Chapter 321 - Halfway Through, The Dragon Returns to Its Race ?

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After giving some instructions to Wu Yu and Zhong Hen’s remaining assistants, Chu Feng left the solar system with Geoffrey and the Mirage Butterfly. The reason why they left so easily was mainly that they were not a part of building the infrastructure.

“Young master, do you still remember what the Flower God said just now?” After leaving the Solar System, Geoffrey automatically changed his identity to an accompanying old servant.

Chu Feng said helplessly, “I didn’t hear it too clearly.”

To be honest, it wasn’t whether he heard it clearly or not, but the fact that he wasn’t paying attention at all.

“Either way, she just keeps talking about the same matter. It doesn’t matter whether I heard it or not.”

Geoffrey’s gaze was distant, and he sighed deeply, “I didn’t expect that there would be creatures suffering from slavery in such a place so close to us.”

Chu Feng’s voice was indifferent, “The weak have no human rights, and those who fall behind will be beaten up. Such matters are not very new to the ears.”

When he was still in the overlord level, a spaceship from the wild region had come through the wormhole. If it weren’t for the fact that the other party only had a few people and they weren’t very strong, the Blue Planet would have long been reduced to a slave market.

Different people had different opinions about slavery. In general, those who had benefited from it either ignored it or joined in to worsen the trade, while the victims were mostly in pain and powerless. Of course, some traitors would take the initiative to seek refuge with the powerful and turn into the latter’s pawns.

Chu Feng sympathized with the suffering of the slaves, but he would not do anything more. The words “slave trade” alone were enough to depict the countless forces involved in it. If a hothead stepped in easily, even if he wanted to join the same faction and get a share, he would be swallowed up until not even a bone would be left.

Geoffrey wanted to persuade Chu Feng to think about it more before doing anything, but he found himself powerless. Since he was a totem, forget about whether he was a slave or not, he would even find it difficult to survive outside the Solar System.

Shocked by the unexpected dragon roar, Geoffrey was so scared that he almost couldn’t maintain his human form. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Even the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who was also at the immortal level, had appeared… Could it be that there was some danger in this area? Geer hovered in the air and growled at its Beastmaster.

Chu Feng’s expression froze. He didn’t expect the Dark-sky Azure Dragon to want to go to its race to take a look too.

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“Mi-meh, mi-meh…”

“Roar, roar…”

The two beasts didn’t give in to each other, both telling their Beastmaster to go to their respective races first.

“Why don’t you guys fight? Let’s listen to whoever wins,” Chu Feng’s head hurt from the argument, so he simply suggested a solution that wasn’t a solution. When he saw Fei Nuo Sha and Geer’s eager expressions, he finally reacted and came to his senses. Wait, the beasts had always wanted to compete with each other to be the boss. If he asked them to do it this way, wouldn’t it be exactly what they wanted?

Besides, no matter how he looked at it, wouldn’t his beast fighting another of his beast simply be a loss and a waste? Chu Feng could only turn into a skilled negotiator and consoled the beasts one by one. Then, he made the decision straight away, “Alright, just listen to me. We will first, go to the dragon race that is closer, then we’ll go to the sky region’s mirage butterfly main race that is further away!”

Although the beasts would occasionally act foolishly, they still listened to their Beastmaster’s words. Hearing Chu Feng say this, they didn’t make any more noise.

Looks like he had to find more activities for his beasts to do, such as fighting. Otherwise, the extra energy will become his headache.

Chu Feng was deep in thought, planning to get Geer to move around more when they reached the dragon race. As for the Mirage Butterfly, they would probably only have a chance to act when they reached the main race in the sky region.

After sensing that the atmosphere had calmed down, Geoffrey who was trembling and hiding at the side let out a sigh of relief, “So these are immortals? Even when they’re not in battle, their auras are still so terrifying! But wait, when the Flower God was angry earlier, she didn’t seem to be this terrifying though?”

The seed of doubt was buried deep within Geoffrey’s heart. When none of them spoke, time seemed to pass extremely quickly. After the only old totem in the team that was dragging the team behind was carried by the Mirage Butterfly, their speed suddenly increased by quite a bit.

In a place shrouded with clouds and mist, dragons would appear from time to time. Between the mountains, forests, clouds, volcanoes, and all kinds of mixed terrain, there was a huge pillar that was so tall that it seemed to be able to support the sky. Next to the huge pillar were some smaller pillars.

This was the Dragon-coiling Pillar Area, which all the dragons were very familiar with. While thousands of dragons were circling around the pillars, a dragon’s roar suddenly came from afar, “Roar!”

Some with faster reflexes reacted quickly and recognized the owner of the dragon’s roar, “It’s Geer!”

“Geer is back!”

“His aura is so strong…”

“Go and inform the Dragon Kings!”


“Eh? Why does that aura feel stronger than the ancient Dragon God?!” The Prince of the azure dragon Race, Gordon, blurted out in surprise.

Hearing this, the other dragons that were watching from the side were all extremely shocked. The atmosphere area seemed to have exploded in an instant.

“Stronger than the ancient Dragon God? What level is that?”

“The Dragon God was an immortal world lord. Could it be that Geer is already an immortal world king?!”

“Speaking of which, have you guys heard the mysterious rumor recently?”

“Are you talking about the rumors that unimaginable existences from a large faction have been killed by a mysterious Beastmaster?”

“Yes! Those who were killed were true Gods!”

“True Gods? Didn’t they say that true Gods have an unlimited lifespan? How could they die…”

“Why are you so stupid?! Even if the true Gods have an unlimited lifespan, they can still be killed by an even more powerful existence!”

“Wow, just how powerful is that person to be able to kill a God?”

The four Dragon Kings looked at each other, not saying a word. Unlike the other dragons who had all sorts of information channels, they knew more.

Rennes secretly transmitted his voice, ‘If I remember correctly, the five God Generals of the Eastern Temple, the War God, God Subdue, Green Blade God, Ancient Eye God, and River God, all died because of one human?”

Gloria gasped, very frightened, “That human seems to be the Blue Planet’s Beastmaster, Chu Feng?”

Feirui nodded solemnly, “I’m afraid it really is the person we’re thinking of…”

Lance looked at the dragon coiled on the giant dragon pillar from afar, and said slowly, “I didn’t expect that Geer, who had been determined to be unable to achieve success in cultivation back then, would be able to reach this step.”

Hearing this, the other dragons couldn’t help but sigh, feeling the urge to beat up the elder who had jumped to a conclusion back then.

Gloria said faintly, “In my opinion, it’s because that Beastmaster is too freakish!”

Feirui looked at the figure on the dragon, frowning, “I wonder why they came?”