Chapter 410 - Familiar Feeling

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Lin Feng made a light grab and grabbed the silver spear. He could not tell the material of the silver spear, nor could he sense its monstrous power.


Lin Feng enveloped the spear with energy. He could sense that the terrifying power contained in the spear seemed to be shaking violently. He hurriedly retracted the energy, and the spear returned to normal.

However, when Lin Feng used the Law of Annihilation, the Law of Tides, and the Law of Space to envelop the spear next, there was no effect at all. The spear still did not move.


Lin Feng frowned. The Laws were useless. Could it be that he had not found the corresponding Law?

Actually, the most important thing was the energy in the spear. Lin Feng felt that it was very unfamiliar, or rather, out of place.

It was as if it did not belong here, but for some reason, it had appeared here again. The strange power in the spear did not seem to belong to any Law.

However, thinking about how the power of the spear drawn out by the cosmic bandits’ battleships had spooked even Lin Feng, it was evident how terrifying this spear was. However, Lin Feng could not control this spear. He could only use energy to stimulate the spear, allowing the strange power in the spear to erupt.

But if he could not guide it properly, even Lin Feng himself would be severely injured.

“God Slaying Armament! God Slaying Spear?”

Lin Feng stroked the spear gently. There were a few strange words on it. Lin Feng had never seen these words before, but when he touched these words, words that he could understand naturally appeared in his mind.

This spear was called the God Slaying Spear, and it seemed to be one of an entire set of treasures. The entire set of treasures should be called the God Slaying Armament.

The name was extraordinary, but its origin was unknown, and it was vaguely dangerous. Lin Feng did not dare to use it casually. Who knew what would happen after using energy to draw out the power in the God Slaying Spear?

He still had to be very cautious about things that he could not grasp.

The battleship fleet of the cosmic bandits had already been annihilated. Lin Feng took a step and entered Planet Noah.

“He won? He won just like that?”

“What a formidable cultivator. As expected of a disciple of the Divine Palace of Bemond!”

“Such a powerful cosmic bandit battleship fleet was actually easily crushed by a cultivator. That’s more than 30 battleships, enough to cross the universe freely and destroy countless planets.”

At this moment, the people of Noah deeply sensed the power of the Divine Palace of Bemond, and the power of cultivators!

Even though there were cultivators among Noahns too, it was more of an experiment. Moreover, be it cultivation methods or comprehension of Laws, they were far inferior to the Divine Palace of Bemond.

Even the top cultivators of the Noahns were at most at the level of the lower district of the Divine Palace of Bemond.

Lin Feng, on the other hand, was a genuine core disciple of the upper district! Naturally, they were incomparable.

At this moment, Lin Feng’s figure had already appeared in the palace. He had just used the Void Traversal Combat Body. On a small planet like Noah, Lin Feng’s Void Traversal Combat Body was like a fish in water. Long-distance spatial travel was a piece of cake for him.

Hence, he instantly teleported into the palace.

Even the Noah royalties were very surprised to see Lin Feng suddenly appear. However, as the emperor, he had to remain calm.

“You’re the emperor of the Noah Civilization?”

“May I inquire your name?”

“Lin Feng from the Divine Palace of Bemond!”

“So it’s His Highness Lin Feng. Thank you very much for lending aid and saving the entire Noah civilization, Your Highness.”

The ministers and royalty in the palace also expressed their gratitude to Lin Feng. He was the true savior of the civilization. Without Lin Feng, the Noah civilization would have been doomed.

“This is my mission. There’s no need for formalities. Do you know the background of these cosmic bandits?”

Lin Feng wanted to find out the background of these cosmic bandits and see if he could find out where the God Slaying Spear was found.

The emperor of Noah shook his head and said, “Your Highness Lin Feng, these cosmic bandits came from another galaxy. They destroyed and slaughtered along the way. We don’t know their background at all.”

Lin Feng was not too disappointed. The cosmic bandits wandered the universe in the first place, so how could they let others know their background? Unfortunately, he had destroyed all of the cosmic bandits’ battleships, and there was not a single living cosmic bandit. Otherwise, he might be able to find out the origin of the God Slaying Spear.

“All right, since the cosmic bandits have been destroyed and your Noah civilization will continue living, I should go!”

Lin Feng had no intention of lingering in the Noah civilization for long and prepared to leave directly.

“Your Highness, please wait. We have another request.”

Lin Feng frowned slightly. He took a mission because he was in a good mood, but he was not the nanny of the Noah civilization. He did not have to help the Noah civilization with everything.

However, this matter concerned the future of the Noah civilization. Although the emperor of the Noah civilization knew that Lin Feng was a little impatient, he could only bite the bullet and say, “Your Highness, after experiencing this crisis, our Noah civilization has already given thorough thought to our future path of development. We would like to ask Your Highness to bring the most outstanding descendant of our royal family into the Divine Palace of Bemond.”

With that, the emperor of the Noah civilization hurriedly asked the Third Prince to meet Lin Feng.

The Third Prince had already undergone five life transitions, and the Noah civilization had high hopes for him. However, in reality, his potential had already been exhausted. It was impossible for him to undergo six life transitions in his lifetime and become a planetary lifeform.

“I can bring someone back to the Divine Palace of Bemond, but not him. How many descendants of your royal family are there? It’d be best if they’re younger. I can bring two of them.”

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Even though the Third Prince was a little disappointed, the emperor was overjoyed. No matter who it was, as long as they could enter the Divine Palace of Bemond, it would be good enough.

Hence, the thousands of young descendants of the Noah royal family were all gathered. All of them had anticipatory gazes.

The anticipatory gazes of the Noahns was also the reason Lin Feng was willing to choose the two of them to bring into the Divine Palace. They only wanted a trace of hope now, just like the people on his home planet back then, who all saw Lin Feng as their hope.

It was a simple favor for him. Lin Feng chose two bright descendants of the royal family, a boy and a girl. They were both very young. With Lin Feng’s recommendation, they could both enter the lower district of the Divine Palace.

As for whether they could be promoted to the middle district, this was not Lin Feng’s concern. He was only giving the Noahns a trace of hope.

The two people who were chosen were called Fini and Naya. They were both very respectful towards Lin Feng. The emperor of the Noah Civilization also gave most of their energy and some precious resources to Fini and Naya.

He also told them that they carried the hope of all the Noahns. The two of them should focus on cultivating in the Divine Palace, and not to let down the hope of all Noahns.

The two young ones naturally nodded in agreement. Then, they followed Lin Feng back to the spaceship to return to the Divine Palace of Bemond.

However, not long after the spaceship flew, Lin Feng realized that something was amiss. He had passed by many planets, but they were all deadly silent. In particular, there was even a trace of residual energy fluctuation, which gave Lin Feng a vaguely familiar feeling.