Chapter 523 - On Top Of Dragon Locking Ridge (1)

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Chapter 523: On Top Of Dragon Locking Ridge (1)

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A heavy fog filled the air as a troop of troops passed through the roads between the mountains.

The soldiers were covered in dust and seemed to be extremely weak. No one spoke as they advanced.

This was a defeated section of the Heavenly King Stronghold. There were less than a thousand people left, and their morale was low. Lu Longchuan was among them.

He looked exhausted and could not hide it. He kept observing his back and surroundings, his vigilance that of a frightened bird.

Ever since Perfected Master Windwalker was poisoned by a traitor and Chen Feng took action to attack the stronghold, the situation of the war had changed drastically.

The Heavenly King Stronghold was defeated en masse, and they had no choice but to fight and run at the same time. Under the pursuit of the Dragon King Stronghold, the majority of the troops retreated step by step and fell apart. Some were killed, some were captured, and there were countless deserters, turning into defeated troops which were taken in by the other party.

Currently, only Sun Rong, Shi Hu, and more than ten other leaders were left by Lu Longchuan’s side. The other brothers had already separated, and it was unknown if they were dead or alive. Perfected Master Windwalker had also fled with his disciples when they were defeated.

The army he led had barely broken through the encirclement to survive. Now that they had fled for many days, they were already exhausted.

After losing to such a state, Lu Longchuan knew that there was nothing he could do. He only had one thought left, which was to shake off the pursuers and escape from Huyang.

He looked around at the defeated soldiers dejectedly. When he thought of the huge power of the Heavenly King Stronghold and how there were only this few of his brothers left, he felt his heart bleed.

Decades of foundation had been lost in a single day!

Painful, this was too painful!

Lu Longchuan suddenly groaned and covered the wound below his ribs.

“Big Brother, can your body still hold on?”

Shi Hu hurriedly came over, his tone concerned.

“Phew… I’m fine. It’s been many years since we last met, and that Guo Haishen’s martial arts has become more and more astonishing. He’s already stronger than me back then.”

Lu Longchuan exhaled with a complicated expression.

In the previous battle, he had fought Guo Haishen in the chaos and could not defeat him. He was injured by his opponent and almost captured alive.

Many years ago, when he was still the “Heavenly King” of the Green Forest, Guo Haishen had once gone to the North to challenge him. They fought to a draw even after 50 to 60 rounds, but he was still stronger than the other party.

But now, he was already old, and his martial arts had deteriorated. As for Guo Haishen, he had cultivated a pile of profound martial arts from the sect, and his abilities became even more powerful. Under such circumstances, he, the former number one expert of the Green Forest, could no longer defeat him.

He sighed in his heart. He felt nostalgic for himself, but also lamented that fate was unpredictable.

At this moment, a strangely majestic mountain range appeared in the fog ahead. The terrain was steep.

Lu Longchuan hurriedly ordered the entire army to stop. Then, he rode to the front of the team and observed carefully. He felt his eyelids twitching.

“What’s ahead? It actually looks so dangerous!”

Hearing this, Sun Rong pondered for a moment and said, “We’ve already fled to the southwest of Huyang, Ping State. There are many mountains and dense forests here. I think the mountain in front of us looks like a dragon wrapped around the mountain. It should be the Dragon Locking Ridge that the locals mentioned.”

Dragon Locking Ridge!

Lu Longchuan’s heart skipped a beat. He felt that it was extremely inauspicious.

Sun Rong continued, “The map shows that there’s a small path through Dragon Locking Ridge. If you can find a guide to lead the way, you can directly pass through and save a lot of time. After leaving the ridge, there’ll be a main road that leads straight to the Pingzhou Prefecture. If we continue to march in that direction for a few more days, we’ll be able to leave Huyang. At that time, we’ll be safe.”

Lu Longchuan subconsciously rejected attempting to enter Dragon Locking Ridge and said, “I think the terrain ahead is dangerous. I’m afraid there might be an ambush there. Why don’t we take a detour?”

Sun Rong frowned, “Speed is the most important thing in war. If we take a detour, we won’t be able to avoid being delayed for a day or two. As soon as the pursuers arrive, we won’t be able to escape. We’re only left with the remnants of our troops. If the Dragon King Stronghold manages to overtake us through the ridge path, they might as well appear and stop us.”

Lu Longchuan thought for a moment and nodded in agreement to his advisor’s claims.