close to me, and even those passing by don’t dare to underestimate me… This person is actually so arrogant. It’s really hateful. Let’s see what you say after I defeat you.”

He did not persuade him further. He walked not far from Zhou Jing and raised his long staff, tapping the tip of the stick on the ground as he assumed a posture.

However, Zhou Jing did not even put on a pose. He casually leaned on the branch and watched Wu Zhen’s movements curiously.

Seeing that Zhou Jing did not move, Wu Zhen rushed forward. The tip of his staff swayed as he made a feint, wanting to lure Zhou Jing into attacking.

Unexpectedly, this flirtatious look was completely ignored, as though he was attacking a blind man. Zhou Jing allowed the other party’s club to swing in front of his face without showing any signs of resisting.

“How dare you underestimate me!”?Wu Zhen was secretly furious. He simply used all his strength and smashed down with his staff. The fast movement emitted a whistling sound.

However, halfway through, a huge force was suddenly transmitted to him. Wu Zhen staggered from the force, and his palms hurt. The staff had actually been pulled out of his palm!

Wu Zhen looked over in a daze, only to see that Zhou Jing had snatched the staff from his hand.

Zhou Jing casually threw the staff back to the other party.

Wu Zhen took the stick, his face pale. He said gloomily, “You’re so strong. Try another staff move of mine!”

However, he was indignant. In his expectations, the two sides should have fought back and forth, using their own moves to see which one of them would be able to break the other’s moves.

However, the other party had snatched his staff with just his strength. Although his strength was extraordinary, he did not know the depth of the other party’s martial arts at all.

With that, Wu Zhen did not wait for Zhou Jing to respond. He immediately took three steps back and assumed a posture again, waiting solemnly.