Chapter 324 - The Agony of Having to Memorize Books, and Who Are You ?

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After leaving the dragon race’s territory, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon returned to the beast world and began to learn the contents of the half-complete dragon race skills catalog. While on the road, Chu Feng would shift his attention to look inside. Every time he saw the Dark-sky Azure Dragon getting annoyed by the pile of dragon texts, he would comfort the dragon while secretly laughing in his heart. Fortunately, he didn’t have to do this.

Ahem, that’s not right either. He should feel regretful that he didn’t have those related skills.

The others in the beast world couldn’t help but laugh at Geer’s misfortune. All six beasts were battle companions. Although some focused on offense and some focused on auxiliary support from the rear, their skills were mostly used in battle.

Among them, only the Dark-sky Azure Dragon and the Mirage Butterfly could learn skills from their race’s skills catalog. As for Mystic’s thousands of skills, that would have to wait. Due to various reasons, the other beasts did not have any skills catalog to learn from.

Chu Feng planned to find some buff skills for the Wild Bear. As for the Mythical Tree, she may be able to refer to the many skills of the tree race. All in all, the matter of learning skills and accumulating a foundation could only be done one step at a time. Ever since the Dark-sky Azure Dragon started to memorize the skills catalog, he would throw the book and spar with the Mirage Butterfly every once in a while. Fortunately, the book was a copied version that was made of special material. Otherwise, God knows what state it would be in after all the damage.

Perhaps due to the fact it was seeing Geer’s misery while memorizing the skills, the Mirage Butterfly had become very irritable recently. All six beasts wanted to become stronger, but memorizing a book was simply too difficult.

“Boss, I don’t need to memorize anything,” Outside the void, Chu Feng suddenly heard Mystic say this.

He was a little puzzled, “Why?”

“I can master all the skills after reading it once, so why would I still need to memorize them?”

In the familiar world, Geer, who had tried all kinds of methods but simply could not memorize the book, was furious when he heard this. He turned around and began to issue a challenge against Mystic that had transformed into a human-form mecha. Battle!

“Roar!” Let’s fight!

“Are you sure you want to fight me now? With your hot-blooded state now, I’m afraid you can’t even withstand one attack from me.”

Perhaps it was because they had been together for a long time that Mystic’s hidden personality was gradually revealed. For example, right now, it had just said a sentence that didn’t have many tone fluctuations but was inexplicably very pretentious. Let alone the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, even the other beasts watching from the side, as well as Chu Feng, who had only heard the movements, wanted to fight Mystic.

The fights between the beasts included but weren’t limited to arm wrestling and hand-to-hand combat in various forms. The forms of the fights could be said to be widely varied. Occasionally, there would be unrestricted fights between them other than the rule that no lives were to be harmed. However, until now, there hadn’t been many of them. After all, every time a beast felt the urge to release its energy, some random monster would appear. As time passed, it would naturally be difficult for the beasts to accumulate their energy to that limit.

During the journey, Chu Feng and Fei Nuo Sha both felt that Geoffrey was too slow. At first, they were willing to fly with him outside. However, traveling through all sorts of wormholes in a short time was really too much for the old man.

In less than two days, Chu Feng simply moved Geoffrey into the tree world, where vitality was dense. Just like the creatures that had entered earlier, Lila was in charge. Without the speed of an ordinary totem dragging them back, the immortals that were comparable to true Gods soon arrived at their next destination.

The mirage butterfly race once had an invincible true God, the Insect Empress. Their true God ancestor didn’t care much about them, so the huge race didn’t even have a second true God. But without a doubt, the mirage butterfly race was huge. In the past, Mo’er, who had roamed the sky region for ten thousand years, said that the mirage butterfly race in the sky region was the main race. This statement was only half correct.

Geoffrey, who was finally released when they were near their destination, didn’t know how to react when he heard the news that Chu Feng had gotten from the illusory world. He wondered if Mo’er knew that he had abandoned his home to join another side branch, would he be able to rest in peace?

Perhaps there was an insurmountable gap between living beings. There were only a few who were fortunate enough to rise to a level that seemed unreachable. Among those few, there was probably no one as monstrous as Chu Feng. Thus, regardless of whether they were on the same or higher level, they couldn’t ignore his brilliance.

Chu Feng and the two Mirage Butterflies were welcomed into a hall in the void. Not long after, two people entered. The first to enter was a white-haired man with the Mirage Butterfly’s antennae standing proudly on his head. Although he looked old, he was still hale and hearty. He was probably one of the immortals in the sky region’s Nine Gods Council, Melda.

There was another person behind Melda. This person did not reveal the characteristics of his race, but at first glance of his eyes, one would think of the Spirit Foxes. Although Melda was walking in front of that person, she would look back from time to time. Her attitude was rather respectful.

Chu Feng was a little curious. Who was this? He didn’t seem to be able to sense the other party’s level. Chu Feng secretly used his telekinesis power, but for some reason, he found the other party’s realm somewhat familiar.

“Are you satisfied with the results of your probing?” That person’s eyes moved, and he seemed to be smiling.

Chu Feng felt that something was wrong. It can’t possibly be that some random person he met had a talent that could compete with his, right? Yet, the other party’s level was the same as his.

“No, this is clearly an anti-level investigation supreme treasure!”

“Anti-level investigation” meant that when one probed at another’s level, the other could use a special treasure to check one’s level instead. Fortunately, he didn’t use his second talent, so the result that the other party received was that he was only an immortal that could fight God Marquises. But in fact, Chu Feng could kill God Kings and fight Lower God Lords. In this way, he seemed to have accidentally done something right, putting a cover over himself.

“Who are you?” Even though he could guess that the other party was probably from some great background, Chu Feng didn’t want to do anything to butter up him. In this world, even if one could compete with one’s parents, the final deciding factor was still one’s strength. In terms of strength, Chu Feng had the confidence of not losing to anyone.

Before that person even spoke, Melda said in a matter-of-factly manner, “Chu Feng, even if your talent is so monstrous that you can kill a God General at the immortal level, you can not be rude to a God King. Hurry up and apologize to the God King.”

That person opened his folding fan and feigned interest in the show that was about to be played. Geoffrey, who was standing next to Chu Feng, tensed up. He wanted to do something to ease the atmosphere in the hall, but due to his low level, he couldn’t even move.

Chu Feng chuckled, “You want me to apologize?”