Chapter 328 - Collecting Treasures. Looking For Someone? No

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“Don’t, don’t hit me anymore, I admit defeat! I admit defeat!”

“Aiya… It hurts!”

“Wild Bear… Big brother bear, please don’t hit me anymore, I’ll do whatever you say…”

“Dad, watch out!”

“Can you not target the old man? Don’t hit me in the face!”

“F*ck, ahh, I’m going to fight it out with you!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Wow, big brother bear is so amazing!”


When Chu Feng removed the barrier, everything had calmed down. The immortals, whose faces were badly bruised and swollen, stood in a line like quails, handing over their treasures one by one and saying that they would definitely listen to his arrangements.

Chu Feng looked at the remaining space energy on the battlefield and instinctively looked at the Mirage Butterfly, who was also collecting treasures. He felt deeply gratified. Good, after raising them for so long, his pets finally understand that life isn’t easy.

If not for Fei Nuo Sha stopping them, the immortals who were being beaten up would definitely have run out of this area. If that had happened, it would definitely be much more troublesome. The current peaceful scene of them handing over treasures one by one was very beautiful.

Chu Feng nodded in his heart. The feeling of being able to obtain treasures without having to do anything was indeed wonderful. Yorkie and Melda, who had previously spoken rudely to him, had been “given extra care” by the Wild Bear many times. When they handed over their treasures, they noticed the Wild Bear’s gaze and immediately felt their scalps go numb. They quickly handed over all the treasures they had on them!

When they backed down and compared the treasures they had lost with the other immortals, only then did they realize that they had suffered a great loss. The other members of the Nine Gods Council hadn’t handed over that much! Yorkie and Melda looked at each other and were extremely vexed. If they had known that Chu Feng was so powerful, they wouldn’t have provoked him in the first place…

“Dad, you were beaten up so badly by big brother bear,” The only totem present, the son of the Mountain God, Wright, walked over with a grin. He had been happily watching his father get beaten up badly after the Wild Bear had suppressed its cultivation.

“You brat, you’re even standing on the outsider’s side!” The Mountain God Cullen had always been calm and composed, but at this moment, he could not help but feel angry. His son really deserved a beating!

Seeing his father’s face turn black, Wright immediately ran and hid behind the Wild Bear. As he did so, he shouted, “Big brother bear, look at your defeated opponent coming again.”

The Mountain God was greatly embarrassed and roared, “If you’re so capable, don’t hide!”

Wright poked his head out from behind Wild Bear and laughed wildly, “Haha, with big brother bear here, don’t even think about hitting me!”

The Mountain God Cullen was still carrying the bump on his head from the beating the Wild Bear had given him, so he did not dare to get close at all. He snorted angrily twice and was unwilling to see his son acting like a scoundrel who got his way.

Cullen’s mind spun quickly. He suddenly turned to Chu Feng and said, “Sovereign, since our tight is over, why don’t we let big brother bear go back to the beast space to rest?”

Chu Feng agreed nonchalantly and sent his beasts back to the beast world. Ever since he had broken through to the immortal level, his beast world had undergone a qualitative change. The speed at which his beasts matured inside was ten thousand times faster than when they were in the outside world. As such, if there were no special circumstances, they usually stayed inside.

When Wright realized that his great backer had disappeared, he immediately knew that things were bad. Cullen rushed over in a refreshed manner and let out a sinister laugh like a villain, “Brat, you’re finished!”

He was just about to go over and teach his unfilial son a lesson when he watched as the other party had run and hid behind Chu Feng!

The Mountain God Cullen’s vision went black as he thought, “Oh no, I’m much less of a match for this one!”

“Haha, my idol is indeed strong!” Wright laughed with incomparable pride as he feigned might.

The others watched the show for a while before saying some useless words of comfort.

“Wright is indeed a little mischievous, but he’s still a child, forget it.”

“It’s hard for us cultivators to have children at the immortal level. It’s already a great fortune to finally have one.”

“Speaking of which, the Mountain God used to have a little child that was very obedient…”

“That was a tragedy. That child used to call me uncle.”

“Stop talking. Can’t you see the Mountain God’s expression?”

“Cullen can’t do anything to the sovereign, but beating us up is definitely not a problem for him!”

The Mountain God heard the discussions of others and felt the pain in his heart. Indeed, he used to have an extremely obedient child at home, but due to the child’s poor health, he didn’t go out much. Cullen wasn’t too sure about the specific situation, but in short, when he returned home after a battle, the house was already in chaos. He asked a member of his race back then, only to find out that his son had disappeared.

At that moment, he felt as if the sky had collapsed on him. Later on, his wife died of illness due to her inability to find their child. God knows how many years had passed before Mountain God finally recovered from his grief and listened to the advice to have a second wife. He only slowly recovered after having Wright. However, the wound on his heart hadn’t healed even after so many years.

Seeing his father looking old and tired, Wright felt that something wasn’t right. He scratched his head and said loudly, “Father, don’t worry. I will definitely find my big brother in the future!”

The Mountain God smiled bitterly when he heard this. How could it be so easy? If finding his son was that easy, there wouldn’t be so many families suffering in this world.

Wright frowned. After a moment, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Idol, why don’t you help us find my big brother? You are so powerful. You can definitely help us find him!”

Chu Feng, who was busy counting the number of treasures, had a confused look on his face when he heard this, “Huh?”

What was going on? He had just been spending some time to count the treasures, sp what was with the sudden change from “filial son” to “a little tadpole looking for his brother”?

Chu Feng turned around and asked Geoffrey, who was being a background board. Only then did he understand.

Facing his hopeful-looking fan, Chu Feng was very cold, “No.”

“Huh, why?” Wright’s face fell.

Chu Feng looked up at the sky, “As the sovereign, my time is very precious.”

Wright suggested, “Then let my dad and the others handle things. I’ll go with you to look for my big brother.”

The Mountain God that had been pushed into a pit by his son, “…”

The other immortals that were implicated, “…”

To be honest, Chu Feng was tempted. Right now, only the Tree God and Flower God were guarding at the center of the Solar System. Although they were barely enough, he still felt that there was something missing. If he could get the Mountain God, who could both fight and administer, along with other immortals, it would be a great deal no matter how he looked at it. Perhaps in the future, he, as the sovereign, would be able to be completely carefree.

Unfortunately, the target had gone missing many years ago. How could he be found? Chu Feng decisively refused.

He then turned around and asked Melda to hand over the skills catalog of the mirage butterfly race. The latter was scared from the beating and immediately handed it over with both hands.

“Is the catalog complete?”

Melda respectfully replied, “It’s the most complete one so far, published by the main race of the Mirage Butterfly.”

Chu Feng was curious, “Aren’t those in the main race afraid that those from the side branches will surpass them?”

“No matter where the Mirage Butterfly comes from, as long as it has the possibility of becoming a true God, the main race will welcome it,” Melda explained, “The reason why the main race shared the skills catalog is that they hope that the race can produce another true God to ease the current awkward situation where the Insect Empress doesn’t care about the race. For example, your Mirage Butterfly will definitely be popular.”