Chapter 406 - The Noah Civilization's Distress Call

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Lin Feng walked into the Mission Hall alone. He realized that there were quite a lot of people coming and going.

These people should all be disciples of the upper district. They were also slightly surprised to see Lin Feng.

Lin Feng clearly did not have the aura of a planetary lifeform on him, but he could enter the upper district. These people immediately realized that he must be a seed disciple who had recently returned to the Divine Palace.

Having comprehended planetary Laws but not become a planetary lifeform, he was made an exception and promoted to the upper district.

This was a major event that had never happened before in the upper district. The disciples of the upper district were also very curious about Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng had always stayed in his residence to cultivate, so not many people had actually seen Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked around the Mission Hall. There were rows of missions in the Mission Hall.

These missions basically required combat power above the planetary level to resolve. With two planetary Laws and the Spear of Destruction, an Origin Weapon, Lin Feng’s combat power was actually not inferior to ordinary planetary lifeforms.

However, Lin Feng naturally would not accept missions that were too dangerous.

These missions were all in the Bemond Galaxy. After all, the Bemond Galaxy was under the rule of the Divine Palace of Bemond. Naturally, the people from the Divine Palace of Bemond had to resolve matters in the Bemond Galaxy.

“Check the reason for the destruction of the three stars. Initial suspicion is that someone destroyed the stars to refine Origin Weapons. Lifeforms above the advanced planetary level are suggested for the mission.”

Seeing this mission, Lin Feng’s heart skipped a beat.

The destruction of three stars was a major event. After all, many planets with living things depended on stars greatly. Once the stars were destroyed, it would almost certainly be a calamity for those planets with living things.

Those who had the ability to destroy stars were at least advanced planetary lifeforms. Ordinary elementary planetary lifeforms would not even dare to accept such a mission.

“A small black hole has appeared 132 light-years away from Planet Oceania. Urgent response is required. Ultimate planetary lifeforms are recommended.”

This mission was even more impressive and actually required dealing with a black hole. It had to be known that no matter how small a black hole was, it was still a black hole. It was definitely not something that ordinary planetary lifeforms could handle. Only ultimate planetary lifeforms could handle it.

These missions were all too difficult or too dangerous. Lin Feng was not willing to take such risks. After all, he was not a genuine planetary lifeform.

After searching the Mission Hall for a long time, Lin Feng finally found a few missions that seemed relatively safe.

“Observe the cosmic storm 320 light-years from Planet Hydros and record the data on the process of the cosmic storm in detail.”

This mission was actually not too dangerous. It was just an observation mission. Even if one encountered a cosmic storm, they could easily leave. However, this mission required a long time, and the process was relatively long.

“The leader of the Noah civilization on Planet Noah has sent a request to the Divine Palace. We request reinforcements from the Divine Palace to repel a band of cosmic bandits. Planetary lifeforms are recommended.”

This mission was what interested Lin Feng the most.

The Noah Civilization had encountered cosmic bandits, and they did not have much ability to resist. They even had to ask the Divine Palace of Bemond for help.

If an intelligent civilization like the Noah civilization knew about the existence of the Divine Palace of Bemond, they could take the initiative to request to be under the Divine Palace of Bemond’s jurisdiction. Then, the Noah civilization would have the right to be protected by the Divine Palace of Bemond.

Cosmic bandits, on the other hand, were very repulsive beings. They were composed of all kinds of lifeforms from different civilizations, and specialized in plundering and slaughtering some backward and weak civilizations.

Moreover, they roamed the various galaxies at a very fast speed. If they were not discovered in time, they might successfully plunder a planet and escape.

“This mission is from one day ago. There should still be time.”

Lin Feng thought for a while and finally accepted this mission.

The missions in the Mission Hall were completely random. Apart from certain special and major events that were compulsory, the rest were all accepted based on the mood of the upper district disciples.

Completing the missions would not yield rewards or anything of the like. Overall, the Divine Palace of Bemond was not a power with particularly strict organization. For example, even though the Noah civilization was protected by the Divine Palace, when it was attacked, if no one accepted the mission, the Noah civilization might still be destroyed, and the Divine Palace would not care.

How common was the destruction of civilizations in the universe?

The Divine Palace was not a nanny. It could not possibly protect so many civilizations.

However, the Noah civilization was clearly in luck this time. Someone had accepted the mission just a day after it was issued.

“Your Highness Lin Feng, please take note of your safety when completing the mission. If the galactic bandits are too powerful, please do not fight them. Return to the Divine Palace in time. We will increase the mission level.”

Lin Feng did not know what to say. What was “if the cosmic bandits are too powerful, do not fight them” supposed to mean?

Lin Feng had truly seen how the Divine Palace of Bemond treated the civilizations in its entire galaxy now. It was actually very undisciplined. Aside from a few compulsory missions for disciples in the upper district every 100 years, all the missions were not compulsory.

It did not matter if they failed. There was no punishment.

However, on careful thought, Lin Feng realized that perhaps his way of thinking was limited. In the universe, even within the same galaxy, new planets were born and planets would be obliterated almost every day.

Every day, new lives would be born, and new civilizations would appear.

The birth and destruction of civilizations was an eternal pattern of the universe. No one could stop it. The birth and destruction of a civilization could not be more normal in the eyes of the Divine Palace.

Even if it was destroyed by the cosmic bandits, so what?

Would giants weep over the death of ants?

Clearly, no! The Divine Palace was a giant, and those civilizations were ants, even inferior to ants. The Divine Palace valued those planetary lifeforms. They were eternity, and the Divine Palace’s most precious wealth.

The lives of planetary lifeforms were almost eternal. With infinite time, and eternal life, why would they care about the destruction of an ordinary civilization?

Hence, even after being put up in the Mission Hall for a day, no one accepted this mission. In the eyes of most of the disciples in the upper district, this mission was just too boring and not challenging at all.

However, Lin Feng was different. Strictly speaking, he was not even over 30 years old.

He was only in his twenties. In his eyes, there were billions of intelligent lifeforms in a civilization. He could not turn a blind eye, and neither should he. The destruction of a planet was a world-turning event in his eyes.

Hence, he chose to accept this mission.

After accepting the mission, Lin Feng did not have much to prepare for. He headed straight for the spatial passage in the upper district and began teleporting towards Planet Noah according to the Bemond Galaxy’s cosmic map.

Lin Feng’s figure disappeared instantly in the spatial passage.