Chapter 327 - The Council Members Were Unsatisfied? Let's Fight

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Chu Feng put away the treasure and turned around. He found that many people had come.

He sized up the eight immortals who were wearing different expressions and said coldly, “Why is there still one missing from the Nine Gods Council of the sky region?”

The young man who was hiding behind the Mountain God heard this and dashed out. His eyes were sparkling, “I know! Kraken just flew out with a whoosh!”

Unlike his calm father, Wright was exceptionally lively. He chattered to Chu Feng, “Idol, you’re so powerful. You can even defeat someone from the Eastern Temple! In the past, even if my father and the other Gods went up together, they couldn’t defeat an immortal world king… This time, when they heard that a big shot sent by the temple was here, my father and the others were prepared to pay more taxes. I didn’t expect the God King to be defeated! Idol, you’re too powerful. I heard that your name is Chu Feng. Can I call you big brother Chu…”

Chu Feng’s face was cold, “Shut up.”

Wright stuck out his tongue and obediently kept quiet.

The Mountain God Cullen took a step forward and pulled his son back to his side. Then, he said respectfully, “My son has been rude. Please forgive me, my Lord.”

Chu Feng nodded slightly and looked at the Mirage Butterfly Melda, “Just now, were you the one who asked why I’m still alive?”

Melda looked at the God King whose face was pale and couldn’t hide his embarrassment. He suppressed the shock in his heart and smiled embarrassedly, “It was my fault for phrasing it wrong since I was too anxious just now. Please forgive me, my Lord…”

Hearing that, Chu Feng didn’t say anything. He turned to look at the immortal with the Bloodthirsty Vine’s aura, “It seems that you have something to say to me?”

Yorkie of the bloodthirsty vine race was a hot-blooded person. He said angrily, “You’re just an aborigine. What right do you have to abdicate the Nine Gods Council?”

Even though his previous resistance had been ineffective, he still didn’t agree with the other members’ voting results. Now that he met Chu Feng, he naturally had to say what was on his mind, “Even if you could barely fight a draw with the God King, it’s because the other party hasn’t unleashed his full strength to kill you! If you’re really that capable, then suppress your level to the immortal level and fight me.”

Hearing the Bloodthirsty Vine’s words, some of the immortals frowned and thought to themselves.

“Didn’t we agree to hand over the power? We’ve even prepared a response letter. Why did Yorkie drop the ball again?”

“Is he stupid? Can’t he see that the God King’s aura is unstable? I think the God King must have been at a disadvantage in that battle!”

“Who knows what these pro-war gods are thinking? Fortunately, Kraken isn’t here. Otherwise, it would be even more chaotic.”

“Do you guys think that Chu Feng is really at the immortal level?”

“Definitely not!”

“I’ve never heard of an immortal being able to kill someone above the intermediate true God realm. Since Chu Feng was able to fight to a draw with a God King, he definitely isn’t just an immortal!”

As their gazes met, the Gods all felt that Chu Feng was hiding his true strength.

The Mountain God Cullen barked, “Yorkie, do you take the position of the sovereign as some kind of spoils of war?! We have clearly decided to give up on our authorities earlier, so what’s the fuss now?”

Chu Feng caught a certain word and overthrew some of his previous preconceived plans.

“How about this, I’ll have my beasts suppress their cultivation levels and fight against each of you in duels. If any of you are rated as the weakest by my beasts, then give me more treasures,” He chuckled, “That way, no one will be unsatisfied.”

Although the members of the Nine Gods Council hadn’t witnessed the previous battle, they could roughly deduce that if Chu Feng wanted to kill them, it would probably be easier than killing a mindless ant. The pro-peace members with the Spiritual Unicorn in the lead didn’t plan to make a move. Just as they were about to say something, suddenly, the sound of rushing wind and a huge monster came!

“Duel? Sure! Let me see how strong a beast that can even kill a God General is!”

Chu Feng glanced at the ugly monster, which looked very familiar.

If he remembered correctly, he had just kicked away something ugly like this…

Without thinking too much, he called out to his beasts in his mind, “Didn’t you guys want to fight earlier? Hurry up and come out and teach these immortals a lesson.”

At this time, the Mountain God Cullen, Kraken, Basilisk, and the bloodthirsty vine race’s Yorkie all entered the arena. As pro-war gods, fighting was their best method of cultivation. Seeing that the four immortals were eager to give it a try, and thinking about how Chu Feng said that he would have his beasts suppress their cultivation in the duels, it seemed that their lives wouldn’t be in danger. The sky region Mirage Butterfly Melda thought for a while and followed closely behind as well.

He couldn’t teach Chu Feng a lesson, but it can’t be that he couldn’t beat his beasts that were on the same level, right?

On Chu Feng’s side, the beasts knew that even if they went out to fight, they wouldn’t be able to kill to their heart’s content, so they weren’t too willing to move. There was no other way. Chu Feng simply caught the Wild Bear, the big brother of the beast team in the desolate wild world, and asked it to try fighting against many alone.

“Awoo…” The Wild Bear nodded helplessly in agreement, thinking that it had to create a few clones in its mythical plane next time. Just its tall figure standing there alone was indeed too eye-catching. After suppressing its cultivation, the Wild Bear which looked extraordinary at first was instantly quite ordinary.

Yorkie mocked, “You dare to fight against five immortals with just one immortal level beast?”

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear clenched his fists and punched out! His boss had told him that for those two who had provoked them earlier, it was fine as long as they weren’t killed! As for the other immortals, it had to make sure that they were willing to hand over their treasures. As this battle was more of a friendly one, Chu Feng wasn’t worried that they would run away. Hence, he decided to communicate with Richardson who hadn’t left yet. From time to time, there would be rumbling sounds, along with roars, curses, and screams…

Chu Feng’s expression didn’t change as he waved his hand and set up a barrier. Then, he continued to ask Richardson questions. Due to the other party’s overpowering strength, Richardson told him everything he knew. The Master of the War God, Black Sword Marquis, whom Chu Feng had asked about, had disappeared. The last time he appeared was in the Sarais Cold Region, which wasn’t far from the sky region.

Then, Richardson told Chu Feng some important points he had to know as a sovereign. For example, although the prize of the Battle of the Region Lords was rich, it was best not to participate in such a battle with regions as stakes. After all, it was easy to be cheated. On the other hand, some sovereigns would auction some planetary regions. He advised Chu Feng to often go and take a look. He might even find something valuable.

“Planet auction?” Chu Feng was somewhat interested. If he could buy a planet, he could feed the Astral Spirit.

Richardson slapped his forehead and handed over an item, “I almost forgot. Here, this is your sovereign token! Although I don’t know what level you’re at, since you’re a sovereign, you must have a sovereign token. Through this special token, you can send group messages to all the chiefs in the area under your jurisdiction. There are many useful functions inside…”

Chu Feng nodded, thinking that with this, he wouldn’t have to make a special trip to the celebration. Playing with the token-like supreme treasure, he curiously clicked on it. In the territory map, the sky region and wild region were extremely small in comparison. Moreover, in the Sovereign Ranking Board at the side, his ranking was so low he was not considered.