Chapter 421 - Goading

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“Oh my God, does he want to die?”

“I’ve seen many pretty boys who rely on their looks to make a living. He just wants to show off and be liked by a rich woman!”

“This silly kid probably doesn’t even know who Mr. Gao is!”

Of course, Ah Rao knew who Mr. Gao was. Gao Quan was originally from MY. Later on, he relied on stone gambling to make a fortune. Thanks to his money, he had become a big shot that many people did not dare to provoke.

He actually dared to attack his employer. He was simply courting death.

Gao Quan was shocked by Ah Rao’s arrogant attitude. Then, he sneered. This young man was still young and unreliable. At this point, he still did not know how to make use of the situation. He was simply playing with fire.

The host did not expect Ah Rao to say that. The smile on his face froze for a moment before he said respectfully, “After this match ends, you can fight as you please!”

Ah Rao slowly lowered his sleeves and buttoned them up. He said very politely, “Thank you!”

That rich voice made one’s heart flutter.

Many of the women present had to admit that although they knew that this kid was acting, he was really too handsome.

Gao Quan glanced at Ah Rao coldly and said, “Hmph, I’ll be waiting for you!”

Wang Chuan shifted uneasily to Gao Quan’s side and reminded him carefully, “Boss, actually, he’s…”

Gao Quan was already very angry. He kicked Wang Quan in the stomach, venting all his anger on him. He said coldly, “You’re fired!”

Gao Quan looked down at Wang Chuan. A dog was useless.

Wang Chuan finally felt better. He got up from the ground and looked at Gao Quan coldly. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Gao Hong was originally still very angry, but when she saw that such a handsome man was actually protecting that woman, she had a strange feeling.

If he didn’t open his mouth, he would really be pleasing to the eye!

Unfortunately, he followed the wrong person.

He was actually protecting a wild model without any regrets!

When this competition was over, she wanted to see him kneeling and begging for mercy. When that happened, she would save him.

She believed that this man would definitely give himself to her.

She loved to see him kneel at her feet and beg for mercy. At that time, the expression on his face would definitely be pleasant.

At that time, this man would definitely be especially obedient and protect her like a princess.

Thinking of this, Gao Hong felt that the wound on her leg was no longer uncomfortable.

“That handsome man is in trouble. He still wants to challenge Mr. Gao. He really doesn’t know his limits!”

“Qiao Nian, you’re just a wild model. Stay by Mr. Lu’s side obediently. Otherwise, go back and rest. Don’t cause trouble here!”

“Exactly, exactly!”

Qiao Nian frowned and asked coldly, “Who said I wasn’t here to gamble on stones?”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, the surrounding people laughed out loud.

“You think you’re worthy as a wild model?”

“Wow, the little wild model is quite bold!”

“She’s actually Mr. Lu’s competitor. That’s a good move to attract his attention.”

“She looks so confident!”

Qiao Nian ignored them and walked to the stall near the door. She pointed at the ordinary stone in the innermost area and said, “Hello, I want this one!”

The cutting master was in his fifties. Seeing Qiao Nian like this, he thought that she had been forced by those people to gamble on stones. He kindly advised, “Little girl, those people are deliberately trying to provoke you. Don’t be fooled.”

“Thank you, Uncle. I still want this piece. How much is it?” Qiao Nian asked, her voice softening.

“Two hundred.”

When they heard the price, everyone laughed!