Chapter 374 - Cooperation

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Chapter 374: Cooperation

Lin Qian drove all the way and told Lin Yun about Pei Man’s great achievements.

For example, she bartered a tea plantation for someone else’s restaurant and did not forget to take away two mansions.

Another example was that Pei Man gave a set of jewelry that she despised to a certain tycoon’s wife in exchange for an SVIP card from a top hotel and two shopping malls.

Lin Yun couldn’t close her mouth when she heard Lin Qian’s words.

Pei Man probably really had no concept of money, but her money-sucking physique was probably envied by ordinary people!

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Pei Man was sitting leisurely in a VIP room of a red wine shop opened by the Chen family in the top residential area of the city center. She was drinking red wine and looking at a string of beads that Mrs. Chen had just sent over.

“Madam Lin, what do you think of my bead bracelet? It’s said to be made from an ancient tree on the cliff.” Madam Chen looked at Pei Man expectantly.

Pei Man looked at the string of beads and couldn’t help but frown.

Seeing this, Mrs. Chen’s heart skipped a beat. “Why? Is this fake?”

Pei Man looked up at Mrs. Chen with confusion in her eyes. “Why did Mrs. Chen ask me to look at this? I don’t understand these things made of wood.”

Mrs. Chen smiled at Pei Man and said, “You’re joking with me, right? The set you’re wearing is made of agarwood. Are you telling me that you don’t appreciate this?”

Pei Man looked down at the accessory hanging around her neck and smiled. “This was given to me by a fellow countryman.”

“I brought it out because I thought it matched today’s outfit.”

Mrs. Chen frowned, feeling that Pei Man must be patronizing her. “Madam Lin, are you joking with me? Where did this fellow countryman come from?”

Seeing that Mrs. Chen clearly didn’t believe her, Pei Man could only sigh. “I’m serious! I really don’t understand these things!”

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“If you’re interested, I can introduce you to my fellow countryman. However, I heard that he hasn’t been to Sea City recently. I’m afraid it will be a while!”

Seeing Pei Man’s serious expression, Mrs. Chen couldn’t help but suspect that she might be telling the truth.

After a while, Mrs. Chen ordered someone to put away the chain and said to Pei Man, “Madam Lin, do you like this red wine?”

Pei Man nodded heavily and said, “This taste is very fragrant and different from what we usually have. I wonder if this red wine can be bought in bulk?”

Mrs. Chen was taking a sip of red wine when she heard Pei Man’s words.

She held the wine glass and glared at Pei Man. “Are you planning to order this wine in bulk?”

“That’s right! This wine smells so good. It’s the most suitable for baking seafood!” Pei Man said happily, not noticing that Mrs. Chen’s eyes were widening.

Mrs. Chen looked at Pei Man seriously tasting the red wine and frowned for a long time before finally letting go.

She smiled helplessly and said, “I’m sorry, Madam Lin. I’m afraid this red wine can’t be ordered in bulk.”

“I see…” Pei Man looked regretful, making Mrs. Chen feel that she had said something hurtful.

She immediately changed the topic and said, “But our winery still has a slightly lower-quality red wine that can be provided to Madam Lin. Do you want to give it a try?”

When Pei Man heard this, although she was a little sad that she couldn’t order the wine in her hands, she still nodded and said, “The quality of Madam Chen’s red wine is really good. I believe the wine you mentioned won’t be bad.”

When Mrs. Chen heard this sincere “flattery”, she gestured to the person beside her.