Chapter 550 - Unexpected News

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Chapter 550: Unexpected News

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Lin Feng stepped into the Divine King Palace again.

As soon as he entered, Lin Feng felt a terrifying pressure. He looked up at the massive combat body in the cosmos with his mental power. Without a doubt, that was the combat body of Divine King Bemond.

In the past, when Lin Feng first met Divine King Bemond, he had only seen an avatar manifested from one of Divine King Bemond’s cells.

Lin Feng did not have a specific concept of how strong the Divine King’s true form was. He could only sense that it was very, very strong.

Now, after experiencing the Big Bang, Lin Feng had also become the famous Grand Emperor of Annihilation himself. He had the combat power of a Grand Emperor. Hence, he could clearly sense how powerful Divine King Bemond’s combat body was now.

It was so powerful that it made one despair. Lin Feng could not imagine how such a powerful combat body could exist in this world. Even a Grand Emperor was only an ant before a Divine King, and a slightly stronger ant at most.

Grand Emperor Universum dominated the universe and was one of the top Grand Emperors. But so what? With a casual palm strike from Divine King Qingguang, he fled in a panic, and it was even impossible for him to escape.

If Divine King Bemond had not blocked Divine King Qingguang’s palm strike, all the Grand Emperors, including Grand Emperor Universum, would have died.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Lin Feng bowed respectfully. The other party was not only the Divine King, but also his nominal “Master”. Of course, it was only nominal. Lin Feng felt more respectful than close around Divine King Bemond.

“Lin Feng, haha, you’re the dignified Grand Emperor of Annihilation now. There’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

The Divine King was very forthright, and looked very happy. He had probably gained a lot from this Big Bang. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in such a good mood.

“Your Majesty, why are you looking for me?”

“Lin Feng, if I’m not wrong, you transformed into an advanced planetary lifeform with a planetary consummate combat body, right?”

Lin Feng nodded. In reality, the moment he possessed the combat power of a Grand Emperor, many people had already guessed that it. This was no secret.

“A planetary consummate combat body. I’ve strived hard for it back then, but unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. However, a planetary consummate combat body isn’t enough for you to be on par with a Grand Emperor as a Venerable. Your Laws have also reached the advanced planetary level, right?”

“Your Majesty is wise.”

Lin Feng did not say much. Even though this was no longer a secret, he was very cautious. After all, he had relied on the Sacred Stone of Anathema to comprehend his Laws. Lin Feng still had not figured out what the Sacred Stone of Anathema was, but it must be a supreme treasure that could drive even Divine Kings and Divine Venerables to madness.

Even though Lin Feng trusted Divine King Bemond a lot after this Big Bang, he would never expose the secret of the Sacred Stone of Anathema.

Divine King Bemond looked deeply at Lin Feng and heaved a long sigh. “A planetary consummate combat body and advanced planetary Laws. That’s right, you actually have three Laws, and one of them is the rare Law of Space! In the past, I’ve always felt that the Divine Palace had no successor. Now, it seems like good fortune has finally come upon our Divine Palace of Bemond. A genius like you has actually appeared. The seeds I casually scattered back then can be considered to have blossomed now.”

Divine King Bemond was very gratified. Lin Feng was a seed disciple, and he had relied on himself to return to the Divine Palace of Bemond. Apart from some basic resources, the Divine Palace of Bemond had not given Lin Feng much help. Lin Feng had relied on his own hard work to get to where he was today.

Of course, the Divine Palace was still very important. Without the Divine Palace, Lin Feng might not learn about the Big Bang. Even in the most conservative scenario, if not for the Divine Palace of Bemond and Divine King Bemond, Lin Feng would probably have been killed by Divine King Qingguang with a single palm strike the last time he snatched the new substance from Grand Emperor Universum.

It was Divine King Bemond who lent aid and saved Lin Feng’s life. Hence, Lin Feng was very respectful towards Divine King Bemond, and was also very grateful deep down.

“I gained a lot in the Big Bang this time, but no matter how great my gains are, they cannot compare to the emergence of a top genius like you in the Divine Palace. Lin Feng, now that you have the combat power of a Grand Emperor, you are a true Grand Emperor. Your authority will be promoted to a level second only to mine. Basically, you have the right to know everything about the Divine Palace, big or small.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

A smile appeared on Divine King Bemond’s face. He continued, “Becoming a Grand Emperor is both an honor and a duty! The Divine Palace of Bemond has stood tall in the Bemond Galaxy for so many years, and ensured the overall peace of the Bemond Galaxy. There is a price for it!”

Lin Feng knew that the main point was coming. Divine King Bemond had probably summoned him alone for more than just a few words of praise.

“That’s right, a price! The universe is filled with danger everywhere, and the Bemond Galaxy is no exception. On the other side of the Bemond Galaxy is the Silent Galaxy. Perhaps you have never heard of this galaxy, because it is too ancient, and not very suitable for cultivation. It is a dead, cold, dark, and dangerous galaxy.

“The border between the Bemond Galaxy and the Silent Galaxy is a meat grinder. All kinds of monsters often appear in the Silent Galaxy. They do not have much intelligence, but they seem to be born with a thirst for destruction. The strongest ones are even comparable to Grand Emperors! We call them the Silent Beasts.

“All these years, many Grand Emperors of our Divine Palace of Bemond have gone to the border to suppress the cosmos and guard the border. Silent Beasts are killed the moment they appear. Not a single Silent Beast can enter the Bemond Galaxy.”

Lin Feng listened very carefully, but when he heard about the Silent Galaxy, his heart skipped a beat.

Not only had he heard of the Silent Galaxy before, in a way, he was even very “familiar” with it.

This was because the Void Sky Divine Pearl he had obtained was the treasure of Divine Emperor Void Sky, and the Void Sky Divine Palace left behind by Divine Emperor Void Sky was in the Silent Galaxy.

Originally, Lin Feng had wanted to find a time to use the intelligence channels of the Divine Palace of Bemond to investigate the exact location of the Silent Galaxy. Unexpectedly, he had now obtained the location of the Silent Galaxy from Divine King Bemond by chance.

It was so far away, yet so close the whole time!

It turned out that the Silent Galaxy was adjacent to the Bemond Galaxy. This was really a windfall that came after searching futilely far and wide. It felt like someone had delivered a pillow to him right when he was feeling drowsy.

However, this Silent Galaxy seemed to be different from how Lin Feng had imagined it.

“Your Majesty, you want me to guard the border?”

Lin Feng also roughly understood Divine King Bemond’s intention.

“That’s right. I want you to guard the border! Actually, it’s not just you. The Grand Emperors of my Divine Palace of Bemond and some top-notch Venerables will also guard the border.”

“Since those beasts are so difficult to deal with and so threatening, why has Your Majesty the Divine King not personally swept through these Silent Beasts?”

Although Lin Feng really wanted to go to the Silent Galaxy, he was not in a hurry. He had to understand the situation of this Silent Galaxy first.

Divine King Bemond’s expression was solemn. He shook his head and said, “There’s no way to sweep through them. I’ve also ventured deep into the Silent Galaxy before, but this is a very strange place. There are many forces inside that even I feel threatened by. Moreover, I cannot find the lair of those monsters. It seems like the Silent Galaxy can naturally give birth to those monsters.”

“Besides our Bemond Galaxy, all the galaxies adjacent to the Silent Galaxy are guarded by experts. You just need to pay attention and not go deep into the Silent Galaxy. It’s too dangerous inside.”

At the mention of the danger of the Silent Galaxy, even Divine King Bemond seemed to have a lingering fear. Moreover, there was a faint glint in his eyes. There might be some other hidden situations, but Divine King Bemond did not elaborate.

This undoubtedly made Lin Feng even more cautious.