Chapter 154 - Lin Yun Has Changed

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Lin Yun knew that Feng Hao was in a difficult position, so she smiled and said, “It’s okay. If it’s not convenient, I’ll think of another way.”

Lin Yun turned to leave, but Feng Hao grabbed her arm. “Wait a moment, I’ll ask.”

Zhai Yue would never compete with Fan Xing in this aspect. She always did as she pleased.

“What color do you want to wear?”

“White, just like the clothes you’re wearing. It’s ethereal and beautiful!”

“Okay, then white it is.”

Zhai Yue personally transformed Fan Xing. She wore a white, wide-embroidered dress with a silver hem and a thread of light muslin floating around her body. She looked extremely immortal.

Her long black hair was still tied up by a white jade hairpin. It was simple, but it carried a hint of nobility and elegance.

“Remember, speak less, watch more, and think more, especially when it comes to the Wen family. You have to have the mentality of watching a good show tonight. If you make a move first, the good show might be over.”

“Yes, I know. You’ve said it many times. I’ll remember it all. Let’s go.”

The two of them walked out of the courtyard wearing the same clothes. As soon as they appeared, they saw that Fez seemed to have a premonition. She was also dressed in light-colored clothes. Zhai Yue glanced at her and pointed with his finger. Her clothes changed into a pink gown.

Fez’s expression changed. She was not even allowed to wear the same clothes as them. This d*mn Zhai Yue, was he really faking? Did he know that his feelings for that half-demon were no longer as simple as wanting the demonic core?

However, Fez couldn’t care less at the moment. She could only swallow her anger and look at the two of them before standing obediently behind them.

‘When did it start?’

Aunt Xu frowned and thought carefully…

It seemed to have started when Miss was injured and hospitalized! After her identity was exposed and the Lin family brought the real heiress, Lin Yu, home…

From then on, everything seemed to have changed!