Chapter 419 - Looking for Trouble

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The HH Group was indeed wealthy. There was such a large piece of jade in the preliminary hall.

The people who came here today were all either rich or noble. When they saw this piece of jade, they were all tempted.

It had to be known that large pieces of jade were priceless.

At this moment, the host on the stage said, “This piece of jade took nearly ten years to polish. Mr. Chen said that this piece of jade is the prize for first place in the preliminary round.”

The host paused for a moment before continuing, “As everyone should have seen, there are many untrimmed quarry stones placed around. Everyone can choose the best one and let the master cut it on the spot. According to the quality of the material, the top twenty can enter the next round!”

Hearing the host say this, everyone stared at the jadeite.

Most of them were just here to watch the show. They had never expected that there would be such an expensive prize.

Everyone was tempted. Who didn’t like good things?

The HH Group was really generous. The 50 to 60 people present were eager to try. No one wanted to miss this jadeite.

All the untrimmed quarry stones present had to be bought with their own money!

There were a total of 50 to 60 people present. If each of them contributed a portion, the chairman of HH Group could earn a lot of money.

If some people got carried away, they might even buy a few more untrimmed quarry stones. At that time, HH Group would make a killing!

The host said, “Let the competition begin!”

Many people couldn’t wait to choose the stones they liked. They wanted to start early.

As for Qiao Nian, she did not immediately go forward to choose. Instead, she observed the stones.

These raw materials looked ordinary, but no one knew what was inside.

Qiao Nian looked through them once. Finally, her gaze landed on an ordinary and unremarkable raw stone. She walked towards it.

At this moment, an impatient voice sounded from the side.

“Vixen, if you don’t have money for stone gambling, just lie in bed and accompany your man. Don’t get in my way here!”

As she spoke, the woman was about to knock into Qiao Nian flying.

At this moment, Ah Rao raised his hand to block the woman. He raised his hand slightly, and the woman stumbled and fell to the ground!

Gao Hong fell to the ground. Her fair calf was scraped. Instantly, she frowned in pain and screamed, “Are you crazy? Can’t you see? Are you blind?”

“Yes, I am!” Ah Rao said calmly. “What’s wrong?”

Initially, Qiao Nian had been a little unhappy about this woman causing trouble. But when she heard Ah Rao’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Qiao Nian’s smile angered Gao Hong so much that her expression changed. “You vixen, you wretch. Why are you here if you don’t have the money!”

Gao Hong had come with her father, Gao Quan. Gao Quan had just picked a raw stone. He walked through the crowd and saw his daughter sitting on the ground, crying.

Gao Quan immediately saw Qiao Nian and Ah Rao. He said angrily, “Who hit her? Who did it? If you don’t apologize, I’ll cut off your legs!”

Gao Quan’s angry roar attracted more people.

Initially, everyone had a good impression of Qiao Nian. However, when they saw that she was looking for trouble, they all despised her.

Lu Zhu and Qiao Yu also walked over.

At this moment, Gao Hong was lying in Gao Quan’s arms, crying pitifully!

Qiao Yu walked forward.

Seeing this, Lu Zhu grabbed Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu looked at Lu Zhu in confusion.

“Don’t cause trouble!”

Qiao Yu’s expression changed slightly, and he stood rooted to the ground reluctantly.

“She can handle it,” Lu Zhu said.

Qiao Yu looked at Qiao Nian suspiciously.

At this moment, Ah Rao crossed his arms over his chest and did not even frown. He shrugged slightly and said, “Your daughter randomly threw herself at me. I only rejected her!”