Chapter 320 - Building Infrastructure, Let's Go to the Sky Region to Take a Look

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In the sky region of the Solar System. The brilliant morning sun shone on two patches of field and morning dew condensed on the petals, dripping onto the stems and leaves. When the totem soldiers who were patrolling routinely saw this, they couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

“I didn’t expect the two new immortals to have such methods. To think they can even plant flowers in the void… The growth of their plants is much better than my great-grandson’s mess!”

“Sigh, is this even impressive? When I passed by the government office yesterday, I heard a god say that he could plant flowers all over the Solar SSSSSSSystem with a wave of his hand.”

“How can such a large area be planted full of flowers? In my opinion, the magnate is right, we should build infrastructure!”

“Speaking of which, Blue Planet has so many more new buildings, all accessible to humans and beasts…”

“The construction on the Blue Planet is in full swing, and the Solar System will not fall behind either.”

Suddenly, the window close to the side where the totems were opened, and a flowering branch extended out.

“Hey, why are you guys staying in my flower field? Do you believe that I will tell Chu Feng that you guys are slacking off!”

Hearing “Chu Feng”, the few totems gathered there immediately dispersed.

“Hurry up and leave, be careful, that Flower God will really complain!”

“Isn’t that immortal too narrow-minded? Didn’t a passer-by just pick a single flower from her field? Why is he so wary of us?”

“Don’t say anymore, no matter how bad those two are at fighting, they are still Gods!”

“Eh? Who picked the flower?”


The flower branches by the window retracted. The Flower God looked at the Tree God who was still working diligently as usual, and sighed while shaking her head.

If she had known that she would have to work for someone else every day since coming here, she would have just holed up somewhere else.

“Sheng Yi, don’t you think this is meaningless?”

“I think it’s much better than planting flowers.”

“Sigh, do you think Chu Feng is taking the slave trade we mentioned seriously?” The Flower God Luo Li was a little annoyed. That kid always looked indifferent, so it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

The Tree God replied while flipping through the files, “Don’t worry. Even if he doesn’t feel anything about the slave trade, he can’t just leave the rare beasts and powerful businessmen there run amok.”

“But, Chu Feng doesn’t seem to have the motive to overthrow the Slave Chamber of Commerce, right?” The Flower God rested her chin on her hands.

“Who says he doesn’t?” The Tree God smiled and said, “Although the army of the sky region isn’t strong overall, it still costs a lot to maintain it. Regardless of whether Chu Feng wants to maintain the army or not, it is unlikely that he will let go of the wealthy Chamber of Commerce. Don’t think too much. Luo Ya will be fine.”

In the Solar System’s treasure trove, someone was taking inventory of some of the supreme treasures and resources that the Desolate God had sent over from the wild region. Chu Feng took some of the supreme treasures and the royal sky crystals, then left. The Desolate God that he had enslaved was now in the wild region, dealing with various matters. When the Solar System celebration was held, the Desolate God would bring more treasures and resources. The Dragon God and Water God that had been sent out on missions also sent messages back.

“Master, most of the races in the sky region that we have communicated with have expressed that they will listen to the arrangements of the Nine Gods Council…”

Seeing this, Chu Feng decided to go over to check out the situation in advance, to prevent any troublesome matters from happening on the day of the celebration. Before leaving the Solar System, through sharing the Astral Spirit’s vision, he saw a wall that was embedded with ordnance in the layered realm of concepts that looked exceptionally familiar.

That wall duplicated the realm attribute of the mechanical space that he had constructed previously, as well as all the ordnance. Although some components had to be reconstructed in reality, with the combination of virtual and real, the realm of concepts that covered the entire solar system could produce even more terrifying effects.

All the functions could be realized by logging into the special inner network of the Solar System constructed by Zhong Hen and entering the corresponding authorizations. For example, forbidding outsiders from entering, allowing only resources to enter, launching artillery bombardments, and so on.

In short, it was both highly secure and practical. For example, in a situation like this where he had to travel far away, there was no need to worry too much about the situation at home.

Even if a God Supremacy were to come over, he wouldn’t be able to take the realm down in a short time.

After all, even Chu Feng’s beast world, which was larger than the Solar System, had been replicated by the Astral Spirit’s realm of concepts.

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly flew out of the beast world and flew around its Beastmaster.

Sensing the other party’s thoughts, Chu Feng raised his eyebrows, “You want to bring the chief of the Blue Planet branch’s mirage butterfly race to the sky region’s main branch to take a look?”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly’s two antennae swayed up and down as if it was nodding. Chu Feng thought for a moment, then turned around and returned to Tianyu City before asking someone to summon Geoffrey through the signal tower. Ever since the two magnates started cultivating again, most of the matters on the Blue Planet had been handed over to their previous subordinates to handle. Unless there was something important, Wu Yu and Zhong Hen were usually cultivating in seclusion.

The Blue Planet had recently launched many fortifications, and the signal tower that covered the entire Blue Planet and even the Solar System was one of them. Currently, it was only being built with the Blue Planet as the core. In the future, the Blue Planet network would even be connected to other galaxies or even the main interstellar network. At that time, it would be as if “the village just connected to the Internet”.

Thinking of the strange behavior of the netizens at that time, Chu Feng couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t have to wait long before the chief of the mirage butterfly race, Geoffrey, who had completely submitted to the Blue Planet’s human race, arrived. Now, all the races on the Blue Planet had the human race as their core. Especially after the previous catastrophe, all the living beings on the Blue Planet simply worshipped the human magnate, Chu Feng.

“Idol… Ahem! Did you call me here for something?” Noticing that he had accidentally said a certain word, Geoffrey’s face turned red. He pretended to clear his throat to cover it up, then stood at the side, waiting for orders. Looking at the person who was still dressed in a low-key manner, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

Chu Feng’s status was already so high, yet he still remains his status as a normal person. No wonder he can achieve higher results.

Although Chu Feng could hear the internal thoughts of others about him, he didn’t usually use it. Now that he saw the old butterfly had a face full of worship, he naturally wouldn’t investigate either.

“Geoffrey, do you remember Mo’er?”

Hearing the word “Mo’er”, Geoffrey paused and answered respectfully, “Of course.”

To protect Mo’er, not only had the mirage butterfly race lost the race’s supreme treasure, the Mirage Pearl, but they had also violated the principle of neutrality.

Chu Feng said calmly, “Do you want to go with my Mirage Butterfly to take a look at the main race of the sky region that Mo’er mentioned?”

Hearing this, Geoffrey raised his head abruptly, his old eyes flashing with all kinds of emotions. Which branch of the main race would not want to return to the main branch? Even if there were some that did not want to return, they still had the intention of developing their branch into the main one…

Mo’er had died because of his stubbornness. This matter had always been weighing on Geoffrey’s heart. Now that he had seen the light of day, he could no longer suppress it. How exactly was the main race of the mirage butterfly race of the sky region that could make a race ancestor forget his home?

“If I can see beyond the heavens, my life would not have been in vain.”