Chapter 424 - Don't Underestimate Her

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Qiao Nian took a closer look at the ice jade, then picked up the brush and continued to brush the shell near it.

After Qiao Nian’s careful polishing, more and more of the shell fell off, and the area where the ice jade was planted gradually expanded.

Qiao Nian placed the ice jade in the water and gently rubbed the part with the ice jade. The cold sensation spread throughout her body.

That’s right. That’s what it felt like.

Her gamble had paid off.

The corners of Qiao Nian’s lips curled up slightly. The championship was hers!

The old cutting master, who was standing at the side, had just taken a look at the ice jade when his expression changed slightly.

He had been in this business for decades. Just by looking at the water, he knew that there was jade in this stone.

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Zhang Yong, who was standing at the side, also found it unbelievable.

He had never expected that that lousy stone could actually produce jadeite.

As they watched the commotion, everyone stood in confusion.

Through the big screen, they could clearly see that the stone in Qiao Nian’s hand was made of jade.

Even Gao Hong, who was standing at the side, turned pale with fright.

How, how was this possible?

That was absolutely impossible!

How could a lousy stone that cost two hundred yuan possibly produce jade?

Lu Zhu stood there calmly, his gaze on Qiao Nian’s face. Seeing how serious she was, for some reason, the image of his mother suddenly appeared in his mind.

His mother looked the same when she was embroidering seriously.

Their figures gradually overlapped, and they actually looked 70 to 80% alike.

For a moment, Lu Zhu was a little dazed.

When Qiao Nian was almost done removing the shell of the stone, she prepared to open the stone with the rock shaving machine.

Qiao Nian looked carefully at the stone in her hand. She was going to start gambling now.

First, she had to determine the direction of the jade and the texture of the stone. Only then could she open it.

This time, no one dared to say anything because they seemed to have been slapped a few times just now.

At this moment, someone admitted, “From the technique that Qiao Nian used in the cutting, she’s indeed an expert in stone gambling!”

“That’s right. This stone has already exceeded our imagination. From the ice jade that emerged, the jade should not be bad. Now, we just want to see if she can take out the complete jade inside. I think she should have the ability!”

When Gao Hong heard others praise Qiao Nian, a trace of disdain flashed across her eyes. She said angrily, “Even if she can take out the jade, so what? How can this stone be good jade?”

Some people who were afraid of the Gao family’s power quickly echoed.

“That’s right. Miss Gao is right. Even if the ice jade in here is alright, this jade is only the size of a fist. Logically speaking, a jade like this probably costs only a thousand yuan!”

“That’s true. It’s a joke that this piece of jade can enter the top 20!”

“I think Miss Qiao can be a cutter here. Her technique is quite good!”

When Gao Hong heard the others say this, she laughed smugly.

Qiao Nian didn’t take their words to heart at all. She carefully cut off the thin slices from the surface of the stone.

Qiao Nian picked up the stone. When her gaze landed on the cracked jadeite, she heaved a sigh of relief.

From the looks of it, she had probably not cut into the best jade inside. She had only cut a corner.

Moreover, she could also see the patterns inside clearly through the corners. The next time it was cut, it would be able to protect the jade inside better.

The surrounding people sighed and were so nervous that their palms were sweating. For some reason, they felt that this was even more intense than their own stone gambling.

No one noticed a man in a black suit standing at the railing on the second floor. It was none other than Mr. Chen.