Chapter 551 - Not a Simple Mission

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Chapter 551: Not a Simple Mission

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“Your Majesty, what can make even you feel threatened?”

Divine King Bemond pondered for a moment and said, “Lin Feng, Divine Kings are not invincible, nor are we immortal. There are even a lot of Divine Kings who have fallen. The Silent Galaxy is very mysterious. In the past, Divine Kings and even Divine Venerables had ventured deep into it, but in the end, they found nothing. Some Divine Kings and Divine Venerables even never made it out again.”

“You only need to remember to guard the border and intercept those Silent Beasts. Moreover, you will only guard it for a hundred years. Once the hundred years are up, someone else will naturally guard it.”

Lin Feng fell a little silent.

Perhaps in the eyes of Divine King Bemond, or even other Grand Emperors and Venerables, a hundred years was nothing. It was just a blink of an eye. Thousands or tens of thousands of years might pass during a seclusion before they exit it.

However, it was different for Lin Feng. Up until now, Lin Feng had only cultivated for more than a hundred years. A hundred years was a very long time for Lin Feng.

“Your Majesty, I can guard the border. This is also my duty as a disciple of the Divine Palace. However, can you reduce the time slightly? A hundred years is really too long. How about ten years? I can even guard it for a few more times, but not for too long each time. I still need to take care of my family.”

Lin Feng deliberated for a long time before finally speaking. Guarding it for a hundred years at once was too long for him.

Divine King Bemond was slightly stunned, before he caught on. He shook his head and smiled weakly. “I forgot that you’ve only cultivated for more than a hundred years up until now. A hundred years really is too long for you. All right, ten years it is. You will guard it for ten years, and you will be given three years of leave. You will guard it for ten times, making up to a hundred years in total, before taking a long leave. How about that?”

Lin Feng nodded. This was already Divine King Bemond’s decision after deliberation. Although three years was a little short, Lin Feng could warp space. The distance between the North River Galaxy and the Bemond Galaxy was nothing. Three years was enough.

“I accept the order!”

Divine King Bemond smiled in relief and said, “Don’t worry, you won’t guard the border for nothing. When Grand Emperors guard it for a hundred years, I would always give them some rewards. Tell me, what do you want? As long as it’s permissible, I can satisfy you.”

Lin Feng’s eyes lit up. This was the best opportunity to ask for a huge benefit from Divine King Bemond. Such a rare opportunity could only be chanced upon by luck.

There was almost no limit to such an Origin Weapon, provided that the materials of the Starfell Pearl itself could withstand it.

At this thought, Lin Feng raised his head and said cautiously, “Your Majesty, you’ve gained a lot during the Big Bang this time. I only wish to ask for some new materials to forge an Origin Weapon!”

Divine King Bemond glared at him. In the end, he could only shake his head helplessly and say, “Good lad, you’ve gained a lot during the Big Bang too, no? New materials are rather precious. In the past, even if you had made this request, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have agreed to it. However, I don’t have any Origin Weapons to forge right now, so I’ll let you have them.”

Hence, Divine King Bemond waved his hand, and a large amount of new materials appeared in the cosmos. Lin Feng was overjoyed and hurriedly used the Starfell Pearl to collect these new materials.

A gift from Divine King Bemond was indeed extraordinary. With so many new materials, it was already more than the new materials Lin Feng had used for refining the Starfell Pearl.

It seemed like there were definitely many new substances in the area of the Big Bang from the sixth to the ninth wave. Unfortunately, only Divine Kings were qualified to compete. Divine King Bemond must have gained a lot, which was why he was so generous.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Lin Feng was naturally overjoyed. So many new materials had already exceeded the work he would put in for guarding the border for a hundred years. Although Lin Feng did not know how much the other Grand Emperors would receive for guarding it for a hundred years, he was certain there definitely would not be this much.

This also signified that Divine King Bemond thought highly of Lin Feng!

“All right, you may leave. Remember, stay out of danger. The lifespan of a Grand Emperor is infinite. Don’t take risks unless absolutely necessary!”

Lin Feng nodded solemnly. This was advice from the Divine King.

Then, Lin Feng bade farewell to the Divine King and hurriedly turned to leave the Divine King Palace.

“Master, what are your orders?”

“Let’s see if your authority has been increased.”

When Lin Feng returned to his residence, he immediately asked Longbetham to check its authority.

Longbetham checked carefully, then said in surprise, “Master, my authority has been increased, and it has been promoted to the highest level, only lower than His Majesty the Divine King.”

Lin Feng nodded. Now that Longbetham’s authority had increased, he relaxed slightly.

“Longbetham, how many Grand Emperors are there in the Divine Palace of Bemond now?”

“Master, wait a moment.”

Longbetham began to check it with its authority. Soon, the results showed up.

“Master, there are a total of 21 Grand Emperors in the Divine Palace, including Master!”

Lin Feng nodded slightly. Twenty-one was already a lot. In the fourth wave of the Big Bang, there were only a few dozen Grand Emperors, no more than a hundred.

Of course, there were definitely more Grand Emperors who had come to the end of the universe. However, for all kinds of reasons, even if the Grand Emperors had arrived at the cosmic membrane, only a minority of them were truly determined to participate in the competition for new substances ultimately.

It was just like how Divine King Bemond had repeatedly reminded Lin Feng not to take the risks unless absolutely necessary. The lives of Grand Emperors were infinite, and time was very long. Even if they missed the opportunity, they could just wait for the next one.

Eternal lives allowed Grand Emperors infinite time to cultivate, but at the same time, eternal life would also wear down the will of Grand Emperors. Grand Emperors rarely took risks. Even when facing an opportunity like the Big Bang, which could only be chanced upon by luck, they would be very cautious.

As a result, the number of cultivators spectating always exceeded those who were actually competing.

“Investigate if any Grand Emperors died in the Silent Galaxy while guarding the border.”

“Master, ever since the Divine Palace of Bemond was established and the guarding missions began, only three Grand Emperors are confirmed to have died guarding the border. However, as many as 12 people went missing!”

“That is correct, they went missing. They disappeared in the Silent Galaxy, and there is no news of them to this day.”

Lin Feng’s heart sank slightly. This Silent Galaxy was even more mysterious and dangerous than he had imagined. It was not as simple as it appeared.