Chapter 325 - Region Lord, Quota Tax Battle

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Melda frowned, displeased with the new lord of the two regions. If he had met Chu Feng before yesterday, no matter what he thought, he would have shown respect on the surface. After all, different from her, Chu Feng was also an immortal who could kill four God Generals in a row!

Two regions were but a small number.

When one reached the immortal region lord realm, the faction the cultivator was in would usually allocate a region as one’s territory.

A region lord who had been bestowed with territories by his faction would usually only receive a relatively normal territory. On top of that, they would usually have to give a portion of their gains from the territory to the faction. From a certain perspective, no matter how many territories this region lord had, in truth, he was just working for the faction above. If he left the faction, the territories management power would be taken back.

Chu Feng was currently walking the path of freedom. He could be considered to have snatched the wild region over. As for the sky region, since it covered his territory, he would naturally not allow anyone to act arrogantly over him. Chu Feng gathered the two regions under him. If anyone was dissatisfied, he could come and fight.

At this moment, in the main hall, the sky domain Mirage Butterfly, who felt that he was knowledgeable, lifted his chin slightly and said, “Apologize.”

Chu Feng snorted coldly and said straight away, “Fei Nuo Sha, attack!”

“Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly had long been displeased with the old man. It flapped its wings and a terrifying space tide was immediately triggered!

Melda was a little uneasy, but looking at the guest next to him, he didn’t want to show any fear. He immediately shouted, “Everyone says that the beast follows its master. You are just as tactless as your master!”

Without waiting for him to think further, Fei Nuo Sha’s space tide broke through the sky region Mirage Butterfly’s space blades and barrier, bringing with it an unstoppable force as it swept towards the two opponents! The hall around them had long been destroyed.

Chu Feng chuckled, “You can’t even block an attack that hasn’t been enhanced with a skill?”

Melda’s expression changed abruptly. In a panic, he used several race skills, even the strongest mirage skill, but was still unable to block the attack.

The luxuriously dressed person with fox eyes snapped his fan shut with a “pa” and said, “You’re really useless. To think I have to make a move.”

Before he even finished his sentence, he took out a few golden talismans from his spatial secret treasure and scattered them. The golden talismans formed a defensive barrier.

Melda’s face reddened when he heard the honorable guest’s disdainful words. He chuckled dryly. He only knew that Chu Feng had killed the four God Generals. He did not know the exact details of what Chu Feng had done, so how could he know that the other party’s Mirage Butterfly was so powerful?

The young butterfly before him was probably not weaker than the Insect Emperess at the immortal level!

Melda had read about the Insect Empress’s combat strength in the records of the race. At this moment, he couldn’t help but be shocked when he compared the two. The protective barrier constructed from runes began to flicker intensely. In the next moment, the spatial tide broke through the protective barrier and swept toward the two of them once more!

The fox-eyed man was still fanning himself when he suddenly saw the protective barrier being destroyed. He said in disbelief, “This is impossible! When a God Marquise hasn’t cast any skills, his attack should at most reach the peak God General realm! How can it break through my defensive array?!”

The fox-eyed man, Richardson of the Spirit Fox race, knew that the person opposite him was an immortal comparable to a God Marquise through anti-level investigation!

Although there had never been such a monstrous figure in the universe, there were indeed very few immortals who could rival true Gods. Richardson supposed that the other party might have had many fortuitous encounters or was in possession of many treasures, which was why he could stack his battle strength to such a terrifying state.

That being said, even a God Marquise wouldn’t dare to say anything in front of him. No matter how strong the “fake God Marquise” before him was, the other party was bound to kneel! It was because he thought that everything was under his control that Richardson naturally put on a calm posture. But now, he could no longer maintain his noble young master’s demeanor.

“Who exactly are you?”

Looking at the flustered pretentious man, Chu Feng chuckled. “Before asking others, shouldn’t you tell me where you’re from first?”

Richardson took out a jade array disc and stood steadily in the spatial tide.

He flicked his sleeves and took out a small mirror to tidy up his appearance before saying seriously, “I’m off-staff personnel of the Eastern Temple. You may call me Lord Spirit Fox… Richardson.”

Noticing the unfriendly gaze of the Mirage Butterfly, he quickly changed his words.

Chu Feng replied indifferently, “I am Chu Feng.”

“Eh? Are you the one who killed five God Generals of the Eastern Temple in succession? I heard that recently, you are going to dominate the two regions?” Richardson asked in surprise.

“That’s me,” Noticing the strange pause in the other party’s sentence, Chu Feng asked, “What’s wrong with the two regions?”

“There’s nothing wrong with the two regions. However, you already have the combat power of a God Marquis, so why do you only have two regions? You should know that I, a God King, already have dozens of regions.”

Chu Feng frowned and asked, “Is my combat strength level related to the regions under my control?”

“It’s half-related,” Richardson continued to explain, “Most of the regions in the universe are controlled by large factions like the Eastern Temple. For example, although I have dozens of regions under my name, the true owner of those regions is actually the Eastern Temple. As for me, the region lord, I can only get a portion of the harvest from my territories.”

Chu Feng said impatiently, “So you have to pay tribute?”

Richardson replied, “If you can beat the temple’s tax collectors, you naturally won’t have to pay tribute to the temple then.”

“What’s with the temple’s tax collectors?”

“Lords with single-digit regions are immortal world kings and world supremacies; Those with double-digits are beginner, intermediate, and advanced true Gods, as well as God Generals; Those with hundreds are God Marquises and God Kings; Those with thousands are God Emperors… Of course, there will be exceptions occasionally. For example, a higher God King with dozens of regions came last time. I had no choice but to lose.”

At this point, Richardson let go of it, “That’s right. Your true level is still at the immortal level, so it’s natural that you only have two regions.”

Chu Feng nodded, then said, “You belong to the Eastern Temple, so you should know Black Sword Marquis, right?”

“Black Sword Marquis… He seems to be the master of the War God,” Richardson frowned, “Are you looking for him because you want to kill him?”

“There will be endless trouble if he stays alive. So why not?”

“Ignoring the temple and killing its men may cause the eastern region’s God Emperor to come after you. Aren’t you afraid?”

Chu Feng looked at the hall that had been restored after the battle subsided and smiled faintly, “What’s there to be afraid of?”

Richardson’s expression turned solemn, “In that case, fight me first!”