Chapter 332 - Inside and Outside the Pagoda, Everyone Gathered

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The Mountain God glared at Yorkie and scolded, “Do you think that Bloody Pagoda is something good? Without the Holy Tower, even a true God can not possess it. Otherwise, they will definitely encounter endless life-and-death disasters. Even if they work together to seal it, they will still be cursed by this ancient evil artifact!”

Kraken suggested, “Why don’t I go in and take a look?”

If they could enter, they might be able to warn Chu Feng and prevent the sovereign from being harmed. The immortals looked at each other and shook their heads.

“The first stage of the Bloody Pagoda is the blood soul army. Even if we are immortals, we can not attack non-stop. Once those who enter the pagoda become slightly weaker, the blood soul soldiers will rush up like a tide of corpses and devour them.”

“We can’t enter! With our abilities, we won’t even be able to last two rounds before we die.”

“There’s no way for immortals to survive if they enter. Only true Gods have a chance of success!”

“Even if they manage to pass the first stage, they wouldn’t be able to resist the fickle hearts of all beings. In addition to the backlash curse that the more one kills the faster one will die, I’m afraid that less than 30% of those inside will survive.”

The Spiritual Unicorn said, “Since the Bloody Pagoda has opened, let’s ask the residents of the sky region to pack up for now. If no one comes out alive within five days, then we’ll ask the various races of the sky region to leave temporarily. It will also prevent the massacre of those crazy people who don’t care about their own lives.”

The Dove nodded, and the other immortals didn’t disagree either.

The information about the Bloody Pagoda soon spread throughout the sky region.

[Those who enter the Bloody Pagoda will definitely die.]

[It is advised that those who have ties with others not enter. Otherwise, you may find yourself on the other side.]

Similar warnings were heard by many of the immortals and even true Gods who came to enter the Bloody Pagoda. Some turned around and left, while others insisted on entering.

The Collector Rat, who was already handling matters in the Solar System, turned around and started to squeak at the Cactus, “Do you think Chu Feng can come out alive? If he can’t, then wouldn’t we have been working for nothing these past few days?”

The Flower God at the side suddenly raised her head and angrily retorted, “Who are you cursing to die?!”

She threw the Ipad away and fiercely slapped a vine over. The Tree God helplessly shook his head, but he knew that the other party’s heart was filled with unease.

“Chu Feng, I hope that you can come back safe and sound, or else I’m afraid our deal will have to end.”

At the same time, the living beings on the Blue Planet who learned about the situation from the Nine Gods Council were also praying as they cultivated even harder.

“Chu Feng, the Blue Planet can’t live without you…”

Wu Yu and Zhong Hen learned about this when they came out of seclusion. They wanted to ask Chu Feng how confident he was, but they couldn’t get in touch with him. The two of them were silent for a moment before they seized the time to cultivate again.

If they were strong enough, their third brother wouldn’t have to shoulder such matters himself.

Back to the moment when Chu Feng entered the Bloody Pagoda. Inside, as soon as they entered, the Mirage Butterfly immediately released a space-isolating barrier. That was to prevent Chu Feng from being ambushed.

Everything in the tower seemed to be blood-red. The sky was filled with red clouds, and the ground was a dark red color as if it had been soaked in blood for years. In between the sky and the earth, there seemed to be nothing except for the blood souls that were soaked in blood and had lost their minds like zombies. Not only that, the amount of cultivator absorbable energy in the pagoda was pitifully little. On top of that, the scarce absorbable energy was even filled with a violent attribute.

Chu Feng observed the blood souls and the crystal cores in their bodies for a while. After finding that there were too many impurities in the crystal core, he crushed it immediately. At his current level, he couldn’t care less about such things. However, the Bloody Pagoda was still quite interesting. Chu Feng quickly became excited.

Although the crystal cores in the blood souls’ corpses were almost useless, if they were crushed together with the blood souls, the scarlet liquid that flowed out could be used to water and plant different grades of blood soul flowers. This flower could be used in place of other mineral resources.

For example, they could be converted into the royal sky crystals that Chu Feng used to enhance his beast space. Chu Feng had long run out of those crystals. In the future, even if he didn’t need the royal sky crystals, if he wanted to enhance the stability of his beast world, he needed such spatial crystals.

Spatial crystals of different grades could all be transformed from the corresponding graded blood soul flowers. After realizing this, Chu Feng and his six beasts began the prelude of killing the blood souls.

The former had overload origin, while the latter had already refined three planets, so there was no need to worry. The beasts killed till their eyes were blood-red. Meanwhile, Lila was picking some talented ones to revive while occasionally sending the treants to fetch the blood soul flowers, seeming quite leisurely.

In less than a day, the Bloody Pagoda welcomed new entries. More than a thousand people came one after another. Chu Feng only glanced at the few with exceptionally high cultivation levels before continuing to kill the blood souls.

The immortals and God Kings who came later basically all had to stop and rest after some time of fighting the blood souls. Even some God Kings could only last for half a day at most. Meanwhile, a certain team had been slaughtering a large number of blood souls from morning to night without stopping. Many of those who had entered had long noticed them.

“Hey, when do you think they came in?”

“That team of beasts seems to have arrived earlier than the temple’s officials sent by the Eastern Temple.”

“That can’t be, right? I heard that the temple’s officials have long been prepared. How could they have arrived later than that weird team of unknown beings?”

“I’ve been resting for half the morning, but I discovered that they really don’t need to rest.”

“In here, the lowest level blood souls here are at least region lords. It’s not friendly to us immortals at all!”

“What’s even more terrifying is that we can’t kill them all. We have been killing them non-stop, but we were the ones who were surrounded instead. Fortunately, I slipped away fast enough back then. Otherwise, I would’ve turned into one of them by now.”

“Do you think the blood souls here are all transformed from the ghosts that died here previously?”

“If they’re souls, that would explain why there’s an endless stream of them.”

“Strange, isn’t there a restriction in this Bloody Pagoda? Why doesn’t that team seem to be affected at all?”

“Eh, I keep feeling that the person in the lead seems a little familiar…” An immortal world king who had participated in the secret realm of the Blue Planet earlier rested his chin on his hand as he looked at the Beastmaster in deep thought.