Chapter 430

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The moment Song Yue thought of Qiao Nian kneeling in front of her and begging for mercy, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

Now that two pieces of imperial jade and a piece of blood jade had been opened, the atmosphere in the entire hall became serious. The other participants became more and more nervous.

Qiao Nian was very concerned about Lu Zhu now, her gaze fixed on him.

However, Lu Zhu looked very calm, as if he did not feel any pressure.

Seeing that Qiao Nian was very worried about Lu Zhu, Ah Rao said softly, “You don’t have to worry about him!”

Qiao Nian looked at Ah Rao in confusion. “Are you close to him?”

Ah Rao only smiled and did not say anything.

They were from the same mother, so how could they not be familiar with each other?

Just as Qiao Nian was feeling puzzled, the master who was cutting the raw material for Lu Zhu exclaimed, “Oh my god, it’s actually a glass-type blood jade! This is too rare…”

Glass-type blood jadeite.

Everyone quickly looked over and saw the cutter holding an emerald that looked like it was dripping with blood. They couldn’t take their eyes off it.

This piece of jade was even more beautiful than the one Qiao Yu had just opened.

The most amazing thing was that this piece of blood jade was about the size of half a basketball.

Everyone looked at the blood jade with envy!

“Heavens, this blood jade is really beautiful. And it’s so big!”

“I think it was opened at 50 million!”

“From the looks of it, he’s raised his stakes!”

“Speaking of which, it’s strange. There are so many imperial jades and blood jades today!”

“Stop talking. If I can get such good glass-types, I’m willing to spend 50 million, even 100 million!”

The final conclusion given by the valuation expert was that this blood jade was worth about a billion!

Everyone’s eyes turned red with envy. They watched as one person after another gambled to become billionaires.

Song Yue couldn’t help but clench her fists tightly, feeling an inexplicable sense of danger.

It seemed that this competition would be very intense.

She had originally thought that she only needed to rely on Jiang Chi’s suggestion to win in the end, but now it seemed that she still couldn’t get first place.

At this moment, the host was very excited. She had hosted many stone gambling activities in the past, but this was the first time she had encountered so many good materials.

This time, the competition was really intense and exciting.

This was only the first round. Qiao Nian, Qiao Yu, Lu Zhu, and Song Yue had each obtained rare and precious jadeite.

Qiao Nian pursed her lips slightly. It seemed that it would be really difficult for her to obtain the Moon Goddess necklace.

Qiao Nian tilted her head to look at Ah Rao and asked in a low voice, “How long have you known him?”

“Not much. Just over twenty years!”

Qiao Nian was speechless.

More than twenty years. That’s not much?

Qiao Nian sized up Ah Rao. He looked to be in his twenties. In that case, Ah Rao and Lu Zhu must have been childhood friends.

Indeed, people in high society were in the same circles.

“How long have you known Fu Hang?” Qiao Nian asked curiously.

“Only about twenty years!”

Qiao Nian fell silent. It seemed that Fu Hang hadn’t hired a bodyguard at all. It just so happened that he had a brother in this industry.

When she first saw Ah Rao, she felt that his temperament was completely different from ordinary bodyguards.

He did not have that cold murderous aura, nor did he look stiff. Instead, he looked more like a rich playboy.

While Qiao Nian was thinking, the raw stones had all been cut open.

Some were happy, while others were sad.

After all, not many people were lucky enough to get good jade.

In the world of stone gambling, it was already considered good if the stone’s valuation did not decrease.

So many players had spent tens of millions of yuan, but in the end, they had only obtained tens of thousands of emeralds. They couldn’t even find a place to cry.

Everyone waited anxiously. An hour later, the valuation expert reported all the jadeite rankings.

This time, there were a total of 96 participants.

The first place was Qiao Nian’s glass imperial jade, which was worth 1.27 billion yuan.

The second place was Lu Zhu. Although he did not get an imperial green jade, it was a large glass-type blood jade. In the end, it was valued at 930 million.

Song Yue stood at the side with a cold expression as she looked at the rankings. Her face instantly darkened, and her hands clenched involuntarily.