Chapter 167 - The Big Scoop

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Since Lin Yun planned to invest in the new Masked King, she had to increase the attention on someone else.

It was better to take this opportunity to make things easier for these reporters!

She typed on the keyboard and soon heard screams outside.

“Surely not?”

“Is this true?”

“Oh my God! How could this happen!”

“Oh! I can’t believe it! I must be the first to interview him!”

Soon, the reporters drove away from Lin Yun’s house and it became instantly became quiet…

After all, how could a nobody like Lin Yun be as shocking as the gossip clues she had just posted in several entertainment magazines?

Although there was already gossip about the new Masked King, there was not much concrete evidence.

Lin Yun didn’t mind using some tricks to distract them.

For example, Wu You, the singer supported by Tian Le Records.

Speaking of Wu You, Lin Yun was a little impressed. She could be considered beautiful and sweet, with a hint of young arrogance.

Throughout the entire competition, she had a detached attitude, making Lin Yun think that she was really a person without desires.

However, there were a few people in the entertainment industry who had no desires.

Moreover, Wu You had already debuted for a few years. Although she had not become popular, she had accumulated a lot of fans.

A few days ago, when Lin Yun was learning about the details of the newly promoted singers, she “accidentally” flipped through the foundations of several record companies.

And Tian Le Records was one of them.

As a future investor, this was naturally understandable.

However, after casually flipping through the archives of a few companies, she actually discovered many strange things.

And Lin Yun had always liked to get to the bottom of things…

As a result, she had dug up a lot of shocking gossip.

Wu You was the one who shocked Lin Yun the most! Her sugar daddy was actually a highly respected veteran in the entertainment industry who had been married for more than 40 years. He and his wife were the epitome of the perfect couple in the entire entertainment industry.

Not only that, the two of them had never had children in their lives. They adopted a son and daughter. According to rumors, two years ago, after a son and daughter left home one after another, the old celebrity adopted another little boy.

And the gossip that Lin Yun dug up was that this child was the illegitimate son of the veteran celebrity and new singer, Wu You! As for the situation with the son and daughter from before, Lin Yun was not in a hurry to dig deeper.

After settling the trouble at the door, Lin Yun’s mood improved a lot.

When Wang Qi knocked on the door, Lin Yun had just packed her computer and was about to leave.

Wang Qi was about to knock on the door when she was frightened by the sound of Lin Yun opening the door. “You’re out! Everyone outside has left!”

Lin Yun nodded and said, “I heard it.”

“I wonder what shocking secret they discovered again. They jumped into the car excitedly and ran away.” Wang Qi couldn’t help but complain.

“In the past, I always heard that if a reporter’s reaction is slow, they won’t even be able to eat hot shit. I’ve finally seen it today.”

Lin Yun curled her lips and said, “Who cares! As long as they leave us in peace.”

Wang Qi shrugged. “That’s true.”

“Since it’s quiet here, why don’t we so something fun!”

When Lin Yun heard this, she frowned and subconsciously felt that something bad was about to happen…

“Not good! CEO Fu! Something big happened!” Fu Heng’s secretary, Cai Jie, rushed into the office and even forgot to knock.

Fu Heng was listening to Wu You’s new song with his legs crossed.

He glared at Cai Jie and said, “What’s the hurry? Why did I interview you back then!”

Cai Jie took a deep breath and ignored her boss’s sarcasm. Then, he dropped a bombshell.

“Someone exposed that Wu You and Master Qiong have an illegitimate child!”

When Fu Heng heard this, he almost fell off his chair.

He tried to steady himself before he swallowed and asked, “What did you say?”

Cai Jie looked at Fu Heng, who didn’t look like a boss, and sniffed. “CEO Fu, what should we do now?”

Although Fu Heng was shocked for a moment, he was still the CEO of a few companies. Naturally, he was not easily frightened.

He cleared his throat before straightening. “Get me Wu You and her manager immediately.”

“Also, call Ning Hao back and ask him to hurry up.”