Chapter 311 - Testing Out; Generosity (3)

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Chapter 311: Testing Out; Generosity (3)

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Seeing this, Zhou Jing clicked his tongue.

“Then eat a staff of mine too!”

He strode forward and raised the stick with both hands, his movements extremely agile.

Wu Zhen was completely focused and did not dare to fight head-on. He raised his staff to block this blow. At the same time, he crossed his legs and was prepared to dodge to the side.

However, at this moment, Zhou Jing suddenly let go of his right hand. With a blinding speed, he grabbed Wu Zhen’s belt and pulled him to the side.

Wu Zhen immediately lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Zhou Jing crossed his arms and looked at Wu Zhen, who was crawling up with his face covered in dust.

Before the battle, he had already probed Wu Zhen’s attributes. With his physical strength, he could break through his tricks without using any moves. With his own high Physical Fitness and perception, he could easily see the flaws in this person’s moves. He could fight without any pressure, just like an adult beating a child.

Wu Zhen’s face flushed red. He immediately threw down the staff and cupped his hands.

“This one here failed to recognize a formidable person. Brother, you have good skills. I’m sure you’re from the martial world. I’m convinced! I’m willing to hire you as a mentor with a large sum of money. I hope you can stay in the residence and teach me martial arts. I’ll definitely treat you with the courtesy of a disciple!”

After being easily resolved twice, he was certain that this person was truly capable. He immediately restrained his temper and used his Plan 1.

Zhou Jing waved his hand, “I’m not here for the position of instructor. I still have to continue on my way. I’m only here to reject the invitation.”

Wu Zhen paused for a moment before continuing,

“There’s no need to hurry on your journey. Please stay at the manor and let me hold a banquet to entertain you. We can all drink and chat happily. After this, I’ll definitely give you a small gift.”

“That’s not necessary. I’m with a friend and will be setting off soon. I’ll take my leave now.”

Zhou Jing refused and cupped his hands.

Wu Zhen wanted to persuade him again, but Zhou Jing turned around and strode away. He could only sigh and say regretfully,

“Unfortunately, I can’t befriend such a good man.”

However, although he said this on the surface, he was actually not very happy in his heart… He had promised the other party a lot of money, invited him to a banquet, and even planned to give him gifts. His attitude was humble enough, but the other party did not give him any face at all.

However, he had no choice. This burly man was capable. Although Wu Zhen was unhappy, he could not say anything. He could only swallow his anger.

The manager respectfully sent Zhou Jing out of the Wu Family Manor.

As soon as Zhou Jing walked out of the door, a group of people walked over. The person in front was an old man in neat and luxurious clothes, followed by six to seven guests.

As soon as he saw this person, the steward of the Wu family hurriedly ignored Zhou Jing and welcomed the old man. He said respectfully, “Old Master, you’ve returned to the residence?”

This time, the old man was the Lord of the Wu Village, Wu Changgui.

“Sigh, today is the first time my mistress is having her period. She’s crying. How disappointing.”

Wu Changgui shook his head, looking quite annoyed.

He saw that Zhou Jing, who was beside him, was an unfamiliar burly man. He immediately changed his smile and cupped his hands, “This good man, please enter. I wonder what brings you to my residence?”

The manager hurriedly whispered into his ear and briefly explained the situation.

Hearing this, Wu Changgui stroked his beard and shook his head. He sighed, “My son is really rash… Ah Sheng, go and withdraw 20 taels of silver and give it to this good man.”

The manager hurriedly agreed and went back to get four silver ingots. He put them in a cloth bag and handed it to Zhou Jing with both hands.

Twenty taels of silver was not a small sum. Ordinary farmers would have to save up for countless years. This gift was not a small sum.

However, Zhou Jing did not accept it. He narrowed his eyes as he spoke out,

“We’ve never met before. What do you mean by giving me money?”

“I’m just expressing my sincerity and apologizing on behalf of my son.” Wu Changgui’s face was filled with sincerity.

Zhou Jing glanced at him before turning around and walking away.

After Zhou Jing left, the manager finally dared to complain, “Tsk, this person doesn’t know what’s good for him!”

Wu Changgui felt a little embarrassed at being outrightly rejected. He stopped smiling and thought for a moment before instructing,

“This kind of person always likes to cause trouble. Let the people at the guesthouse secretly keep an eye on him to prevent him from causing trouble in the village. If he obediently leaves the village, there’s no need to worry about him.”

“Yes,” the steward replied.

Zhou Jing left the Wu residence. After thinking for a moment, he did not immediately go to the village restaurant to meet Li Chun and the other two.

He turned around and left the village. He came to the dirt road by the ridge and looked at the tanned farmers working under the hot sun.

These farmers were sallow and thin. Under the hot sun, their backs were hunched, and they were covered in sweat like Wu Zhen. Their sweat also reflected the sun, but they did not dare to stop working.

Soon, some farmers in the field noticed Zhou Jing. As they did the farm work, they looked over frequently, all confused. They did not know why this burly man was looking at them. It was really uncomfortable.

Finally, a hunched old farmer nearby could not help but be curious. He forced himself to straighten his back and shout at Zhou Jing,

“Hey, burly man, why are you looking at us?”

Hearing this, Zhou Jing jumped off the ridge. Ignoring the fact that the mud in the field did not reach his calves, he walked to the farmer’s side and asked him the same question that he had asked others not long ago.

“Sir, has this Wu Village done anything evil?”

The old farmer’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly waved his hand, “No, no, why would they do anything evil?!”