Chapter 330 - The Responsibility of a Sovereign, Sky Region's Treasure

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Seeing all the living beings looking in his direction, Richardson gritted his teeth, still feeling a little embarrassed, “The sky region doesn’t need to pay taxes for the time being.”

Those words immediately caused the immortals to explode with shock.

“Eh? We don’t need to pay?!”

“In other words, two-thirds of this year’s harvest belongs to the people of the sky region?”

“It can’t be? I thought we wouldn’t even get a third this year. After all, the Nine Gods Council will take a little as well.”

“Under normal circumstances, if the temple’s official barely defeats a sovereign, or if a sovereign barely defeats the temple’s official, it would only be considered a draw… could it be that Chu Feng crushed the temple’s official?!”

“Damn, an immortal crushed a God King!” Wright exclaimed, “As expected of my idol, cool!”

Amidst the shocked and incredulous voices, there was one that was exceptionally excited.

The Mountain God was shocked but also pleasantly surprised, “That’s great! This year, the residents of the region can have a good new year!”

To think they would receive such an unexpected surprise the moment the territory was handed over, even the immortals could not help but have tears welling up in their eyes.

“In the past, the residents of the sky region could at most get one-third of their harvest. Now, it has doubled!”

“This time, the temple’s official being a God King is an exception. In the future, if someone of a lower realm comes, the sovereign will definitely win!”

“Speaking of which, what level is our sovereign in?”

“To be able to crush a God King, he must be a true God!”

“I didn’t expect that the sky region could also produce a true God. Among the regions nearby, we are the first!”

All the immortals smiled and couldn’t help but feel proud.

Seeing this, Geoffrey, who originally felt that his level was too low, also smiled. He thought to himself, “This is Blue Planet’s local unrivaled expert. No matter how much you flatter us, you can at most get some benefits… Only the Blue Planet is the strongest!”

Just as the original members of the Nine Gods Council were suggesting whether they should hold something to celebrate the arrival of the sovereign, Chu Feng spoke, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. The Solar System has already prepared a celebration. Remember to inform the chiefs of the various races in the sky region in advance.”

“I will announce the details when the time comes. Remember to come and participate. I will officially announce on that day that the Solar System, including the Blue Planet, will be set up as the center of the two regions. All the residents in the territory will be under my rule.”

The immortals looked at each other, and Melda immediately shouted, “The sovereign is invincible!”

The other immortals also howled, “The sovereign is mighty, the sovereign is invincible!!”

Chu Feng nodded slightly, not saying much. After the passionate emotions of the others subsided, he prepared to leave. With the immortals joining the administration, along with the Dragon God and Water God, the sky region was basically foolproof. Next, he would either return to Blue Planet or head over to the wild region.

Chu Feng lowered his head and thought for a while. When he looked up again, there were only a few figures left. The other immortals had already left after saying their goodbyes.

The Mountain God’s expression was gloomy, “Sovereign, I heard that you enslaved the Desolate God. I wonder if you can have him search for my son’s whereabouts?”

“Your son’s disappearance is related to the wild region?” Chu Feng asked.

“Although I don’t have any concrete evidence, I’ve investigated for a long time back then and found that many of the clues pointed to the Black Flood Dragon Gang in the wild region. I wanted to continue investigating, but due to my weak strength, I couldn’t dig any deeper.”

Chu Feng’s tone was slow, “If you want my help, what can you give me?”

Although he could be considered the sovereign of the sky region now, he couldn’t just help out whenever there was something in the territory, right? Putting aside the question of whether he had extra time and energy, even if he did, he would choose to increase his strength with them. It was better to just ignore the matters that took a lot of effort and might not have any effect.

Cullen’s heart tightened. Only then did he realize that he had been tricked by Chu Feng’s earlier peaceful actions. The temple’s official, Melda, and Yorkie weren’t killed just now, so although the Mountain God and the other immortals were also intimidated by Chu Feng’s powerful strength, they didn’t have a deeper feeling of how terrifying he was. And now, the youth had revealed a characteristic.

The Mountain God felt a chill down his back, saying respectfully, “My Lord, if you are willing to help, no matter what the result is, I am willing to work for you.”

Chu Feng looked at the immortal before him. Seeing that he was already trembling, he said, “Very well.”

Since he had agreed, there was no reason to go back on his word.

Chu Feng ordered the Mountain God to continue to take charge of the military affairs. If he needed resources, he could go look for the Collector Rat. As for the Collector Rat and the Cactus, he planned to let them bring Geoffrey back to the Solar System along with them after they finished packing, then work there.

A few days later, at the intersection zone between the sky region and the wild region, Chu Feng walked alone in the wilderness. In the cold of late autumn, it felt especially cold.

According to recent investigations, it was known that the Black Flood Dragon Gang was a special organization that walked between the underground and aboveground systems. The Mountain God Cullen’s information was too outdated, so Chu Feng could only ask Richardson to help investigate the situation of the Black Flood Dragon Gang. The Black Flood Dragon Gang had been entrenched in the wild region for many years, and it seemed to have a very deep connection with the wild region’s chamber of commerce.

Simply put, the Mountain God suspected that his son had been kidnapped as a slave. The matter had happened too long ago, and the sky region didn’t have great strength, so they naturally couldn’t make a move against the Black Flood Dragon Gang, which had already become a faction. In short, the reason why Chu Feng appeared in this remote area was mainly because someone had recently seen the Black Flood Dragon Gang nearby. The gang seemed to have taken on a big mission recently, and it seemed that they were looking for some kind of treasure in the sky region.

Chu Feng: [Do you know about the treasure of the sky region?]

Mountain God Cullen: [The treasure of the sky region? Isn’t that just a myth? I don’t know exactly where the rumors originated from, but in the records of every race in the sky region, all of them say that there’s some kind of treasure in the sky region. However, a few other immortals and I have secretly visited the entire sky region, but we haven’t found any treasures.]

[If there really is a treasure in the sky region, the various races wouldn’t be so poor that they would even have to gather all their riches just to prepare gifts for the sovereign.]

[Lord Sovereign, please don’t blame us. The sky region is really from a poor background.]

Chu Feng didn’t look at the Mountain God’s complaints anymore. After putting away the communication device, he sighed, “This sky region is really a mess.”

Since he couldn’t gather any useful information, he didn’t ask for more. He summoned the Mirage Butterfly and told it some things. When he closed his eyes and opened them again, it was pitch-black.

“As the saying goes, it’s good to kill when the night is dark and the wind is high. It seems that those people who I’ve been following finally can’t hold back,” Chu Feng’s figure gradually disappeared into the wilderness. In an instant, the scenery around him changed.

The surrounding space was very narrow. Occasionally, there would be cave rocks that glowed faintly, dispersing some of the darkness in the surroundings. An eight-man team was stumbling forward. Most of them didn’t notice that two shadows were following behind them silently. Only the leader of the team, who seemed to be more sensitive, kept scanning the black shadows with a vigilant gaze before withdrawing his gaze in puzzlement.

“Boss, why do you keep looking behind you?” Someone asked.