Chapter 401 - : Promotion to the Upper District

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“Me? To the upper district?”

Lin Feng was a little stunned. He had only been in the middle district for a few months, and he could already enter the upper district? Only planetary lifeforms could advance to the upper district. That had always been the case.

“That’s right, Your Highness. This is an order personally issued by His Majesty the Divine King! We will guide His Highness Lin Feng to the upper district in three days.”

With that, the guides left.

After this occurrence, everyone looked at Lin Feng differently. Even they had to address the disciples of the upper district as “Your Highness”.

This was especially the case for the disciples of the upper district. Their status was completely different from the middle and lower districts. These were the core disciples, who were the core members of the Divine Palace of Bemond.

“So this is what a seed disciple is like? He has only returned to the Divine Palace for a few months, and he has already been promoted to the upper district.”

“I’ve long heard that all the seed disciples who return to the Divine Palace are extraordinary. Now, it seems like it’s true. This Lin Feng has not become a planetary lifeform, but his aptitude in Laws is simply terrifying.”

“That’s right. He can actually comprehend the Law to the planetary level. What kind of aptitude is this? Even many planetary lifeforms can’t comprehend the planetary Law.”

“By relying on the planetary Laws, Lin Feng is not inferior to any planetary lifeform at all. It’s only natural for him to advance to the upper district. Minoan is such a clown. He actually dared to mock a top genius like Lin Feng?”

“Where’s Minoan? Haha, he’s probably too ashamed to stay here anymore.”

Minoan had indeed slipped away. He no longer had the face to stay here. He even had to pray that Lin Feng would not hold a grudge against him. Otherwise, a disciple of the upper district would not even need to fight. As long as some intention was revealed, countless people in the middle district would do their work for them.

At that time, Minoan would have a hard time.

Lin Feng did not linger around either. He quickly left with Longbetham.

After returning to the residence, Longbetham was clearly still immersed in excitement. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Longbetham, you already knew that my comprehension in Laws had reached the planetary level. What’s there to be excited about?”

“Master, I was ignorant in the past. I did not know that Master’s aptitude in Laws is so outstanding.”

Longbetham admitted that it lacked understanding in the past. Although it knew about Laws and knew that Laws appeared to be very difficult, it did not understand their level of difficulty.

After all, it had only been a very ordinary mechanical lifeform on Planet Bemond in the past. It had never even been to the lower district. It was lucky enough to be chosen by the Divine Palace to escort the legacy into the depths of the universe.

It had no idea how difficult it was to comprehend Laws, let alone what comprehending planetary Laws meant.

Now, it finally understood the meaning of planetary Laws. That was not inferior to the status of a true planetary lifeform at all, and could even allow one to be directly promoted to the upper district!

In truth, Lin Feng was also very shocked inwardly. Although he appeared nonchalant on the surface, deep down, he was on guard.

Comprehension of Laws was so difficult for other lifeforms, but he had the Sacred Stone of Anathema. Although Laws were also relatively difficult for him, it was not despairingly difficult.

He could even see the direction ahead clearly and keep advancing.

The various miraculous aspects of the Sacred Stone of Anathema had even exceeded the understanding of galactic lifeforms. At the very least, many great galactic lifeforms also lacked good comprehension of Laws.

Hence, he could not let anyone know about the Sacred Stone of Anathema. This had to stay as Lin Feng’s greatest secret!

Right now, Lin Feng was comprehending the Law of Space. He had to be careful not to reveal the Law of Space lightly.

Three days passed in a flash. During these three days, the news that Lin Feng’s comprehension of Law had reached the planetary level spread throughout the middle district.

Lin Feng’s promotion to the upper district evoked envy in countless people.

Only at this moment did many people realize that as long as they comprehended the planetary Laws, they could also advance to the upper district. Many people even secretly made up their minds to comprehend Laws.

However, after trying it out, they had no clue at all. Only then did they realize how difficult it was to comprehend Laws.

Lin Feng did not have much to prepare. After the guides arrived again, Lin Feng brought Longbetham and ascended to the upper district with few belongings.

“Hmm, the upper district is indeed quite extraordinary!”

Lin Feng ascended to the upper district. What he saw was actually a vast planet. He could even see huge planets, stars, and terrifying black holes.

This upper district seemed to be another space, floating in the universe.

“Your Highness, do you find it strange? Actually, the upper district is fundamentally different from the middle and lower districts. The upper district is not on Planet Bemond, but in the universe!”

“In the universe?”

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Lin Feng was very shocked. The upper district was located in the universe. Why did he feel nothing at all?

“Your Highness, do you see those planets and stars? If we’re not in the universe, how can we possibly see those planets? This is all the work of His Majesty the Divine King. Only in the universe can we sense the various Laws in the universe, understand their true meaning, and comprehend the various Laws with greater ease.”

Lin Feng nodded. He could see that Divine King Bemond took Laws very seriously. Then, it was not difficult to understand why Lin Feng could advance to the upper district after comprehending the planetary Laws.

“Your Highness, this is your residence. Your follower can download all the information regarding the upper district. Now, Your Highness, please come with me to meet the great Divine King!”

“Meet the Divine King?”

Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat. The Divine King was a great Divine King, a galactic lifeform!

“That’s right. Once promoted to the upper district, one would become His Majesty the Divine King’s personal disciple! His Majesty the Divine King naturally has to summon you, especially for a seed personally planted by His Majesty the Divine King. Someone who can return to the Divine Palace and even advance to the upper district is very highly valued by His Majesty the Divine King.”

Lin Feng nodded. He also wanted to meet the great Divine King and see how formidable galactic lifeforms were.

Longbetham was led to Lin Feng’s residence in the upper district, while Lin Feng followed the guides and flew onward.

When the two of them flew into the Divine King’s palace, the guides stopped. Lin Feng pushed open the gate and walked in without any hesitation.

Lin Feng walked through the gate and realized that there was a huge hall inside. However, the furnishings inside were very simple, and it even appeared empty.

Lin Feng realized that there was a figure in white standing in the hall. Could this be His Majesty the Divine King?

“Your Majesty!”

Lin Feng took a deep breath and called out respectfully.

The white-robed figure seemed unmoved. After a long while, he slowly turned around.