Chapter 364:

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64: the gate of another world underwent a change (Part 2)

After killing, the tired players, while sitting to recover, shouted excitedly for the players who were singing!

The tiredness after ten hours of fierce battle?

The psychological pressure caused by countless bloody killings?

The despair and pain of his companion after their tragic death?

It didn’t exist!

He took a bite of the magic chicken hotpot, a sip of the True Dragon Wine, a classic song and two mouthfuls of food! Damn it! I’m full of blood and come back to life. It’s not a problem for me to have fun for another ten hours!

He Yiming looked down at the demon killing list with satisfaction.

NO1: [Dimensional God Domain] Kills: 121755

NO2: [Flame Burst Dragon God Sect] Kills: 108765

NO3: [Myriad Frost Sky Palace] Killsl: 97411

NO4: [Woodleaf Village] Kills: 91022

NO5: [Star Palace] Kills: 64522

NO6: [Beef Noodle Restaurant] Kills: 23312

Wang Lufei’s Dimensional God Domain was unique!

The other three gates were almost the same, and the number of people in the Star Palace was the largest, but they were second to the last. The number of players in the Beef Noodle Restaurant was the least among the six gates. In addition, most of them relied on the combination of the bright sword technique to fight, so they

Moreover, he He Yiming could accurately check the killing number of each player.

Therefore, He Yiming found at a glance that the number of demon beasts killed by each of them was even more than that of a group of players in the Star Palace!

Except for the first group of the Star Palace, most of the strongest group consisted of the chief player. Their killing number was slightly higher than that of Emperor Zoro, and the other three groups were all inferior to Emperor Zoro!

The otherworldly gate suddenly underwent a huge change!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

In the blink of an eye, the size of the gate had suddenly increased by ten times!

This scene shocked all the players!

“What happened?”

“Hold the grass, why does the otherworldly gate suddenly become so large?”

“What the hell is going on?”

Many players were shocked, but something terrible happened all of a sudden!

With thirty thousand roars, thirty thousand huge demon beasts rushed out of the door!

The original rhythm of the three thousand demon beasts changed instantly, directly ten times faster!

But something more terrible happened again!

In less than ten breaths!

Another thirty thousand demon beasts suddenly appeared and rushed out of the otherworldly gate!

The number of demon beasts increased by ten times, and the interval between each batch was even shortened by half!

“Oh, no! The otherworldly gate has finally entered its final form! This form represents the complete stability of the otherworldly gate. At the same time, it represents the worst possibility…”

“You can come here through this otherworldly gate! Now, you can appear anytime and anywhere!” With a slightly frightened look on his face, Ye Wuyou said.

He Yiming was shocked.

“Hold the grass, who can withstand this?”

“Help! Help!”

“The defense line can’t hold on any longer!”

This time, the number of demon beasts had increased by ten times, and the speed of their attacks had doubled. The players immediately couldn’t withstand it!

Even Wang Lufei was instantly surrounded by seven or eight level five demon beasts, unable to break out of the siege for a while!

“Ah!” a player let out a scream and was attacked by two level five demon beasts!

Then, more than 50 single horned big shots constantly appeared and killed!

The number and scale of the demon beasts increased dramatically, which had already broken through the limit that the players could bear!

He Yiming stepped into the air.

“Don’t worry. I will try my best to fight. Look carefully and tell me the big gap between me and Morisa!”

He Yiming ordered all the players.

“All disciples, listen to me!

“I will personally help you resist this wave.”