Chapter 312 - Violent (1)

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Chapter 312: Violent (1)

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Zhou Jing touched his chin, “No? Or do they not dare?

“No, they didn’t!” The old farmer quickly changed his words.

“Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Zhou Jing did not say anything. He turned around and was about to leave.

Seeing this, the old farmer hesitated for a moment before suddenly calling out to Zhou Jing from behind.

“This man, although I don’t know where you came from, if you want to find trouble with the Wu family, you should give up on the idea. There are 500 to 600 guests in their residence, and they’re not easy to get along with. They often show ‘filial piety’ to the county magistrate, so even if you want to report them to the officials, there’s no way you can enter. Moreover, the eldest son of the Wu family will take the scholarly examination in the future. This family is full of talents.”

“Senior has a point.”

Zhou Jing nodded and did not continue the conversation.

He walked out of the field as he thought to himself,

“This apostle has a violent and rebellious personality. No matter the consequences, he has to carry out the so-called act of enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens. However, what kind of heaven is he replacing? What kind of path is this? To what extent will it then be considered violent?”

The Wu Family Village was a wealthy family. Needless to say, they were definitely exploitative. The richer their family assets, the more generous they were. This meant that they were more ruthless in their exploitation.

Although he did not have a good impression of the landlord class in the feudal era, there was indeed a historical reason for the existence of the landlord class. It could even be considered a cornerstone of maintaining the order of a feudal society.

If such a goal was not openly evil, would it belong to the [Justice on behalf of the heavens] objective of Apostle #004?

Zhou Jing was not particularly sure.

After all, the other party did not provoke him. They had no grudges in the past and even treated him politely.

According to the concept of the modern people in the main world, it was best to protect oneself and not cause trouble. Why should one take the initiative to look for trouble?

Although Zhou Jing hated the Wu family’s Old Master’s hobby, he did not know if this hobby was considered normal in this world’s social atmosphere.

Putting aside this factor, this grandfather of the family was quite good at dealing with people. At first glance, he did not seem like a bad person.

Moreover, this village was quite popular. The Wu Village was clearly the backbone of maintaining the local order.

If he overturned it, not only would he overthrow a landlord, but he would also overthrow the order that had been operating for many years and that everyone was used to.

As Zhou Jing thought about it, he could not help but have a new understanding of the life objective that Apostle #004 was tasked with.

“The so-called rebellion of the Apostle is probably not as shallow as overthrowing a dynasty. Instead, he treats all the exploiting classes as enemies, but doesn’t care about their effect on maintaining order… The Fourth Apostle did this not because he was thinking for the people, nor is there a need to help the people in his opinion. Instead, he purely upholds the rigid principle of ‘moral justice’. Strictly speaking, he’s a traitor among traitors…

In this world, the truly evil will not show their faces to others. They blend in with order and rely on it. They often put on the face of a good person and exert kindness, using thoughtful etiquette to disguise themselves and confuse others… They turn themselves into order itself and make being exploited become the norm for the world. They tie themselves to the people of a certain class. If everyone benefits, they can also benefit. If there’s a risk, they can pass it on to their subordinates. Although this is the law of society, in the eyes of Apostle #004, I’m afraid the existence of these things is the original sin.”

Thoughts flashed through Zhou Jing’s mind, followed by some worry.

It was fine when he traveled personally, but once he entered the placement mode, he would be letting the tiger back into the mountain. Even if he set up a conservative placement plan, as long as Apostle #004 acted according to his personality, who knew what he would do?

“If that’s the case, the strength of this apostle is really not enough. He needs to train harder to truly protect himself.”

Just as he was deep in thought, he suddenly heard a commotion.

Zhou Jing came back to his senses and looked up. He realized that many farmers had abandoned their farm work and gathered in one direction.

His eyes flashed as he followed the crowd.

Soon, Zhou Jing followed the crowd to a straw hut outside the village. There were many people gathered here, and it was extremely noisy.

There was a group of farmers outside, pointing.

Inside were more than ten guests from the Wu family, surrounding a muscular young man.

This muscular young man was waving his horse whip and whipping a few thin villagers, causing them to scream repeatedly.

These villagers were covered in blood, but they did not dare to resist.

“Please give us a few more months! Our family is really out of food. If we give it away to you, we won’t survive this year!”

“If you take our cows, my family won’t be able to live!”

Was he collecting rent?

Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows.

Just as he was judging the situation, a curly-bearded farmer suddenly rushed into the straw hut.

The curly-bearded farmer held a fork and said angrily,

“Wu Fang! If you don’t let me live, I’ll fight you to the death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the curly-bearded farmer raised his fork and charged at the muscular young man in the lead.

Seeing this, the young man called Wu Fang snorted and snatched the staff from the servant beside him. Then, he flipped his hand and pressed down on the fork of the curly-bearded farmer. No matter how hard the farmer tried, he could not pull out the fork.

“Zhang San, how dare you attack me?! Did you eat the b*lls of a leopard?!”

Wu Fang shouted and raised his hand. His staff swung along the fork, injuring the curly-bearded farmer’s arms and causing his weapon to fall from his hands.

Then, with a sharp thrust from the staff, the bearded farmer was pinned to the ground.