Chapter 521 - Provoking the Fire; Our Dao Is Not Alone (3)

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Chapter 521: Provoking the Fire; Our Dao Is Not Alone (3)

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However, before anyone could respond, the leader who took out the letter retorted,

“Brother Xiang was also framed with a fake letter, but you believed it so easily. Why are you saying this now?”

“How dare you! Ridiculous! You’re sowing discord here and ruining the morale of my army. Could it be that you’re the spy who colluded with the enemy? Men, lock them all up in prison and wait for their punishment! Also, capture that messenger from the Imperial Court and interrogate him!”

Lu Longchuan was furious and directly tore the letter into pieces.

The guards on both sides of him looked at each other, but could only do as they were told.

The leaders did not resist. Instead, they shouted out that they would walk on their own. They shook off the arms of the guards and walked into the cell to sit down, glaring at Lu Longchuan.

Lu Longchuan turned to look at the other leaders. His remaining anger had yet to subside as he shouted, “The villains’ schemes are despicable. Chen Feng and I are now irreconcilable. Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and return to the camp!”

Everyone apologized and retreated. No matter what they were thinking, their expressions returned to normal. Only by occasionally looking at each other could they show their thoughts.

In the past, they would never believe this “secret letter from the Imperial Court”.

However, the current Lu Longchuan was willing to be a lackey of a treacherous minister like Minister Qin in order to be recruited…

This person had already changed. He was no longer the Heavenly King who had fought all over the Green Forest when he was young. He had become someone that the brothers did not recognize.

After this night’s incident, although the leaders did not say anything, they now all had their own suspicions.

The hearts of the people in the Heavenly King Stronghold gradually fluctuated, and such a change was also reflected on the battlefield. The more they thought, the slower their attacks became, and it became more and more difficult for them to resist the attack of the Dragon King Stronghold.

In the blink of an eye, a few days passed.

On this day, the Dragon King Stronghold came to attack again. As usual, Chen Feng took the lead.

Perfected Master Windwalker went out to fight as usual. The two sides fought until the sky turned dark, and once again, it ended in a draw.

Zhou Jing, who was projecting himself on Bill, floated back to the Heavenly King Stronghold camp and nodded at Lu Longchuan and the others.

“Fortunately, I didn’t disappoint you. That Chen Feng has already been forced back by me.”

“Thank you for your help again, Perfected One. We’re grateful beyond words.”

Lu Longchuan and the others hurriedly thanked him.

Although there was a rift between the leaders, the common point was that they all respected Perfected Master Windwalker.

The internal changes did not affect their attitude towards the Perfected Person. They knew that if not for the Perfected Person’s repeated attacks, they would have long been beaten up by Chen Feng.

Zhou Jing nodded and returned to his tent. With the excuse that he had to meditate and regulate his breathing, he dismissed the disciples.

After a long time, when it was almost dusk, the beating of the war drums outside gradually stopped. The two sides temporarily stopped fighting, and the Dragon King Stronghold retreated again.

At this moment, a soldier brought dinner to Zhou Jing’s tent as usual.

Although the living conditions for expeditary army were difficult, Perfected Master Windwalker still had special privileges. He was served by others and had three meals a day delivered to his door. The food was not exquisite, but even compared to the leader, it was considered very sumptuous.

Zhou Jing stopped meditating and was about to pick up some food when he suddenly stopped.

As a pharmacology master, he keenly sensed that something was amiss.

Zhou Jing raised his eyebrows. In order to avoid making a mistake, he simply reached out and picked up one of the dishes.

The supplementary item analysis function immediately displayed the information of the item.

[Poisoned pickled vegetables boiled with tofu]

[Remarks: Recommended to abandon the bowl of food]

“D*mn, someone is actually trying to poison me. There’s actually a real traitor in the army?!”

Good lord, I thought I was the only mole, but it turns out that my path is not lonely!

“I wonder if the person who poisoned me is from the Heavenly King Stronghold or from another faction. Is it out of their own interest or personal hatred… To be able to tamper with my food, the range of suspects is not big.”

Zhou Jing’s eyes flickered with excitement.

To be honest, this spy knew how to catch the key factor in his battle. If he could kill him, no one would be able to stop Chen Feng. The Heavenly King Stronghold would definitely suffer a huge defeat.

At this moment, he suddenly had an idea.

He had already made a name for himself, There was no other benefit in staying here and continuing to fight. Now that there was a chance, he might as well beat them at their own game.