Chapter 642 - Explanation

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Chapter 642: Explanation

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Gu Zhou’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face again. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Where are you planning to go?”

His voice was low and hoarse, and there was a trace of intriguing danger in it.

Could Gu Zhou have misunderstood something?

Did Gu Zhou think that he was dressed up to meet other men?

Or did he suspect that she was cheating?

When she realized this, Qiao Nian couldn’t help but shiver.

With a sweet smile on her face, Qiao Nian explained, “I’m planning to meet Lu Nian.”

“My younger brother?” A trace of confusion flashed in Gu Zhou’s eyes.

Qiao Nian could see a trace of warmth in Gu Zhou’s eyes. It seemed that Gu Zhou really treated Lu Nian as his younger brother and family.

It seemed that Gu Zhou and Lu Nian were especially close. Gu Zhou shouldn’t have misunderstood.

Qiao Nian smiled and nodded. “Didn’t I play for him once? Perhaps it’s because of this that he has a new song about to be released. He invited me to listen to it.”

Gu Zhou looked at Qiao Nian in confusion and asked, “You’re the only one invited?”

Qiao Nian shook her head. “This time, there should be some people present who know about music. He probably wants our opinion.”

Gu Zhou’s eyelashes lowered slightly as he stood there calmly. Previously, Lu Nian had admired Qiao Nian’s attainments in music.

“I’ll send you off.” Gu Zhou didn’t say much.

Qiao Nian was slightly stunned. Actually, she knew how to drive. She could go by herself, but she couldn’t refuse Gu Zhou’s request.

Before Qiao Nian could finish speaking, Gu Zhou turned and walked out, not giving Qiao Nian a chance to refuse.

Qiao Nian pursed her lips and had no choice but to follow.

When they reached the stairs, Qiao Nian refused to give up. “Aren’t you busy today?”

Qiao Nian didn’t know what to say.

After getting into the car and putting on her seatbelt, Qiao Nian heard Gu Zhou ask, “The address.”

“At Yongan Building.”

Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Gu Zhou frowned. He turned to look at Qiao Nian, his eyes burning.

“Are you really going to meet Lu Nian?”

The space in the car was very small to begin with. A dangerous aura spread throughout the car, and Qiao Nian couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Strange, why would Gu Zhou ask that?

Was there anything wrong with this address?

Qiao Nian said innocently, “Of course I’m going to see Lu Nian. Who else do you think I’m going to see?”

“Yongan Building is under Lu Zhu’s name.”

The meaning behind Gu Zhou’s words could not be clearer.

Qiao Nian was stunned for a moment, but she quickly came back to her senses. No matter how stupid she was, she could tell what Gu Zhou meant.

She looked at Gu Zhou intently and recalled the last time Gu Chuan came out.

Could it be that Gu Chuan had run out in a rage because he knew that she had seen Lu Zhu?

That made sense. Gu Chuan cared so much about Nian’er.

But what did this have to do with Gu Zhou?

Qiao Nian thought for a while and took out her phone from her bag. She opened the message Lu Nian had sent her and handed the phone to Gu Zhou.

It was not because she cared about Gu Zhou’s feelings, but because she felt that there was no need to let Gu Zhou misunderstand. What if she let Gu Chuan out again?

Gu Chuan was a terrifying existence to her.

“Look, I’m not lying.”

Gu Zhou’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face. Seeing how serious Qiao Nian was, he didn’t say anything else. Without looking at Qiao Nian’s phone, he drove towards Yongan Building.

Qiao Nian was still holding her phone. Her hand hovered awkwardly in midair.

Strange, why wasn’t Gu Zhou looking?

Could it be that Gu Zhou already believed her words?

If that was the case, it meant that there was nothing between her and Lu Nian. However, he seemed to really not want her to meet Lu Zhu.

When they were in MY, Gu Zhou seemed to dislike her talking to Lu Zhu.

Qiao Nian thought of Gu Chuan and couldn’t help but shiver.

It seemed that she could no longer let Gu Zhou misunderstand her relationship with Lu Zhu. Otherwise, if Gu Chuan found out that she had met Lu Zhu, he might appear often.