Chapter 329 - Spying Eyes, Taking Over the Sky Region

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Another example was that important information like “Chu Feng has more than one ninth realm beast” wasn’t known to the average person. Even Wu Yu and Zhong Hen didn’t know much about him, let alone the members of the sky region’s Nine Gods Council. What they knew about him was scarce. It was only because they had the geographical advantage that the sixth ream immortals had learned about the news of “an immortal killing God Generals” so quickly.

Of course, knowing about the deeds of the expert didn’t mean they were convinced. Before this, although the Nine Gods Council of the sky region had decided to give power to the humans of Blue Planet, the letter of acceptance had remained in the Nine Gods Council. The reason for this was obviously to observe the behavior of the sky region’s new sovereign.

Just because a sovereign was powerful didn’t mean that he could manage his territory well. In this vast universe, there was no lack of sovereigns that couldn’t manage their territories well while not allowing others to manage for them either.

As a member of the temple’s tax clergy, Richardson had seen many stupid and unwitting sovereigns. They were addicted to instant gratification, power, lust… All of them looked different but essentially the same. So how far could Chu Feng, a monstrous immortal who could fight a true Gods, go? The Fox Spirit looked at Chu Feng thoughtfully, a strange light flashing in his eyes.

This person was extremely interesting

Chu Feng frowned, feeling as if he was being spied on. He extended the eighteen types of principles of his beasts, but couldn’t get any accurate information.

He thought to himself, “Strange, logically speaking, if someone is thinking about me, I should be able to sense it… If I can’t, then either no one is spying on me, or the mysterious person’s level is far higher than my current level.”

Chu Feng’s heart suddenly trembled, and his gaze swept over the living beings present one by one. The Mountain God Cullen was immersed in his pain, the grotesque Kraken that was born in the deep sea, the Basilisk that was said to be able to devour even himself, and the Bloodthirsty Vine that lived on the blood of living beings.

Through the ancient totem of the Blue Planet, Monica, he also learned about the related matters of five other immortals. The fact that Melda was able to join the sky region’s Nine Gods Council had a lot to do with the emergence of the Insect Empress from his race. As for the Spiritual Unicorn, the Dove, the Collector Rat, and the Cactus, these neutral pro-peace gods had all made great contributions to the sky region. If not for the existence of the Nine Gods Council, the sky refion, including the Blue Planet, would definitely not be as stable as it was now. As such, Chu Feng was unwilling to kill them.

Previously, he had only asked the Wild Bear to make a move because he wanted to solve the problem in a more peaceful way. Excluding the Nine Gods Council and the child, as well as Blue Planet’s Mirage Butterfly totem Geoffrey, the most fishy person at the moment was the person from the temple, Richardson. Chu Feng’s expression did not change, but thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Sovereign, what should we do next?” Melda took the initiative to ask with a respectful expression.

Geoffrey, who was quietly being the background, was very shocked when he saw this.

The human magnate was indeed too powerful. That old man hadn’t acted like that at the beginning… Fortunately, he had followed Chu Feng this time. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to get a copy of the mirage butterfly race’s skill catalog.

They are both Mirage Butterflies, so why is Chu Feng’s beast always able to crush the other party?

Maybe the humans of Blue Planet do have God’s blessing.

“The next arrangements…” Chu Feng pondered for a while and asked frankly, “Do you guys want to keep the Nine Gods Council?”

The nine immortals looked at each other, each having their own thoughts.

“Do we want to keep it?”

“What’s the use of us wanting to keep it? Don’t we still have to listen to the strongest?”

“I wonder what kind of answer the sovereign would like to hear…”


Chu Feng turned off his perception, and his ears immediately became much quieter. He said helplessly, “There’s no harm in saying it.”

The Nine Gods Council had held an emergency small meeting, and in the end, decided not to keep it. After all, the sky region now had a new sovereign. If the original management mechanism was preserved, there might be friction in the future.

Chu Feng nodded lightly, and this matter was settled, “Since that’s the case, then do any of you want to continue your administration in the Solar System?”

The nine gods gathered together again and discussed. In the end, only the Collector Rat and the Cactus planned to go. These two didn’t care much about their races, so their decision-making was more straightforward. Of the other immortals, the battle gods all said that they would always be available if there was a battle, and the pro-peace Gods said that they would receive orders if anything was needed.

“Everything else is fine, but…” The Mountain God Cullen hesitated, “Only the matter of the sky region’s army is a bit difficult to deal with.”

The Collector Rat, who had always been in charge of the rear, also said, “With the current stock of the Nine Gods Council, even if we let the army live frugally, they can barely last for a year. If there’s a war, I’m afraid they’ll run out of food in half a year.”

Chu Feng lowered his head and rubbed his temples.

Why did he feel like he had gotten himself into a mess?

Never mind. After all, this was his territory. He couldn’t just leave it to rot, right?

Chu Feng casually took out a third of the treasures he had obtained from the immortals, put them in a spatial secret treasure, and threw it to the Collector Rat.

“These should be able to last for some time. When you’ve almost finished them, go to the Tree God for approval of getting more.”

The important parts of the decisions made by the Flower God and the Tree God would be reviewed by Wu Yu and the others, so there shouldn’t be any major problems. As for Chu Feng, he would at most get them some assistants and colleagues.

Faced with the other immortal’s strange gazes, the Collector Rat simply ignored them, thinking to himself, “Other than the army, no one else can take a single cent out of my pocket!”

The other immortals mocked in their hearts, “These treasures were clearly mine before!”

Especially the two immortals who had lost the most, Melda and Yorkie. They were so regretful that their intestines turned green.

Why did they have to go against Chu Feng? Great, now they’ve just emptied their entire fortune!”

After that, the gods discussed some other matters and after concluding everything, they decided to end the meeting.

“From now on, the political center of the sky region will be the Solar System. All the races of the sky region will have to hand over one-third of their annual harvest.”

The resources handed over would be split into three portions, each going into Chu Feng’s private treasury, the sky region’s storage, and Blue Planet’s treasure trove. Hearing “one-third”, the nine immortals were all surprised.

The Collector Rat asked in shock, “Sovereign, how much do we have to pay to the temple this year?”

The amount of taxes paid was related to the sovereign’s strength. If the sovereign was rushed by the temple’s tax collector, they would have to pay two-thirds of their annual harvest. If they reached a draw, they would have to pay one-third. If they could crush the temple’s tax collector, they wouldn’t have to pay! Crushing meant that one side’s strength was far superior to the other.

Originally, when they saw the God King, they had planned to admit defeat straight away. Although there were usually no casualties in the battle on the tax amount, when the difference in strength was too big, it was very likely that one side would be seriously injured or even on the verge of dying! When they came over just now, although the tax collector’s aura was unstable, he looked okay. So… Was it a draw?

Chu Feng glanced at Richardson, “What do you think?”